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A single ugly hag from space comes down and accosts you. Every day after that, the ugly hag undergoes a pregnancy, which could involve of the four equally likely events:
(a) The ugly hag dies
(b) The ugly hag does nothing
(c) The ugly hag has a child ugly hag
(two ugly hags)
(d) The ugly hag gives birth to two ugly hags
(three ugly hags)

What is the probability the ugly hags eventually die out and go extinct?
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>What is the probability the ugly hags eventually die out and go extinct?
bampu desu
Obviously the answer is gonna be 25%
>tfw not a qt gril
y live

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Hating roasties is like hating the rich because you are poor. It's understandable that you'd do so, but what you should really despise is the system which allows some men to have too much while other men have not enough. You are both the same insomuch as you want more than you have, so how can you fairly judge them for doing what you would also do in their position?

Do you think it would be fair to judge a wild animal for eating the food it has access to, simply because other animals are starving? No, of course not.
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The system is going to collapse anyway.
Nobody hates the rich because they are poor. That's like hating fat people because you are hungry. They hate the rich because they use their money to buy favors and influence politics for their own gain, instead of giving for the betterment of mankind. Likewise, you hate fat people because with all the food they have access too, they overindulge and waste instead of giving the excess to people who don't have that access. Your comparison is stupid.

That's a natural byproduct of the system. I was taking it as already understood that rich people will be selfish, because selfishness is a rule.

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Yet another "last text you received from a girl" thread.
>February 25th
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>Yes. Did you look into the Amazon I want you to at least try to apply

does my mom count
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she's a friend from school
I haven't replied yet
Those are the worst, knowing your mom wants you to at least get marginally ahead in life and every day you don't is one more day of disappointment for her

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>roastie who has fucked 10 guys in the past but will be loyal to you forever

>virgin who will cheat on you
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>>roastie who has fucked 10 guys in the past but will be loyal to you forever

That one.
i'd take a woman with experience over a virgin any time
loyalty and trustworthyness is a much more respectable trait to have than purity and much harder to come by
Option 3: Sid the Sloth

Post your feel right now and a picture to go with it.

Hard mode: original feel, original comment

>tfw no palegoth korean forecast gf
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How is your transitioning going, Jet?
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My head is fucking killing me right now
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I'm pretty sure I'm gay

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Hey, Nonny! You watch the game last night?
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sexy ass feet DAMG emley !

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Having a gf with self esteem issues is actually pretty shitty
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But all you have to do is constantly validate her until she builds enough confidence in herself to cheat on you
Postt pics of her ass
I love it. It gives me something to comfort her over, and she feels like I saved her life.

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How long does it take for the brain to reset sexual preferences through no fap? I can only fap to pic related and don't think nothing of RL women anymore.
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Also want to know this, I am 18 days in and dont want to stop but the urges are returning
just go a week without fapping

you'll want to fuck anything that moves after that
Is that some Oblivion mod?

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This damm scene is so fucking hot. I seriously get turned on by that fucking pheasant. seriously wtf is wrong with me

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>I defy you
American education
put the thesaurus down seth
oh the grammar. I am not american nor british so idk

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>tfw alcoholic
>thw the suicidal ideas come to me when i'm drnk

help me
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>tfw NEET
>tfw the suicidal ideas come to me when I do nothing
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You're drunk right now, aren't you?
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i don't know id I want to die

/r9k/, what are the worst things you've ever done to other people? I've always been a sadistic fuck, but I've forcefully removed that trait from me as an adult, just because it caused so much trouble in my youth. Especially in high school, right when puberty fully kicked in I was an asshole on so many levels it's nearly impossible. Also, it really didn't help that my group of friends was just as terrible as me. But let me tell you a few stories, I definitely need to break these up as I do believe there's a limit to how much text you can put in one post

