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>someone joins my discord
>it's a loser
>I ask who he is
>he beats around the bush and autisms out
>I ban him
talk about autism you experience in your daily life fellow robots
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Was extremely bored today, so decided to try out a game a lot of my friends have been bugging me to play; League of Legends.

>join a co-op v ai game
>bunch of french fags running to the enemy towers
>start raging, google translate a bunch of french swear words
>they just start laughing at the shity translation
>uninstall lol and turn of pc

So now I'm just on 4chan I guess
Happened many times.
why didn't you play on us sevrers ?

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Genuine question here, assuming fembots are actually a thing and not some roleplaying faggotry.

How can you be a robot with all the beta male and the white knight in this world? Even if you're shy, people think this is cute.

It's not because Chad doesn't want to marry you that you're a "robot".
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I find it impossible to form actual emotional connections with other people

as a result (and a few people have told me this), guys (irrespective of how attractive or otherwise they are) find me cold and that turns them off

I also don't pander to the type of guy who would orbit/white knight girls. I find those kinds of guys to be pretty degenerate
Is it alright I don't want to form any kind of emotional bond and just want to have sex
I find sex kind of gross unless I am emotionally close with the other person

people in general just gross me out

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Welp I think I've gotten to the point in my life were I've actually started to try and instinctively kill my self in my daily life. Also feels thread?
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Its like all I do anymore is get up go to work go home and go to sleep theyre is no real joy in my life and every time I get the chance to bring in some light I skrew it up and the cycle goes on and on
I loathe every single last one of you...
I've been getting really drunk and hassling people from my past. Also doing weird things like making appointments to get a huge tatttoo. I can't control myself at all.

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can we get a /comfy/ thread going?
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comfy zelda music
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Too much window. Heat goes to waste radiating outside. 2/5

Can't even post anything on detail anymore, because I know some chads and normies that 100% use 4chan
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>whoa, Brad, check out this post brah
>what's up with it Chad?
>remember that weird kid we were talking to about 4chan around? this post is probably him dawg! he's talking about us!
>hahahaha no waaaay bruh lemme post this to twitter real quick
Those fuckers don't use r9k though, but if I describe any of my problems or go on any of my fav boards I am no longer anonymous

> Ready to shag his oneitis later?
> Hell yeah brah
> Hahahahaha

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where are my fellow robots at?

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Done. in it map goobers
I wish that other Missourianon would post itt
Is there a way to edit the map marker? I forgot to add contact info
Wait shit, thought this was a continuation of the other map thread. This one here https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=2268411#
has more robots in it.

This thread is for Robots that want some advice by normies.

A girl invited me to sleep at her place tomorrow, how to not spill my spaghetti?
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Ur either goim2 fuck or ur gay coming to a sleepover

Choose which one - and yes its your choice, not hers(not talking about rape btw)
Treat her the same way you treat your other friends and you'll be fine, also don't assume she wants sex.
Practice twirling it onto your fork a few hours beforehand, always worked for me.

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reverse crunch.gif
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What's better?

>doing 100 push ups in one sitting
>doing 30in the morning, doing 30in the afternoon and doing 40 in the evening

Or are these equal in term of effectiveness (if your goal is big muscles)?
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>if your goal is big muscles
then you need weights and a gym

don't focus on reps, focus on time
100 in the morning
100 in the afternoon
100 in the evening

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> be me
> bored
> make a fake tinder account
> set gender to female
> get 25+ matches within the first 10 minutes
> some of these are super-likes

I knew women had it easy in the dating world, but to this extent? It literally takes ZERO effort to find a good-looking guy that's interested in you as a woman. On a good WEEK on Tinder I'd get 10 matches. What the fuck?
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i'm a 5/10 at most and I get matches every hour. I don't meet any of the guys though, just unmatch.

it's fun.
Post a screenshot of some the openers you've gotten.
did you read what I wrote lol, I unmatch everyone. I read the openers, laugh, unmatch.

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>neet loser joins my discord
>I ask who he is
>beats around the bush and spergs out
>I ban him
talk about autism you experience
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These threads aren't funny and you know it. Kill yourself nigger-faggot
Yuo iii I think you issue ya a funny thread.

Chill nigga
Dobt have to be spastic

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>6 month jail sentence
>didn't report to prison as ordered
>3h ago police came to my house for the first time
>I noticed them coming so I grabbed my backpack, jacket, ran to basement before they knocked on the door, opened the tiny window in the basement and ran for it
guys I thing this is over, they are onto me and next time they will sure as hell get me
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You'll serve 4 months on Good Time. If you run you're making it worse. Jail isn't bad. Just don't be a pedophile or a smartass and you'll make it.
t.Person who did 4 months
Why did you get a 6th month sentence? If they let you report to prison when you were supposed to that means it would be a pretty easy white person prison. 6 months of reading books doesn't sound that bad. Now you're going to get raped by Brown people in a real prison when they catch you.
I wont spend a day in jail no fucking way I've been suicidal even without it

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I just quit my job as a picker in a warehouse. I'm 25 and my parents are pissed because they're separating and want me to provide for myself. What do I do.
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why quit the job before you got another? or start school?
I walked out because they keep giving me new people to train. Today they tried to make me train 4 people. I train at least 1-2 new guys a week. I also told my coworkers and supervisors that I can't keep training new people all the time. They obviously didn't listen and tried to make me train 4 new guys at once. It honestly makes me feel unappreciated.
If you're 25 you can get $12k in grant money for college. My college is only $7k a year so that covered tuition and most of housing. My parents aren't poor so they spent $3k a year on my housing and I work 3 months a year during my breaks to have money for food and gas. I'm about to graduate and I have 0 debt and like $30k in college funds that I never used.

This ofcourse was all during Obama. You might be fucked under Trump. Lostallhope.com has some good info on suicide techniques.

Help me to understand the appeal of Rick and Morty.
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This isn't Reddit faget
It's a show for pseudo-intellectual normalfags who think they're quirky. The kind of person that enjoys this show frequents reddit and probably owns a shirt with the periodic table of elements on it.
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>buuurrrrrp morty burrrrrp i'm a genius morty and that means all my wacky antics are definitely okkk braaaap i'm a dickhead because i'm smart!
>Shitty improv
>""""deep"""" moments like Rick attempting suicide.

It appeals to Euphoric Redditors and people who miss futurama.

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robots and their hypocrisy btfo
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I dunno about others, but a moderately attractive girl is all I want.
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She's not wrong you konw
I'm 6'2 fucking degenerate whore

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Guys, I went undercover!
I discovered that kids these days think "abuse" is being yelled at.
Is the future fucked?
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Stop yelling at people you disagree with, anon.
when i was a little girl my dad would pull down my shorts and pinch my clit HARD when i did something wrong

watever it was i never did it again; todays youth as so pussified as to grow up to be fucked
That's one of the meanings, yes. I looked it up
>inb4 you're just one of dem millennials

not young, not an american

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