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Chad here. Fucked 3 chicks in my dream. AMA.
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what happened to his body


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Is there any official /r9k/ Horde WoW guilds? I'm looking for a new guild right now for casual raiding.
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Literally my dream wife.
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modern day "right wing" women are insane roastie feminists who act like they hate SJW's
She looks so plastic though. She will not age well.
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HANDS OFF, goy. She belongs to one of God's chosen people.

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>tfw fembot with rape fetish
>want a robot to rape, beat, and impregnate me
>tfw fetish could get me killed or taken advantage of
wat do?
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Talk to a therapist. Haven't met a women who had this "fetish" that wasn't abused in some manner growing up.
Give me your address bitch
dont worry, if you wait a few minutes you'll have a swarm of thirsty betas offering themselves up to you.

Ahhh hello there fellow wagies ! How ya'll doing? Do you remember that time when you were kids, at this time of the year you would be at home, playing vidya/watching morning cartoons and eating junk food... Luckly we can still do it right? Oh what is that? You can't because you have to work eh? Ohh sorry to disturb you then ! but relax, only a few more months and you can rest for a few days ! Horray !!
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This is nostalgic and whatever is "nostalgic but instead of feeling good about the past, you feel good about the present".

*knots your oneitis*
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>oneitis keeps lots of horses

Just try to name them
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Shit i meant this one to go on /a/
An Original Extremely Goofy Movie
japanese dora the explorer I mean kemono friends

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Why?!?!? Why does my penis get hard if girls won't let me put it in their vaginas
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Youre literally a slave to the chemicals in your brain

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Are there a lot of pictures of you? I've pretty much stopped being in pictures since I was about 12, and I'm 22 now.
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Only social media I have is FB and Linkedin.

Linkedin = One photo
Facebook = 12 Post a year (self-imposed limit), about half of which are photos reflecting me/some highlight connected to me
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There are 447 pictures of me from ages 1 - 10.
There are 3 of me from ages 11 - 20
I didn't consent to any of the 3, and I only appear in the background.
I have a few (less than 20) pics from when I was in middle school school on the internet. Beyond that, my mom sometimes takes group photos with me in them

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Do you think you would have a more fulfilling life if you were born into a peasant family a thousand years ago? Life back then was full of hardships, you never knew if you were going to make it to the end of the month and people around you died like fucking flies. But back then you simply didn't have time to worry about all the petty shit that people worry about these days. Chad and Stacy (nobles and royalty) would never even enter your mind and you would consider jealousy to be a waste of energy anyway. You would never really get bored considering death was always around the corner due to disease, famine, cold, wild predators and outlaws. It would be a rough life but also a simple one. On your deathbed you would remember how you always did your best and everything you ever did was for the survival of your family. You would feel extremely proud looking back at your short and hard life. If you died right now you would only feel shame and panic because you forgot to clear your browser history and flush the cum paper towels down the toilet.
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guys who is moot? i came here a year ago so dont say im a newfag...
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Some SRS redditor who got triggered by /pol/ when they discovered he was being cucked.
The founder of ebaumsworld. Everyone hates him because he's a notorious meme thief.
inventor of the trollface

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>wake up
>precummies seeping from penor
>no erection

Which one of you fucking roasties stole my wizardry in my sleep??
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Teehee it's our duty anon. We can't have you realizing your powers before your little "uprising"
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I wouldn't have wanted to rise up if only I could have had a gf... now I have no magic and no girlfriend.

You will pay. YOU will be my gf... or else... ;(
>had sex

gtfo chad

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im drunk and ive just let my two mates buzzcut my head at 2 in the morning and now i look like a twit, what am i doing with my crappy life
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dude, you looked like shit before
I buzz my own hair all the time, I know it looks like shit, but it saves money and I'd still look like shit if I spend 20$ every weekend at a hairsalon
Literally dont even TRY to look good if your a robot
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Buzzcuts are god tier unless you have an undefined jawline or a shitty face shape. If that's the case then I'll pray for you OP.

>getting drunks with your friends
Why are you on this board?
russians can easily pull off shaved heads cause they have mean jaw lines.
I have a slovack jaw line so its more oval looking. Ive been told I look good with like a vey short cut but I feel hideous

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>govt is usually slow as shit to pass laws
>takes decades to outlaw a poison in foods
>any supplement gets released that actually works to increase test
>govt able to move at light speed and outlaw it in weeks
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Makes you think, right?
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you bring up a good point, op
this must be the work of jews

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Just think how dogs or really animals in general have it so much better than humans, they have no consciousness. They are completely content eating, shitting, sleeping and walking for their short lives and they are surrounded by beings who are happy to help them do it. Imagine the complete bliss of having life be so simple and obvious without the pressures of an incomprehensible society on you your entire life.
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