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Pedophiles must be immediately fucking murdered and if you disagree there must be something wrong with you.
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I don't disagree. Start with that spammer on /tv/. I would legit go to jail for murdering him. Fuck that guy.
What the fuck.
I never saw him. Tell me more details.
everyday on /tv/ this guy spams pics of little girls on it. every fucking day.

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Step 1: Improve yourself. It's a lie that lifting or dressing nice will make you insta-chad but it can easily put you over the edge

Step 2: Get to know the guys that live near you. Look for guys that are nerdy enough for you to enjoy being around but not complete weirdos. You'll need some regular friends that you genuinely like. This is hard to fuck up, they're just betas.

Step 3: Move on to chads. Try to get a social circle that can get you invited to parties and stuff. Chads love to talk about how much they drank or which Stacy they fucked. Just ask them what they did on the weekend and they'll talk forever.

Step 4: Talk to all the girls you can. At your dorm, in your classes, at the lunch room, etc. Get a wide range of girls from 5's to 10's with different backgrounds and interests instead of one 8/10 oneitis.

Bonus tip#1: Pretend to be interested in whatever the other person is talking about. If some dude likes the Beatles, ask him what a good Beatles song is and act like you care about his stupid interest, he'll like you for it
Bonus tip#2: Talk to a stacy's less attractive friend. It will make her jealous and want you more

You should be a normie now.
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Youre a retard going to college in the persuit of pussy. Get your qualifications and get out.
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t. virgin

This is good shit. Got any more OP?

Should I join a frat? I have friends who want me to rush their frats but I don't drink because I have family history of alcoholism
the actual way to be a normie is to not care at all about anything. chads arent the true normies the true normies are the asian kids that dont give a fuck about what anyone thinks of them

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Why don't women like you?
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I yell at dogs and cant tie my shoes
Fucked skin, nonwhite, no personality.
You do realize how fucking stupid it is to ask me rather than them right?

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>tfw want to smoke a joint but it's too early yet

I have to wait until dawn
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>posting a picture of yourself
kek have fun with the ban retard
All right I'll ask, why do you have to wait

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Join our discord anon!
discord gg/azQZtES
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omg that femboy is so cute
Hang on a second this discord's full of hardcore child pornography
>quads wasted by this faggot

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Ever since I lost my virginity a week ago...I've been feeling complacency with women and how I view them.

Before the sex I was infatuated with the stuff. I was listing after it so damn bad but now it's just...I'm just here

The chick I had sex with said I was amazing for a first time, I knew tricks was dominant as hell and appealed to ever fetish she had.

But none of that means shit cause I'm here so bored. I don't get excited or nervous when I see other women I want to have sex with. I don't feel like anymore.
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Sorry to hear. Yes, lust is truly worthless once accomplished.
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Jesus the Saviour.png
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Instead, set your mind of heavenly things, where neither moth nor rust corrupts.
well thats what happens when you lose your essence to a succubus, im not sure what you expected

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Describe your failures with your oneitis
>be me, 1st grade
>concept of liking and crushes starts kicking in
>like this girl cause pretty and nice. Let's call her fanon.
>those two traits are a perfect package to this day
>I knew what I wanted then
>so I have a crush on this girl pretty much for crush's sake up until middle school, still the same school though.
>haven't talked to many other girls up until this point, those I have were just friends
>be on field trip at end of 6th grade, talk to fanon's best friend, ranon, a good bit by chance
>fall in love in a single day
>first ACTUAL crush
>literally chase after this girl for the entirety of seventh grade. I gained self awareness at this point and lost all social skills
>in the summer between sixth and seventh grade, my crush literally turned me from a normal human kid to a tard
>went to a dance in seventh grade, where I slow danced with both of them
>I asked ranon, but fanon asked ME to dance before that
>always remembered my first slow dance, with fanon
>literally say "the weather's great today" at least two dozen times over the year trying to start a conversation with ranon
>eventually lose interest. Never had a chance after sixth grade.
>early 8th grade, no real crush
>if ANYONE...fanon. No question.
>help her with math a lot, later in the year
>have several good conversations, the kind I haven't had since with ranon two years before. But these were more meaningful
>developed my crush again
>school year about to close, not too likely fanon and I'll go to the same school.
>almost, ALMOST manage to ask her out
>time constraints and my own inability screwed me over
>did manage to get her number at graduation with a big sharing as a group
>I've forgotten how, but I kept up with her over the summer
>literally got into arguments with my two other closest friends and ended things with them midsummer. Barely talked to anyone else
>she was my only friend I still kept up with
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>holding the interest of not one but TWO girls
Quit bragging.
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>be 12
>move back to hometown
>have a crush on a girl I'd known since I was born
>hang out with her all the time
>try confessing to her
>"What the fuck anon, we're cousins"
>we are not actually cousins
>she didn't know this, is still very creeped out
>stop talking to each other
>haven't seen her for almost a decade

