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big titites.jpg
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/ourgirl/ is growing up.

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WHats her social media originally?
Stop surveiling her you creepy nerd
>wear push up bra
>suddenly "grown up" now

She's an irrelvent nobody now btw

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Are wiggers worse than weebs?
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Chris mercer wasn't a wig?
Yes weebs usually stay inside and don't bother others. Wiggers I frequently observe being aggressive and rude in public
Yes, they absolutely are.

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I mean, I like some of their stuff. I'd like to know what this board thinks.

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Seriously, just look at that album cover. New retro af
I used to be all into them when I first heard of them
This song in particular is probably amazing to kill too, the crowd just adds more hype to it.

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These are the best condoms.

Latex condoms will kill the erection.
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ty for the advice
What makes them better? I'm almost out of Durex and need to stock up soon

They're non-latex.

Latex condoms kill boner. It's polyphorospherone or something like that.

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All I want is a hot jb girlfriend

I don't want a woman who works, with a good career

I don't want a "strong independant woman"

I don't want the emotional baggage of a woman over 18

All I want is a cute young girl, happy and carefree
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thats strange isnt it, how modern woman become mentally ill in nearly all cases, your best bet is to get an old woman raised in normal times, a widow
dating someone way younger than you is creepy and grounds for a finger wag from me
Then get that girl, silly.

We breeding your women now. Just like slave days.
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Dude you're the only one that posts race bait porn.

Not even Asian masculinity pulls this crap.
Black women aren't you slaves senpai, they are just women. they can be with any one they like.
Have them im virgin anyway and prefer thicc Asians

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download (3).jpg
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Was Wall-E a robot?
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yeah, duhh
Yes, literally a robot you fuck.
Faggot was a failed normie that recovered and got a 10/10 stacy

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Feels good to wake up to this man
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94% battery is very good I agree.

You should put it on low power mode.
Really? I hate when I have no service.
If you don't use windows phone you need to fuck off, normalscum

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Was Travis Bickle a robot?
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he was the original robot

this comment was not
No because he got prime (though used) loli poosee, he also ALMOST fucked a 7/10 blondie. He also was alpha as fuck

Anton Chigurh, however, is the ultimate robot. Autistic as fuck and with severe angee outbursts
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Bickle was much more robotic than Chigurh. Bickle chooses to wallow in human society while Chigurh chooses to reject it.

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What happened to your high school crush? Where did it all go wrong? What could you have done differently?
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>What happened to your high school crush?
She's married with a couple kids now.

>Where did it all go wrong?
Her being a dumb roastie. We both loved each other but she was dating some 24yo redneck.
By the time they split we were over and she become sorta a slut.

>What could you have done differently?
Nothing I guess. We did get to spend alot of time together (we never had sex bc it wasn't right).

Unironically that cute brunette goth girl gave me the strongest feels I'll ever have.

Like, movie scene kinda thing, where time slows down and you go deaf and the only thing that you see each other.
Moments that seemed to last an eternity.
> valentine's day
> oh shit
> she isn't at school
> immense sense of relief
> i'll tell her tommorrow
> doesn't show up next day either
> group gives me shit, we have a laugh
> doesn't show up for 2 weeks
> she was in a car crash, braindead

Just fucking talk to her Anon. You won't regret it. You don't know regret.
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My high school crush literally got married during high school

Had a kid by the time I was a freshman in college

I think she deleted her Facebook, even if she didn't I don't remember her married name

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How would I go on meeting milfs?

I feel more sexually attracted to them than teens.
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Do they have to be milfs, or can they be cougars?

Cougars don't necessarily have to be moms.
Craigslist casual encounters. That's how i did it.
depends, do u still live with ur mum OP?

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do it for him <3
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thats it connie, thats the last straw
im tired of these threads and im taking matters into my own hands
What exactly does that mean for me? I'm curious enough so you might as well share.
it doesnt mean anything im just letting out my frustrations

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How can we improve this board?
I say making trap, discord and fembot threads a bannable offense would be a good start
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>ban discordfags
>create a /r9gay/ containment board
>remove the originality filter
>go full-on blue board

that should fix it
I agree with 1 2 and 4
the robot should stay because without it this board would have no purpose, and would essentially fully become /b/ 2.0
i'd argue that if we go blue-board, the originality robot would serve no purpose since all /b/-like shitposting would be against the rules at that point

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Would robots have sex with this beautiful woman?
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That woman is not beautiful.
If she was nice to me and laughed at my lame jokes and I felt comfortable flirting with her, then yeah. What's she like OP?
Yes, there's not much I wouldn't have sex with

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Is there anything similar to xanax that I can buy at walmart or some other drug store? My anxiety is through the roof because I'm going to be flying for the next 2 days and I haven't flown much in my life. And I'm also spending all next week meeting new people because I'm starting a new job. I'm one of those people who is really uncomfortable meeting people at first. I don't know how to get actual xanax, plus I don't have time before I leave, so I'm hoping to find an alternative. My job might drug test me so it can't be something that would pop up on a basic drug test. Please help I haven't been eating or sleeping well the past couple days and feel like I'm going to throw up.
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Nothing can compare to actual benzos, but St. John's Wort is supposed to help with nerves. I've heard it can even give you a slight buzz
try some robitussion or some nyquil.
not only will it help u sleep but u will be robotripping
Lots of doctors will actually give out xanax specifically for flying.
Just tell your doctor you're nervous to fly and want something to calm you down, you'll probably get a low-dose benzo. Docs give them out like candy.

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