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>cashier tells me to have a nice day
>haven't had a nice day in 11 years
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>"Have a nice day!"
>Thanks, you too!
>I don't actually want them to have a nice day.
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>tell cashier to have a nice day
>cashier looks confused and says "y-you too"
I just say thanks

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Mom stealing my income. My mom is demanding I pay her $200/month rent to continue living in my parent's house. This comes directly out of my neetbux, I obviously can't afford to move somewhere else. I'm over 18. Is there anything I can do?
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Try to weasel your way out of paying her, guilt trip her, say she survived fine without it before
You can swap places with me. 200/mo sounds great.
Grow up and pay your way, you waste of oxygen.

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>tfw new bpd gf
>tfw working less than 10 hours a week starting today
Did I achieve the robot dream? If I did, why do I feel so stressed out?
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This picture makes me feel bad for the horsey
But somehow it has a pleasing feeling to it
Idk anon, don't upload it again
>bpd gf

You fucked up buddy. No gf is better than a bpd one.
Have you ever dated someone with bpd? What was it like?

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why are cats so lewd?
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they are only drawn that way by their creators
Because they are literal walking pussies.
They tend to go in heat

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>been a poor neet all my life
>watched as consoles have come and gone
>finally get a job
>really want a ps4 and rainbow six (because my friends had it and i loved it)
>worried the fukn ps5 or whatever will get announced as soon as I get my ps4
>never buy what I want, always saving, never enjoying, perpetual despair
Anyone know these looping feels? I dont want to get a gaming pc because I will sink my entire life into it and become a loser again
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This is how poor people live actually.

The new RS6 is very different from the old ones and it is a team game. You won't enjoy it with randoms.
I'm so used to filling my time with poorfag friendly hobbies that nothing seems worth the money, especially because I now have much less free time to feel

Wagecucking was a trap
Get a PC.

>I will sink my entire life into it
You won't.
Look at me. Here I am with gorrillion dorrar gaming rig, watching youtube videos and playing Dwarf Fortress in free time.
I was so eager to play this nextgen games but all of them turned out to be utter shit and waste of time.

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What's with otakus' obsession with purity? Why female anime/manga/game characters, idols and VAs that are non-virgins are so looked down upon to the point that they would destroy merchandise when they found out that their 'waifu' is not 'pure'?
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Purityfags are terrified of the thought of having sex with non-virgins, because the girl might compare them to their previous experience(s) and find their tiny penises lacking.
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Get off this board roastie
Men were obsessed with purity for all of history. It's in their nature. People who are still obsessed with it today are just the one's who withstand liberal brainwashing. Virgin girls make the best wifes, that's a fact.

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>$6 in bank
>engineering drop out

How do I end it?
I no longer care if I hurt my family.
I've secure erased my complete files hdd to make sure its for real.
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http://lostallhope.com/ heer you go
this websites got all the info you need
Sleeping with neck on train tracks
I do not know how painful it might be, but it will kill you.
Thanks, reading.

This is an original comment.

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>tfw no true yandere girlfriend that actually wants to kill me
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Why would you want a girlfriend that actively tries to kill you?
Cus that would be awesome >>39511705 Respect OP....respect...
What do you mean 'true yandere'? This is the only kind there is.

What are the benefits of stopping watching porn?

Have any anons here found benefits of not watching it?
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Porn simply can't convey the beauty of the 2d form. Only drawn media can do that properly. Ever since I switched from 3d to 2d girls my masturbation sessions are at an all time high!
You'll get easier erections if you'll get real sex.
You mean just porn or jacking off?
Porn is good to avoid if you have a gf or someone to fuck. I stay harder and fuck better when I haven't been jacking off to women all the time. Maybe do what >>39511921 says and only jerk it to 2D!
For jacking it I think it varies from person to person but I noticed increased motivation and focus if I keep at it for a few days and make sure I'm sleeping/eating/drinking enough.

>claims to be a robot
>has to prove he isn't a robot
checkmate, virgins
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I wish someone gave me a hug everytime I see this as a thread or post. I'd have so many hugs.
*hugs u*
*writes original post*
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>not using legacy
fucking newfags, i swear

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16 personalities gives you your type based on the dichotomies E/I, N/S, T/F, J/P alone. It is somewhat skewed towards N and P.