And so ends the only time I ever tried turning a oneitis into the one
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>our texts boiled down to a day's back-and-forth every two weeks to a month
>not much, but enough. As long as that link stays alive
>talked about nothing but dad jokes and what she was thinking about for highschool
>she ended up being homeschooled
>she hated it by the first week, lonely with no friends
>meanwhile, I was having the worst time of my life in a public high school of 3000
>my conversations with her every half a month was the only thing keeping me going
>all other joys were in the far future
>conversations started being more spaced apart, started getting nervous that they'd eventually start.
>homecoming week in early October
>freshman boy with two okay friends at this point
>text fanon about it in mentioning what's going on around the school
>she asks if I'm going
>reply that I would if I decided to ask someone
>I can be A LOT more of a chad in texts than real life when I have time to think
>ask her casually, on a whim, if she'd like to go.
>it'd be good for her to get a breath of fresh, public school air.
>don't get a response for two days
>she finally responds with a really formal, 'id love to go to your homecoming with you, anon! I want you to understand though that my intentions are that if friends:)'
>I never thought I'd get this far
>my texting chad personality and my autustic real personality just collided
>go to homecoming
>see her
>for a general reference, she looks a bit like image included. An angel.
>her morals, her beliefs, her personality, her appearance, her smile...EVERYTHING about her is perfection. My absolute dream girl.
>all the last five years distantly texting her were washed away. Seeing her now was all that mattered.
>talk with her, keep my spaghetti in
>get to actual dance floor, the gymnasium
>HUNDREDS of upperclassmen
>one of fanon's friends from our old school in a group with 8 or so other girls

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H-hurricane Irma w-won't hit Pennsylvania, r-right guys? M-My cats and I aren't gonna die, r-right guys?
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I wish it would come to where I live. Death by hurricane would be a cool way to end this misery.
I just wanna live to see my cats live tbqh.
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I hope not, i'll be very sad if anything happened to you or your cats

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I frequently call the police on my black neighbors and have gotten several of them arrested by pure luck.
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Ugly rat
Doing the work of the lord, friend.
FUCK niggers. They are subhuman.

There are literally hundreds of +25 Japanese women out there waiting for you. What's your excuse?
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>What's your excuse?
Only just finding that out. Citation and ways I can get to Japan?
which are better, japanese or korean?

i want to learn korean because i adore korean culture and korean streamers and korean beauty products. but korea is a small country when compared to japan
>hundreds of Japanese women waiting for fucking losers who never leave the house
Nice try Jew

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>was a fucking mong who barely knew what college even was and chose to be neet for 3 years instead of going

i guess i would be too retarded to get through it anyway

maybe ill be a criminal
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Liking idolshit is criminally retarded
why does that nico bitch have so many good reaction faces

there is nothing wrong with being a criminally retarded idolfag

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do you think that some guys should be subservient to other guys
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i believe dicks should be sucked only when someone wants to suck one
Yes, but I don't want it to be by becoming a sissy, for me at least. I would like it to be a financial servitude type of thing involving chastity. I would be blocked from having the chance to find a mate while I support his endeavors to do so via financial help. The incentive would be to be allowed to cum or edge occasionally to the superior male's feet. The superior male should be younger, more attractive, and have a larger penis while the subservient one is older, unattractive, and has a small penis.

That's my ideal scenario anyways. Feels good to help others when you can't help yourself.
that's all fucked up man

why you gotta be all fucked up

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Is there anything worse than being a chestlet?
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Some, maybe even many, men will happily take a chestlet.
Being a titcow
That is a fucking Child you sick fuck. Got sauce?

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demon witch.jpg
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Racist Test!

You have to choose between the following: This beautiful, sassy, sexy, smart, sensual black woman who will share her success with you and uplift you into a proper, righteous god fearing man

Or this evil, nightmarish demon woman who will turn you into something like this:

An evil, perverse, dark natured monster that conquers worlds and forms empires under the stars, and looks like a 9 foot tall gay drag queen.
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Nightmarish demon woman, I'd never touch a nigger.
who the fuck wouldn't choose that fine black woman?
janelle monae is cute and also has big tits. old nightmare woman is white and im racist, so janelle monae

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Currently, due to their growing financial independence and the internet with apps like Tinder, womyn have the pick of the most alpha males. They can go their entire lives with never so much as talking to a beta male unless they're forced to out of necessity. As a result, 10% of the men have 90% of the sex.

If you could, would you build a society where womyn are forced to mate with beta males? How would you do it?
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Then how does that explain all of the guys <= 6/10 that have girlfriends? Checkmate, faggot.
What if I'm the 10% faggot?
you can get a <=3/10 gf. when you are a 1-2/10 guy you get nothing.

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