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Why are white boys the butt of so many jokes on the internet?
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I am white. And I don't find that joke offensive, I just find it retarded.
I really don't get that joke.
Niggers know they're at the bottom of the societal totem pole so they make up for it by making fun of the white people at the top.

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Mornin', Massah.
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Mornin bish. Now scramble my eggs. Also I'm black.
the good kind of interracial
more of this, bots.


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what do you guys think moot even does at google?
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hes the cubicle fairy who traipse thru office with french maid dress and bend over for drop pens but a penis get the drop on him instead oh ho
Wage slave like everyone else at google.

He's probably making more money than I ever will.
>what do you guys think moot even does at google?

He was hired into the media division by the department head in charge of Google photos

Whatever he does, apparently he isn't doing a good job, I heard he was in hot water with his bosses or something

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Be honest with me /r9k/, Could I pass for attractive somehow? I'm pretty fat but I wanna impress this girl. Any help would be welcome.
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Losing wait is the biggest thing. You seem morbidly obese. Also, try and get rid of the emo haircut. At least while you're still fat. Emo hair only works on skinny chads i'm sure you'd look ok if you just lost wait man.
what are you like 14?
im 19

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What did she mean by this??
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me on the left desu desu pham

Also the girl has the face of Laura from logan
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thanks 4 sharing
Mind telling us a bit about your experience and your feelings reguarding it??

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>too old to fit in
>people my age too old to make new friends, too suspicious
>young people are fucking annoying
>fuck loud people in general
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same im also having a hard time socializing with anyone.

what do you talk about? most men talk about sports and i only watch e-sports ffuckk
Can't sleep and I have to be up early. Might try fapping (again) in a bit I suppose.
>that's it
>literally nothing noteworthy to talk about

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>He doesn't advocate for a stateless, classless, and moneyless society

Why not /r9k/? You don't believe mr shekelburg should reap the profit off of your own production do you?
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Because then I would lose all my privileges.
>he unironically believes that a stateless, classless and moneyless society can ever be established on a large scale
wew lad
What privileges?

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today is my birthday and i want to die
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Happy birthday anon! We all want to die sometimes, but if you did, how would you waste time on this board shitposting all day?
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One year closer to death.
Happy Birthday!
Happy b-day fuqboi

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Why aren't you a postman, robots? It's the easiest job ever
>drive around and put junk mail in boxes
>listen to music and podcasts all day
>open up mail and read it if you get bored
>can just show up in the morning and drive home for the rest of the day if you don't feel like working
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Because you need experience for this job
I've always wanted to have this job but I don't know how to get it.
I wouldn't mind working at the post office putting mail in the little boxes either.
Do you just go to the post office and say I want to work here?
I'm too lazy, the online application is long as fuck
Also I probably wouldn't pass a drug test

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>there are now boys who are prettier girls than me

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Proof that traps aren't gay

>roastie is upset because her vagina is now useless

>men are better than women at everything
>even being women

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>was an edgy loner because I though it was cool
>had friends but decided to play vidya alone instead
>tried to make everyone thing I was a hardcore gamer but I suck at games
>avoided girls and treated them like lesser beings even those who were interested in me because I thought girls liked bad boys
>always acted like I had better stuff to do than partying and hanging out
>never experienced horny puberty teenage girls
>wasted the most important time in life
>felt like such a fucking loser during high school
>can't go back
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Please tell me that's a girl and not a cute fe(male)
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I don't know
seeing anything that looks like a cute girl fucks me up, no idea why I even posted that
Looks like a boy to me. I guess I'll just pretend it's a girl.

What the FUCK are you supposed to put in your tinder bio?
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Doesn't matter. You're ugly, so you won't get laid off it anyway.
Yeah but hypothetically.
This 2bh phamalam

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too tall.jpg
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I just wore lifts for the first time and got to walk around as a 6' 2" G_d. Ask me anything bros.
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>tfw 5'4
It's rough lads. I'm basically woman repellant
>too tall
I've had girls say this to me. Fairly sure that was just them trying to let me down gently, tho.


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looks don't matter, just b yourself
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you forgot the >
that girl looks like a cow
What's ur bio

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I want to turn into a girl when I touch cold water
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ranma best girl
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>Be 12.
>Watch this show as one of my first animes.
>I really like it.
>I wish I was like ranma.
>Grow up.
>Develop in alot of degenerate fetishes since young age.
>Crossdressing, Feminization, Genderbending, Traps.
>I don't like girls or boys. The only thing that gives me a tiny spark of attraction is the "not being sure if it's a boy or a girl"
>Only a really tomboysh skinny flat girls would do the trick for me.
>Every tomboysh girl is SJW.
>Never tried to do anything with girls for all those reasons.
>Can't even go gay because males are hairy and repulsive
>Remember Ranma.

>That Anime fucked my life.

What did I do to deserve this?
It's a tranny filter

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