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I recently good stood up robots it doesnt feel too good.
>Message some chubby girl starts off kinda awkward but we talk alot
>get her phone number snapchat and everything
>call her and it goes kinda well she is flirting back sayong she wants to hold my hand
>first date of existing 22 years old prep myself up, we arranged to meet at 3pm at a spot
>she says she needs time whatever killing time
>all of a sudden she blocks me on everything and i sit there sadly chain smoking
Never lower the bar dont try online dating its all a ruse its bullshit
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>frequently talked to some cunt on okc
>she seems chill and everything
>tfw she stops talking to because I said I didn't like Steven Universe
This also has happened to me anon, it hurt like a bitch, the thing is, she didn't block me, she just didn't respond for about an hour and then after i got home she told me she was scared... could elobarate what happened later if you are still here

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Anyone go from a NEET to Wagecuck and start to regret it?

The money is nice, but the lack of time to do what I want sucks. I miss waking up and being able to shitpost, drink, eat fast food, play any video game i want, watch any youtube, tv show or movie i want, or just browse the internet and wikipedia for hours and learn new things.

Now I struggle to find a few hours a week to do those things, when before it would take up my whole day. That's what i feel like would make me happy.
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Not a single person in the history of our universe has ever regretted having gotten a job after being an unemployed manchild for a long period of time.
That's a lie, I only work out of necessity and usually quit after saving for a year
Yea this is typical wage trapped mentality , freedom is bliss.

Why are women so fucking obsessed with height? I thought this was some r9gay meme but it's being universally confirmed at every turn now.

You can't explain that.
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Women don't like short men. It's a fact. But manlet is actually below 5'9 not below 6'
Unless were talking about nigger women they only date guys over 6"
why do you care/know this?

>Ok Anon, ready to lose that virginity?
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i got my hymen broken like that

i wouldnt recommend it
How many dildos do you think are produced in America every year?

Imagine a society so wealthy that it just industrial churns out dildos.
lol dumb roastie trying to emasculate me?

I'd tear that shit off her and throw her on the bed and fuck her while choking her

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I hate normalfags so fucking much. Every day I wake up and Yellowstone hasn't erupted, NK hasn't started nuclear war, there wasn't a sandnigger truck attack, there wasn't a mass shooting, etc I am angry. Houston getting fucked has been magnificent for my mood, but I'm coming down from my high and need normalfags to suffer more.

Why can't they all just fucking die?
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I dont know have you ever considered offing yourself instead

I mean
>still feels happiness

Congrats, you've become what you hate the most
Kill yourself normie
My death offers me no pleasure. I just want to see normalfags suffer and die.

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If people can use hormones to become womyn, why cant males use even more male hormone to become Chads?
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Because women are naturally submissive.
Chad is confident and assertive, which you cant get even if you develop a roided meathead physique.
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You can, it's called steroids.
HGH and testosterone work too but not as effectively.
However being Chad is a state of mind.
The majority of robots wouldn't be able to become Chads even if they looked like a Chad tomorrow morning.
I've often wondered why women who complain of masculine features can't simply take estrogen.

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>at class
>start browsing /his/
>ugly retarded dude next to me
>"heh, you must be the only one on that board to go outside today"
>ignore him
>"man everyones not paying attention, look at this dude on 4chan"
>ignore him

Fuck off you fat ugly smart ass, i dont want to be your friend
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Should've been on /fitlit/, all the women would have worshipped your cock
every time you feel sad that you're alone remember this moment and how you could've made a friend from browsing 4chan
but he was ugly and autistic. would rather be alone then have ugly autistic friends

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images (12).jpg
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Should I convert to Islam? I picked up a Qur'an from the library today and the words of the book really resonate with me. Plus Islamic views of women and degeneracy really match up with mine. I'm white, but I don't think that matters. Thoughts?
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You are a true dumb fuck.
What words in particular really resonate with you?
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The answer is yes OP
Eventually the world WILL become Islamic.
Allah is the one and only and Muhammed(PBUH) is his messenger

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let's see who's the most fucked up robot around
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Everything is under control here :3
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I'm a dum dum who needs help making adult decisions.

what even is schizotypal, you fake crazy or something?