Keys 2 cognition gives you the strength of your eight cognitive functions. It is especially useful in assessing whether you are a J or a P, since people with otherwise same letters and only the last letter being the difference have no functions in common. People with tertiary or inferior Fe are likely to get unused Fe as result, but somewhat used Fi.


A Big Five test may also help you. If you for example score below average in imagination or intellect you're a sensor even though 16 personalities would say that your are N.

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And the cognitive functions of each type
Who else /highlevelINFJ/ here?

Yes and no. Psychopaths are TPs and it correlates moderately with E and N. That doesn't mean that ENTPs would be psychopaths, however - there is still also INTP, ESTP and ISTP psychopaths and even though all psychopaths were ENTPs there would still be three times more ENTPs than psychopaths.

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Am I right in thinking that in capitalism those with the most resources get more resources given to them than anyone else and that this is kinda unjust and needs to be addressed?
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You are right but it will never be addressed.
Robots of all people should know that life isn't fair.
The allocation of resources should favor those who will use them most efficiently. It makes no sense to give capital to people who don't know how to get the most out of it; it's a waste.
Yes, I could put Cletus in charge of the means of production but he's just going to work barely half a day and use all his earnings on Georgia Bulldogs hats and lott'ry tickets. The opportunity costs of making Cletus plant manager instead of assembly line drone are just too great. It's a matter of competence.

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Am I going bald? Who else /balding/ here?
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Nigga you ain't bald
it feels bad man. really bad.
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21 and this is my hairline. Get rekt OP

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What the fuck is wrong with normies? How come normies cant stop being addicted to things?

I started smoking cigarettes when I was 16. All my friends smoked cigarettes, and everyone in my family smoked too. Parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents. After years and years of smoking, everday, one day I decided to stop. I just stopped. Yea I wanted to smoke really bad, I had urges, I didnt like NOT having a cigarette, but I still stuck to it because it was something I wanted. Im now 27, havent smoked for 3 years.

Another example, Ive been drinking since a teenager as well. Drinking most days of the week. Usually a couple beers or shots. Weekends I'll drink a lot more. 2 months ago I decided I was tired of being an alcoholic, it costs to much money. So I just stopped. Again, yea the urge to drink got really bad, but Im a fucking human being. If I dont want to do something, I dont have to do it, no matter how much my brain or my body feels like doing it.

One more example, I used to have a BMI of 30. Because I ate way too fucking much. One day, when my gf broke up with me because I got too fat, I just decided that I didnt want to be fat anymore. I started immediately cutting calories and going for a walk for at least an hour day. My BMI is now 23. Literally smack dab in the middle of "Normal". All because I decided to do it and didnt bitch out or give up like a weakling.

Yet I always hear normies bitching, "Oh I can never stick to a diet, I eat too much", or "God I need a cigarette, I really should quit but Im just too addicted". Like what the fuck. I might be a loser neet but at least I can control myself and possess self-restraint.

Whats wrong with normies? Does the average person REALLY have that little determination and such a small amount of will power that they literally cannot stop themselves from walking into a store, pulling out their wallet, buying cigarettes and smoking them? Or drinking alcohol? Or buying drugs?
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i think your a fucking liar OP. i doubt you were event addicted to cigs, otherwise youd know how fucking hard it is to actually quit when all you can think about is having another smoke.
Oh hey if you feel that loathed to "normies" then how about live camming your becoming hero
That's the best way to tell normie fags who da real boss is
it's all relative, stop masturbating your so called willpower.
substances are the easiest way to fill a void, agree or not

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I always freak out and get clingy when I feel like a guy is going to leave me. I blow up phones and need a good amount of attention. I get physically sick when I get rejected but only when it comes to romantic situations. I can't tell if I have autism or BPD or just an anxiety disorder. I feel compelled to blowing up their phones or yelling at them.
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Oh and my parents were abusive so maybe that caused it?
The sick part is commonly linked with anxiety.
Would need a good amount more craziness for it to be BPD, I think you're just a clingy bitch.

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