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is it worth getting a 5/10 chubby gf?
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Their insecurity usually makes them incredibly likely to be disloyal.
Women's version of love isn't like ours OP.
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does your urge to have sex outweigh having her around? if so then yes
If you're already questioning it then you'll feel shitty about it early into it

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Do you know that feeling when you spill your spaghetti so hard, you feel that strong intensive tingly/nerving sensation in your chest?

Tell me your cringy stories /r9k/
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>like asian qt
>get her hat with her name on it
>chopstick font
>begrudgingly tries it on
>says it doesnt fit
>one size fits all
>actually runs away
>give hat to friend
>probably still has it
I know that feeling well -- like you want to take a fucking knife and fillet off your skin; yeah.

>have to drive downtown for a meeting
>need to park
>it's lunch hour
>four lane one way streets busy as fuck
>can't find any spots
>circle the block
>circle the block
>circle the fucking block over 10 times
>see an open spot
>it's on the other side of the road
>too nervous to signal and merge over
>circle the block
>circle the block
>circle the block
>give up and drive a mile away
>park in the middle of nowhere
>walk to the meeting
>be late and sweaty because it was hot out

I hate how fucking beta I am. Sorry, this wasn't even a funny story; maybe someone can relate though.
What was her name? Btw your friend probably threw it away anon.

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My friend is getting rid of all his nudie art books and cheesecake because due to trying to clean up and not partake in "passive consumption of women," mostly on the advice of his girlfriend, although he has always been very feminist (she's just making him realize things he previously made excuses for).

I'm not anti-SJW, but isn't it possible to eroticize females without also objectifying them? I like my naked ladies.
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is this slang for something?
If women didn't want to be objectified they'd stop posing nude for money
no because women are objects imo just fuckholes

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Why can't she be real.

I just want to listen to her dumb laugh and watch her eat scrap metal and cuddle and comfort her and tell her she's not defective. It hurts so damn much. i love her.
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Become faggot, exile him.
>>>/mlp/ is over there.
I would literally buy an apple friendship unit just for the company

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If you're under 18, get out, ASAP. I'm not going to ask you to do anything complicated and I'm not going to tell you to be yourself.

Get your permit. Schedule your road test.

Apply to jobs. Go out and apply to any places near your home. Apply online if they say so, if not, then go in physically.

If you have any friends at all, text them, ask them to hang out this week.

These are 3 pretty simple things. Despite this, I know it's difficult for a robot to get motivated. Do one a day. Don't apply everywhere at once, but go to a few places tomorrow. Go to the DMV Tuesday. Text your friends Wednesday.

Even if it seems like a bunch of normie, "contribute to society" bullshit, you WILL be happier for it. Unless you are mentally ill, I can garuntee this.

Notice how I didn't mention girls? Not important yet. Not even available yet.

Of course this could apply to anyone over 18 too, and if you ARE over 18, you could also consider applying to your nearest state(cheap) college.
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What if I already have a graduate degree and a car? Where do I make friends? ;_;

I notice you didn't say you had a job. That would be priority. Jobs lead to friends, which lead to more friends.

If you're a graduate, you're probably over 21. Go to bar man. Drink a little for confidence and start talking to people that look friendly. It'll be difficult at first but people are more welcoming than you believe.
Nah, I have a job where I work 9am to 8pm and am too tired to do anything on the weekend. It's been like that for five years; five years of my life gone, just sitting behind a computer doing calculations and shit.
I would love to find some amateur music club that holds recitals or something -- I really miss that.

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There was a grill I was dating but nothing went further. She says we are different type of people and we won't make it.

I go full desperados , I mean desperation. Start messaging her on daily basis, almost asking just for a fuck if we won't be bf and gf. She lashes out at me for being such a child.

I keep messaging her daily (calling her cute names basically and telling how much I want her like an animal). For me it was part a joke part a necessity. She doesn't respond to a single text except if it was a Christmas greeting. This goes for about 3 or 4 months and I tell her that I regret being such a manchild and stop messaging her.

A month later she messages me :

> Did you give up?

Guys, wat do??
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G-g-g-guys!? Why did she ask me that? What should I've done?
>show up to her house in a fursuit with rose in mouth and winebottles
>ello m'lady (tip fedora)
>fuck her like a chad all night long
> She says we are different type of people and we won't make it.

Holy fuck you got rekt

How can women get away with this bullshit?

>tfw the only girl you've ever truly loved calls you "lil bro"

Just kill me now
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I'm going to go ahead and guess that OP is a mega manlet :3
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>tfw the only girl you've ever loved died in a car accident five years ago
What's up lil bro. Want me to take you to the park?

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Watch anime

>many grils
>all unique and strong
>rewards nice guy for beta behavior

Go outside

>finds a 3D slut
>passive, submissive
>automatic backstabbing skills
>gossip 24/7

Why can't women behave like they do in anime?
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>all unique
You clearly haven't watched enough anime.
Women are supposed to be fiercly independent and just as powerful as men now, for some reason.

That basically turns them all into horrible bitches
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>roasties develop taste for anime in my area

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Been wandering around in the woods for a few days now, on the outskirts of some city- not sure which since everything got bombed to hell. I'm hungry, last meal I had was a can of sardines I found in some gas station a few days ago. Always on the go, always hearing gunfire, always tired.

Hoping this reaches someone.
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sardines sick. I bet they didn't taste half bad if you were really hungry though
Eh whyt?
>not eating innawoods
What are you even doing?

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>3 page rought draft due tueday
>haven't even started
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Don't worry bout it friendo, I've got a paper due tuesday that I haven't started either. We'll get through it
Just let it go anon, it probably won't matter in a few years anyway you tried your best.
I had an essay that was 19 pages long double space. Finished it in 5 hours. Just depends on the topic. I find it easy to write alot in a little bit of time. What's you topic OP?

>r9k newfag
>am I doing an /r9k/ right?
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This looks like original content, so yes
definitely a popular outlet for newfags
broccoli is my favorite vegetable

>Wake up to see this starring at you

what would you do, r9k?
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Kick it in the stupid cock
as it should be desu baka
lol. I talked to this trap.

Wasn't a very fun conversation.

Kid has basically no personality and is just free holes to use.

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Do women masturbate?
If so, to what?
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fanfic and shitty romance novels mostly
those are some cool bed sheets
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That girl is ten years older now and probably not as hot. Fuck; that makes me sad.

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Forget getting mad about not having a gf is anyone else here mad that no one told them about masturbation and how to do it and how it works?

all they ever said in middle school sex ed was "abstinance!" without even explaining what went on during sex. the only reason i found out was because i had a constant boner for two years and googled it and learned what ejaculation meant but was afraid that masturbating would be so intense that i would black out and jizz all over the room. the time when i finally did it i was scared but i busted like three nuts and thought that was just the "pre ejacualtory fluid" that wikipedia talked about and later realised that sex isnt as intense as its madenout to be

how the hell are you supposed to learn about it? seriously? am i being an idiot? just no one ever explaining it to me or how to do it/what to expect pisses me off

>inb4 underage

im 22
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I'm mad they told me it was normal and healthy and being I have a crooked dick and a porn addiction.

I want to kill myself every day because I can't stay chaste
where are you from? in school sex ed they literally only said "abstinance" and showed us a dicks with warts slideshow

im from alabama btw

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Tfw when gf

anyone else know this feel. It's pretty great.
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Yah it's solid for about two to three months.
When it starts getting stale you just move on. There are an unlimited number of relationships and experiences to be had.
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Wait what? Not op but I thought a gf made you happy for good.

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