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Is coffee degenerate?
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nope pal
>speeds up your brain
>gives you energy to complete tasks
>motivates you
I'd say it's the opposite. Anything that slows you down or numbs you would be degenerative. Coffee accelerates. It also makes you shit
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Coffee is good, but if you fall into "muh addiction" or "am nothing without my coffee" meme you're retarded.

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Why does laying and cuddling with my oneitis sound like the best thing that could ever fucking happen
>feeling her warm body wrapped in your arms
>hearing her soft and steady breaths
>feeling her constant heartbeat against your body
>smelling her soft hair and running your fingers through it

Why the fuck does this just sound so great? Have any of you guys experienced this, and if you have was it as great as I think it is?
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Most I experienced is like a 15 second hug with a warm sweaty thicc girl after yoga class.

Seriously though, physical touch feels so nice, and its the only feminine thing you can't get on your own.

-You can listen to the sound of women. Whether orgasms/sex moans, ASMR, beautiful sounding music, or just the sound of women giggling

-You can taste sensual food, and wiggle your finger between your lips to get the same oxytocin rush as kissing.

-You can smell ylang ylang essential oil to enjoy an intoxicating aroma akin to the sweet scent of a beautiful woman embracing you.

-You can look at pictures and videos of women, obviously

But you can't cuddle with yourself.

Hopefully not long from now they will have love dolls with skin that feels indistinguishable from human, and mimics breathing and heartbeat.
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It's as great as the agony that comes with it. Sometimes the fury as well
>Most I experienced is like a 15 second hug with a warm sweaty thicc girl after yoga class

Full story on this?

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I want you faggots to give me one reason to live. Why should i keep carrying on when this world isn't worth it and it never will be. Why should i bother trying if i feel no one is worth the time. There is nothing to keep me invested in my own life or the lives of others. Tell me, tell me why life is worth living because i don't see a point anymore. It's all worthless, and I know it
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It's really not tbqh.
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peepee ass
There are a lot of things you wouldn't even think to try. Saying this world will be never be worth it is an extremely uninformed generalization.

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How do you lads sleep? Naked or dressed? Side, stomach, or back sleeper? Any sleep disorders?
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> naked
>With wife
I wear a wife beater. No underwear. Sleep on my side.
>take about two hours to fall asleep

I've been drinking like a stupid fish and not cleaning up my apartment for five years now but this is it for me. I am going to shoot myself in the face.

Imagine waking up every day with itchy bug bite welts all over your body.

Imagine waking up for a bit of the ol' pee in the middle of the night knowing full well that your legs and arms are full of these fucking things.

I found one today live and crushed it and it was full of blood. Just imagine that will you?

I have to take everything out of my bedroom, isolate it in plastic bags, sterilize it, call my land lord, clean the entire fucking apartment so they don't know just how much of an utter slob I am.

Imagine it.

Anyone else dealt with these fucking things? Any tips, protips?
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Get rid of your bed
Get rid of your couch/other furniture
Take all clothes and sheets to a local laundromat and wash and dry on highest setting at least twice
Pack books and other shit into boxes
Buy bedbug spray to spray the entire apartment (every fucking inch don't be a lazy fuck)
If you're too much of a lazy fuck, alert your landlord and maybe they will call an exterminator, or you can call one yourself to come and clean the place.
Be aware these fucking things can live for weeks, and the eggs are really tiny the human eye can not see them. If what you have is a large infestation, it may take months of doing this shit to be sure you are 100% clear.
Exterminator. Only option. Time is money and time fighting bed bugs with bullshit DIY tricks is wasted. They come back no matter how through you think you cleaned. They can live 6 months without eating.
>Doesn't clean for 5 years
>Asks how to remove bed bugs

This nigga serious?

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Who /married/ here?

Come on in and discuss living hell

>Last time had sex
4 years ago

>Seperate bank accounts
Haha, no

But everything I buy is "ours" yet everything she buys is "hers"
>Free time
Driving to work to escape her

Compares me to other men constantly and says I don't "do enough" with my life

We once went 3 weeks without a screaming match

When we were going out at first and she said she'll never change

Don't get married young brobots, just don't
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Get a goddamn divorce normie.
can I get a gay guy to tell me what fag marriage is like? I want to fag marry one day and make a kid through surrogate. I'd like to know if the extreme openness I have with my partner right now is likely to continue if 10 years from now I fag marry him. I know there is a lot into what makes a marriage work but I'd love to hear about someone else who's done it
She's going to ruin me (worse) if I divorce

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