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Why is Islam bad again? They literally put women in their place and prevent them from becoming whores.
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You are simply retarded
Because jews said so. What are you, an extremist?
I don't support Islam or modern western society. Why are there so many /r9k/ and /pol/ posts lately about how Islam is so le based, and it also has to do with women somehow? Muslim women are sluts and whores, they have sex with as many good looking white boys as possible when they can get away with it. It's all done in secret.

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Healthcare shouldn't exist. The nature of life is to adapt or die. People with inferior, weak genes do not deserve to exist for they endanger the human race.

Have a broken leg? Adapt.
Have kidney failure? Too bad.

Through this, the human race could become the apex predators once again.
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I'd love to see you write that again with a broken leg
You won't be thinking the same when it happens to you
Well, I know a guy who is in his thirties. Complete man-child. Autistic and schizophrenic. He is the perfect example of the "man-child" archetype the internet loves to bitch about. He thinks he's a "nice guy", is terrible with money, a total fucking loser. And guess what? He's exempt from criticism. I talk about him online, everyone shits on me and takes his side. In real life, people purposely tip-toe around him so to speak and they never criticize him and they always respect him. So, OP, if a piece of human garbage like that can have such an easy life, then how do you expect your theory to ever see the light of day in reality? He has an easy life because of the niceness of others.

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How do you fix brain fog? Mine has been getting bad these past few weeks.
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vitamin D and fish oil. leave your house. parks are a good start.
>How do you fix brain fog?
I stopped shooting up heroin. It really helped.
bump-surukoto ga suki desu

>sets new employee on fire

Why do normies do this shit ? Thank god I didn't fall for the trades meme

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Jesus Christ.
This can't possibly be real.
Why would you do this to someone? Why would he keep going back? Why didn't anyone fucking do anything?
shitty that that happened I guess, but holy shit how much of a weakling do you have to be to kill yourself over some faggots at some shitty dealership

he's living with his parents, it's not like he couldn't afford to take a couple of weeks off while looking for a job

how beta could one possibly get
>parents are absolutely clueless

Timeless classic.

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You better not discuss politics this time edition
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dump trump
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Milk Cat 61
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>89 year old lady comes in the surgery
>Has chronic pain in her foot
>Wants me to give her ointment
>Give her a lethal dose of morphine

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>Girl gets interested in me
>Reject her

I just did this for the first time. Why does this feel so good?
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you'll regret it in due time but it does feel good and it's because it makes you feel alpha
What was the grounds for rejection anon?
its called black knighting a girl.

ive done it before too.

I get her interested in me, and when its obvious she likes me I shut her down. Bonus points if I get her to cry.

Im actually quite a nice person on the outside which makes it ever more so insidious.

I shut them down in ways to make it look like I'm being nice, but really it's to hurt them.

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Can INTPs ever be happy? How?
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This chart is fucking retarded.

ENTJ's are literally forces that work for the betterment of society.
to live means to suffer. just accept it.
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>being so much of a failed normie that you resort to wanting to label yourself

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>finally invited to a party
>it's just a bunch of normies drinking alcohol and listening to loud music
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What did you expect? Original comment
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>drunk girls about
>loud music
>not using that to your advantage to feel up roasties
>not fuccin a drunk roastie so that you can realize how overrated sex is without paying
Its honestly not that bad, take it as an opporturnity to learn

So, I matched a girl on Tinder, we want to go for a drink not far from where I live and then go to my place.

How do I not fuck it up? Intentions are clear on both sides but what do I even talk about with her at the bar?
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How much do you know about her already?
>what do I even talk about with her at the bar?
What do you talk about with anyone else?
Make sure mummy isn't home before you bring her back to your place. Or is she gonna drive you two love birds around?

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>When he pretends to be a succubus and says he is going to drain my 'life force'
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omg nya ^w^
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>tfw no succubus (male) brown bf to wait for me in a sexy outfit until I come home from work and fuck them in the doorway
feels bad man
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ooh I'd love to do that.

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Fembot feels thread.
If the following applies to you, you're a fembot:
>You've never had intercourse
>You've never kissed somebody
>You've never touched a guy intimately
>You don't have any friends and/or you can't relate to them anyhow
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im going to pee in my pants
no. im going to wet myself.


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Here's a list of things you'll fail to do today:

>You won't clean your room
>You won't exercise
>You won't get a job
>You won't get laid
>You won't get a wave from a female
>You won't get eye contact from a female
>You won't beat "that game" on the hardest difficulty
>You won't get the best play of the game
>You won't install gentoo
>You won't get a message from your oneitis
>You won't create a new meme
>You won't get a 300+ replies in your thread
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>You won't clean your room
Already done
>You won't exercise
Just got back from the gym
>You won't get a job
>You won't get laid
No shit
>You won't get a wave from a female
Most likely not, true.
>You won't get eye contact from a female
Yeah, true. The female chashier at the grocery store wasn't there today
>You won't beat "that game" on the hardest difficulty
Only game I'm playing right now doesn't have difficulty settings, but yeah I won't beat it today
>You won't get the best play of the game
I'm not sure what this means
>You won't install gentoo
True. My phone stopped working three weeks ago
>You won't get a message from your oneitis
DELET. Though kinda hard to get a message with no phone
>You won't create a new meme
Most likely not, true
>You won't get a 300+ replies in your thread
I've only managed this once, with a childhood feels thread
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Well you aren't wrong, but please don't rub it in.

This place is toxic and does nothing but brings you down. I make a thread for some help and you faggots bring me down. Fuck all of you. I'm not coming back.
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That is because you are using it wrong. I use /r9k/ as an example of what not to do.
okay then leave

and as always enjoy your sage
Fucking run.
I cant escape now.
Its all over for me


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Gather round and discuss. Names are more than welcome, use them.

No rules edition. I won't be here long. You know the deal.

Numbered threads will return when I can do this seriously.
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Hey man. What's up with you?

I'm going out tonight. A conference and dinner with friends.

The rest is shit. The daily torture is getting too much and I'm not sure I can take another year of that.

That sucks. I thought you were getting some improvements lately. Weren't you?

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How do we stop slut shaming? It's becoming a serious problem on this board.
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how about you shut up
I'm glad you mentioned this anon, it's a serious problem. Women feel unsafe and vulnerable so they don't declare their feelings to men. That means that they only sleep with dominant men who approach them first. If us robots end slut-shaming we all win as women will be more inclined to approach us.
when women stop being hypocrites and claim sex doesnt matter but will shame a man for being a virgin and claim something is wrong with him as he hasnt had sex.

However I doubt they will give up such a powerful shaming tool.

This isnt even getting into the health effects, effects on future relationships and marriage and then the comparison of what each sex has to do to get sex

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