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>parents found my milf threesome folder
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>Parents found my BBC gangbang video as me crossdressing
>parents found my furry vore fetish inflation folder
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>parents found the "guys dressed like cute girls" folder

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Post things that are Alpha.

>doing roundhouse kicks
>drinking in public
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>checkin yourself out in the mirror
>doin sweet poses and recording yourself
>setting up a date with a roastie from tinder and then not showing up
>staying at home and watching anime while that dumb bitch eats with her fucking self
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>practicing mad psychokenesis skills
>remotely toppling house pets like it's nothing

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>dumb nigger walks by me in his dumb nigger clothes
>boipussy starts quivering
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Fuck this trash tier thread, let us now discuss why Madoka is a shit show for plebs.
What is it about nigger docks that stimulates the boipucci in sissy white boys?
What did he mean by this?

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>guys from work go out for a beer
>I try my best at being normie so go with them despite knowing we're all going get completely shitfaced
>get shitfaced
>one of the guys walks me home and comes over
>mfw and hfw I live in a fucking pigsty, dirty floors, clothes and lingerie everywhere, dirty plates on every surface
>it's almost like in the pretty princess memes
Clean your place right now.
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that's so qt

i wish a girl took me over to her dirty pretty princess room

>That one faggot who likes to RP as a girl on r9k
Yeah princesses don't get drunk and get fucked by Chad

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Do you ever feel like going into the forest at night to murder random people and set stuff on fire ?
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That's why i don't leave my room anon.
yea sometimes i get the urge to punch people in the back off the head with stuff but im to munch a pussy for it
I don't want to go to prison. They give prisoners rotten and bad food. Other than that and gangs, prison sounds comfy.

>dumb sissy white boi walks by me in booty shorts
>BBC throbbing intensifies
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You better pull down my pants and fuck me hard blackboi. Are you not ready for my delectable boipussy? Huh? That filthy nigger cock better be ready for my pleasure, I'll forcefully suck the cum right out of you.
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Jokes on you fag, I love raceplay and color contrast.
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Can I join senpai?
I take long walks to WalMart

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Omegle bread thread
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use tags 4chan r9k robot9000

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What keeps you going r9k? TeII me
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I'm a pathetic tranny NEET and 22 years old I'm extremely degenerate and this is the only place i can vent
my care
not this one though, the one ill eventually get
its ok though
Videogames and the fact that I have no access to fast and painless death. If someone were to take videogames away from me I'd have literally no reason left to live. Pretty sad to be honest.

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Gunna get THIS tattoo'ed on my inner forearm tomorrow
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the final stirner redpill is that he himself is a spook
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You need to learn to accept yourself, buddy.
reddit and memey really does attract the worst of the worst
the same people would have been making cake is a lie jokes ten years ago

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Why isn't there a separate containment board for all prison gay fags?
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are you retarded or

It's called /lgbt/ but they won't fuck off over there, because muh blue board so they can't post gay porn pics.
Prison gay fags don't go there. We need a specific NSFW containment board a la a /vp/, /vg/, /jp/ and /mlp/

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If you're hard case robot this video can change your fucking live. Just really hope that someone will look it up.

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>tfw I knew who was in the video when you used the term "hard case"
but what do you think about the vid itself tho?
Never browsed /r9k/ and I don't know if Tyler is a meme here
I didnt think much of it. Pretty basic normie advice. "You must hit bottom before you can recover" bullshit.

Tyler feels like a very fake person to me. I don't understand how people find him inspiring or whatever.

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How do you robots organize reaction images?
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i dont, i search through them all to find the one i need
>moving reaction images onto my laptop is literally going to take an entire day
I have two folders. One is a shitposting folder that used to have 5,000 images in it until my last computer broke, sadly over the last month I've only been able to get it back up to 874 (what it's at right now) And that holds almost everything except for anime reaction faces (A smaller folder, a little more or less than 300 images.)

Why is Felicity Jones not a thing anymore?
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why was she ever a thing
She looks better than all asian females.
Rogue one was trash except the final scene with vader

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>start going outside more
>prison gay goes away
>now tortured by the sight of young pretty girls with pornstar asses that I can't have
>want to go back to being a fag

please make me gay again
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come join in on our many gay threads friend you're always welcome
>>start going outside more
>>prison gay goes away
>>now tortured by the sight of young pretty girls with pornstar asses that I can't have
>>want to go back to being a fag
>please make me gay again
Dumb sissy white boi.
Just rape them. It's easy if you're alone and they never report it.

hi robots, i would like to make friends.
about me:
>like lifting. its like a religion, and i know all the verses
>am christian
>do not like muslims
>contrary to the above im not a /pol/fag
>dislike the left
>dislike the right
>is middle conservative
>people would call me a normie, but i have few irl friends, and i get none of their humor, its a lonely road being so spergy all the time
if you want to be my friend you can add my discord.
i hope you will make a good friend anon

im 19 btw
>pic related is my great great great grandpa in vietnam when kim jong un was the doctor in germany
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>not white supremacist
>has friends
>bad humour

how come anon?
im a nice person, i promise
reps for jesus
>tfw debordist marist who absolutely despises bolshevik scum and tankies
>can't even find friends on /leftypol/ let alone on 4chan


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