7th grade (13yo)
>a guy i know dies from a traffic accident
>dont care, me and my friends laugh profusely and imitate his last words screaming for help
>make memes about it
>we get his parents phone numbers, prank call them and bully them about their dead kid
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8th grade (14yo)
>i get top secret intelligence that one of my classmates has been secretly dating a fat bitch from our school, only the two parties and one very close person to me knows about it
>i tell him whats up which caused him to have a slight panic attack, and he agrees to pay 5 euros per week to me as a guarantee that i wont tell anyone about it
>a month goes by and considering that the money isn't that much, i decided to tell everyone because seeing all of that shit going down is funny as hell
>he and his already low self-esteem is bullied into panic-filled submission daily for the rest of high school
>he breaks up with her immediately
>i contribute often, and spread misinformation about the relationship just to see him awkwardly trying to fix his reputation and failing miserably in doing so, causing him to get bullied more
>all the while i end up fucking the fat girl in question, just to make things interesting
>i then secretly see her for a while and strategically destroy her self-esteem by telling her that she's worthless and i'm the best she'll ever have
>literally in bed with her as i text my friends and spread lies about their relationship
>left the guy and the girl in mental shambles, both of which are socially handicapped for the rest of their lives
>i still sometimes imagine if somehow someone got to know i was seeing her, i wouldn't be the same person
9th grade (15-16yo)

This is by far the most disgusting thing I've ever done, period. I don't feel sorry per se, but I feel devastated because I know this is far, far from normal behaviour.

There was this guy in our class who really got on our (me and my group of friends) nerves, because he was such an emasculated little bitch and his whole presence was just a nuisance. Well, we got tired of it and started making a plan. This plan, which we had a codename "ultimatum" for, was to completely destroy his life. It's like global political tactics to gain power over nations, really in-depth stuff for high school kids.

>disband his "allies", to alienate his friends
>obtain his closely-guarded secrets, spread them en masse to butcher his social image
>the goal was to make him mentally weak enough to not enroll in higher education, and make him go down the drain of the societal system

So we made a fake profile of a girl, and messaged him up. And boy did it work. We got everything, even his deepest secrets (one of which was that he is sterile) We made a semi-campaign out of it, and absolute ridicule and insane bullying followed him after that. We made sure his friends hated him, and our job was done in less than two weeks. He couldn't take it and changed schools, but we made sure everyone over there knew about that stuff too. He barely finished high school, then dropped out of "the grid" completely. Our plan to strategically destroy him worked out better than expected, and we rejoiced about it for a long time.
Did the guy a favour desu.

t. NEET since age 13 master race

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I've had a pretty bad day and the week has barely even started. Can we get a quick comfy thread?
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I got you OP. Had a rough night last night too.
>tfw no gf to have comfy baths with
>tfw you get up really early in the morning and go outside during summer
>that feeling when the air and the light of dawn are refreshing and energizing, and there's nobody outside
Too bad getting up early requires to sleep less, dawn is the comfiest hour of the day.
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Hey all! Always glad to see there threads, how's everyone's day been?

Had an awesome birthday spent with a special loved one and now i'm relaxing with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1ChKOqg90g

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I'm gonna off myself but I wanna go off in style. Gimmie some recommendations boys.
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Spree kill my dude

No balls
Just killing yourself period is going out in style my man. Suicide is the best and most beautiful thing you can do for yourself. I'm going to be doing it soon as well, just need to get my will written up and get my finances in order so I'm not a burden to anybody after I pass.

Good luck bro.

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>Hello anon, I've been waiting for you.
How do you react?
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let get you out of that stuffy suit and into bath you must have stinky sweated for hours
then we can have a delicious dinner of tendies i will prepare while you soak in the warm water
after that we can have a cuddle in front of the teevee with a nice episode of gundam it sure sounds pleasant
we can sleep after this long day with a nice hug and kiss first
In the name of the Galactic Senate of the Republic, you're under arrest.

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>first day on the job
>job trainer sees Im uncomfortable as fuck
>break time comes and I walk out
>trainer says "hope you come back after break...anon?"
>"H-heh.. yea"
>run home and don't come back

Wtf is wrong with me bros
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What job?

It's easier to run away and avoid something than it is to take it head on and overcome your fear or anxiety.
Call centre. American homeowners aren't very nice desu and hearing my dumb canadian voice gave me anxiety
I've been there. Coincidentally, when I did it, I was also doing telemarketing but for home security systems.

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