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Why are more women than ever doing this?
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Societal pressure to be one of the cool kidz
Makes it easier to score dick.
>Why are more women than ever doing this?


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you will NEVER have a cow gf...
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>you will NEVER have a cow gf...

Try me faggot
why is cow gf pussy the tightest and wettest?

checkmate liberals
The right but without the mask would be top tier

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I wonder what's wrong with me
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Autism originally
What's wrong anon
I'll take a wild guess and say Asperger's with a dash of Avoidant Personality Disorder

I did it guys, i finally inserted my cock into a woman's pussy. I'm so elated, i could literally get struck by a lightning bolt and die the happiest man alive. Not because i'm no longer a virgin, but because now i'm better than 99% of you subhumans
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I'm very stuck my dick in some holes in the past. You got lucky, she was probably desperate and not attractive, and you're still here, just like the rest of us. You fucking subhuman.
>just like the rest of us
No, i come here for the chad memes and to laugh at you peasants. /fit/ and /pol/ are my main boards
That doesn't make any sense anon

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Am I the only one here that has at least a bit dignity and just wants love instead of desperately wanting to stick ones dick into someones hole?
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Me too. I'm just a V (not KH) and have turned down sex because I only want to do it with my oneitis .
so there are at least three of us

At this point I don't even care about sex, I just need a soulmate.
I want both. I'd rather fall in love but getting laid would be great.

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I HATE when my dog watches me eat. I can kind of relate to feeling really anxious when they stare. Certain situations when my dog is looking at me, it freaks me out. It's like stop staring!
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feed him he is hungry
l already did! I gave him dinner plus treat
he <3 you

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>you will never get HIV
Why even live?
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The worst thing about this is that, although I am not gay, I kind of get the appeal
>you will never get aids and live off government welfare in your last year of life and fully waste it by exploring hedonism
>people like pic related exist

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Best excuses for going out drinking?

I'm 18, in high school and still live with my religious moooslim parents. My normie friends often have house parties and they always invite me and to be honest it's really nice getting drunk. Takes away my shyness, anxieties and depression while making me have a good time which I rarely have otherwise.

PLEASE help me out and give me good excuses for to tell my parents for going out. I've only gone drinking twice and I always sleep over so that my parents won't tell I've been drunk.
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Every time I drink out in society I get a powerful urge to go home and continue drinking there.
>my nomie friends
Sounds like you're the normie tbqh famalam
Just do it, teens are supposed to break their parent's dumb rules

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how was it possible that i had one gf in my life and all other girls hated me and its pointless to even try anymore. im 30 years old and i only had that one gf its the only girl i had sex with and i don't know why she liked me and all other girls hate me and don't even acknowledge my existence . how was this even possible. i would rather have nothing at all than to have a taste of something then never get it again.
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I feel your feels

I only had one real gf as well and I'm 28, it's been 8 years and no luck since

Hey at least we're not virgins right? Well actually women still assume I'm a virgin because of how nervous I get around them combined with my innate sperginess so I don't even get that benefit.
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well my gf was a foreign student then she had to go back and we broke up. maybe it has something to do with American girls are just garbage. i know she liked me and treated me good. she would do stuff like cry sometimes maybe because she was thinking we had to break up one day. and when we went out to eat she would feed me food and put her hand under my chin.
>how nervous I get around them combined with my innate sperginess
me too it, wont go away..
i was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and Aspergers. thats a hell of a combination to keep girls away i bet.
I'm pretty sure I have Aspergers at the very least, all the signs are there.
The worst part is that I work in retail and even get nervous around the teenage qts. A 28 year old man afraid of teenage girls. They give me smug knowing looks too, like they KNOW, you know?

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Which is your favorite, r9k?
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based gucci
Good taste my nigga.


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What are your plans for today robots?
What are you doing/going to do?
Im just relaxing in my backyard day drinking and reading comics
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is that so?

Sounds comfy and you have a very nice property. Upper middle class, for sure.

Fixed a bunch of busted sprinkler heads and did some yardwork.
Yea its my parents property, im def not upper middle class, but their yard is comfy

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Why are the people who post anime girls as reaction photos always such awful people?
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Any threads in particular you're referring to?
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B-But I'm originally not.
File: bugfries.png (901KB, 1600x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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no, not currently
ive just noticed a trend of trashy people who post them and didnt make a thread on it till now

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>applied to multiple entry level jobs throughout the summer
>received no replies from any except rejection emails
It hurts
Am I this useless
I just want a fucking job
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*breaths in*
Two best tips I can give you.

>If you are white refuse to answer the race question when it tells you to. This will drastically increase your chances of an interview. They will think they found a non-white person without a criminal record and think they hit the jackpot.
>Lie if you have no experience put job experience with places that are closed in your area so they can't contact the place.
Did you follow up. The system has to be fagged.

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What happened to Sushi bro? (The tinder Chad who bragged about all the girls he's fucked and gave us norm or advice)

Did he get doxxed or just spooked?
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i hope bad hings happened to him
I don't know. I miss him. He was like a big brother.
>mfw everyone in my city fucking loves sushi now
Really dips my chips.

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I'm tired of my boring brown generic eyes, is there any way to change eye color to any color that wouldn't fuck me up?
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you can wear contacts but these are quite obvious so everyone will still know that you're subhuman.
Be white- oh wait.
There are options but they're all ridiculous. Stop being so vain.

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