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> new girl join the class, pretty qt and possibly attainable.
> heart flutters fantasizing about a relationship with her.
> she smiles at you too and seems to like you.
> instantly feel happy about life
why am I so weak anon? why do they control my emotion so much without even trying?
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is she russian ? i love russian qts
Learn nihilism
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Fact is, you'll only be crushed once you realize either:
a) she has a SO,
b) she's not interested in you
c) she's interested in you now when she's new but once she realize who you are, she'll avoid you like the plague.
d) she goes for a Chad in your class.
e) or even worse, she goes for a beta and makes you wonder if you're really that unattractive enough.
I've been there.

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jail honestly

I Just need to sleep for the next 8 hours without being found
Come over to my house, where do you live?

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Have you ever won an award?
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I used to get perfect attendance awards at school

I dropped out but god dammit I was there every day before that
i used to win awards like every year for topping english (once even maths). lasted til like grade 7? then i became a dumbass :)
I topped Science, Math and English.. now I'm a dumb piece of shit whose last moments are going to be browsing this fucking board

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She didn't even catch the subtle mockery

How does this make you feel my friends?
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There's no skill in fucking with retards.
You may be right. Other than this stupid bullshit she's pretty okay
Post the propic of the asian girl

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Okay rowboats - if you wanna learn how to be more comfortable around women and fuck lots of qts, sign up for couchsurfing. I've fucked 8 out of the 10 girls that stayed at my place alone so far (that's in 2 months) - made out with the one I didn't fuck and the other one had a boyfriend. You get to pick who's staying with you and as long as you live in a relatively metropolitan area and have a presentable place.

here's how you do it:

- make sure she gets to your place safe, offer to pick her up from the train station/whatever (not too far from your place so you don't come off as desperate)
- make sure she feels comfortable at your place (tea/music/clean up)
- if you fail at the smalltalk part, just offer to show her around the city and go for a walk
- get back home, cook something together
- go out in the evening/stay in watch a movie/just drink and talk
- if you have the feeling there's a chance she wants to fuck today, just ask if she wants to make out ('i don't want to make this awkward, but..' works really well)
- if you're not sure and she's staying for a few days, just let her go to sleep and try next day

worst case: you spent an entire day in the company of a qt, probably had some fun and worked on your social skills - medium self-esteem boost

best case: you fucked a qt you just met today and she's staying for a few more days - enormous self-esteem boost

I'm surprised how well this works (way better than any dating app) and some girls just came back/stayed longer just to fuck all day.


ask a guy who fucks plenty of qts via couchsurfing anything
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I've seen this shit happening and this isn't going to work for everyone here because OP is omitting the most crucial part of his success:

> be good looking

Now fuck off my board chad.
>worst case: [...] - medium self-esteem boost
Okay, you've pretended you're retarded hard enough to earn your (You) today.
It works in Europe pretty easily. It's much more difficult in Burgerland where public transport doesn't exist.

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Why is it okay for girls to virgin shame but it's not okay for men to slut shame?
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Good question
Im bumping this thread
Women give other women shit for being virgins, too..
>okay for girls
Because we've decided that women can do anything they want with impunity.

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g00d thred

Keep posting these threads. Always puts a smile on my face to see them, reminds me of old /r9k/ when people had creativity.

Do you guys remember that old pc game that takes place in the future where you're a scientist who creates an evil clone of himself. The evil clone then goes and attempts to destroy the city and your goal is to capture and stop him from destroying all the parts of the city. Throughout the game, I recall you having to play minigames to gain items to help fight the evil clone by stopping his attacks and using your own(i.e. The Chemist using mixes on him, the reflector cuffs stopping the nail gun, the robot attacking unless you have a remote control to make it make you toast, or the boombox being able to stop the freeze ray for some reason) to catch him. And each battle took place when you two met on the board where you'd use what you gathered against each other with both sides capable of losing items with each battle. These fights also took place in animated cutscenes for each item that would change depending on what you gained. It was done almost board game style outside of minigames. I can't for the life of me even remember the title but I do recall enjoying it.

Did you guys play it as a kid and what was its name again?
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Bumpy bump bumpleton
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1998 hernia camp feat heyman kransky?

And why would the evil clone not anticipate possible ways of foiling his plans?

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im 40 yo, and never had sex, is it even worth it? is it as good as people say it is? or is it just a meme?
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Just get a whore old Man and find out for your self, for fucks sake man.
jesus christ you're old enough to be most people's dad here. just get a hooker you sad old bastard
Sex is no big deal brah, I would know I have it at least every weekend :)

Any /pectus excavatum/ anons here? Do you have a gf?
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hahaha your chest is deformed faggots hahaha
Yea I have it pretty bad. I've had 2 girlfriends and they both thought it was cool.

That was 7 years ago though and I haven't taken my shirt off in front of anyone since.

I can have sex. I'm afraid the girl will freak out and run away

>Court upholds maximum sentence for rapist who "enjoyed the hunt"


When youre so ugly that your only way to make love is by raping people.
I know i shouldnt laugh because were in a similar situation but damn...
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>make love is by raping people.

If he would've just worked out and got some gains, dressed good, fixed that haircut, built confidence, he could've been chad.
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man he should've just be himself
it works for me

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do normies like asian chicks?
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Yeah man normies like races outside of the racial fetishes on this board, my brothers Chad friend has a half Asian gf
Losers go for Asian chicks when only fat white chicks want them
asian girls are mostly a last resort.

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How does this photo make you feel, robots ?
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Impressed by how little of a fuck that cat gives about the cold and snow.
Comfy. I'm enjoying the beauty of summer, but part of me misses the snowfalls at college now. Hard.
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i LOVE kitty cats!

Only been on this thing for an hour here and got like 35 matches or so you guys needs to get your ass here literally easy to get girlfriend
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>ugly jungle monkeys
No, thank you.
Your choicr but of some of these matches are modeld
What do u look like anon

are there any good discord servers?
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Discord is a piece of circle jerking shit.
MBTI based server: U6HSj
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Yeet. R5b2G58

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