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Anyone else tired of the 'fakeness' of today?
Like everywhere I go I see fake smiles, fake laughs and people holding fake beliefs
Celebrities never do anything good unless they get their sweet bux
People don't even believe in the things they themselves do anymore, like it's all a lie, some performance where everyone is secretly an actor
Anyone else? Can't be just me right?
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Nigga, society has always been a facade
I feel like people like us are part of some grand universal experiment, or perhaps it was a mistake, but we're completely out of tune with the so-called "normies". I believe a large portion of robots have autism, more towards the high functioning aspergers end of the spectrum. Thus we cannot naturally fit into "normie" society. Our attempts to fit in are mocked and laughed at, often to the point of where we just give up trying to fit in at all.
There are unwritten social rules guiding normies interactions with each other, they follow specific patterns, they're predictable and that's important for society to function. Then you have a robot, who is largely unpredictable because they either cannot or will not follow the social rules that the normies are bound to. They are outcast because of this unpredictability, they're not part of the "normie" tribe.
Do we try to play along with a game that was rigged against us from the start, or do we try to live life on our own terms?
I started to be completely honest and call people out on their fake shit, I am a social retard anyways so I decided to behave like this to people to vent out my anger.

Most people hate me to the guts, but it's priceless telling a female coworker how much of a hypocrite they are, their tries to rationalize is hilarious.

Also a few people actually like me now.

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Are there even any khhv on here anymore?

>be 31 khhv
>no light at the end of the tunnel
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I got my wizard's hat a few months ago

not all its cracked up to be desu
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still a virgin, and have never held hands with anyone or shared a romantic kiss with anyone yet
Just turned 20, still khhv, Im heading down the wrong path arent i

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you have 1 choice robots

1. you get a gf who's perfect in every way and will always be loyal to you. a perfect gf, and then a perfect wife.... but the catch is that she's had 10+ black boyfriends in the past. They all had massive dicks and destroyed your gf's pussy

2. you get the perfect gf, who loves you and does everything for you. She's basically like 1 but she's a virgin and you get to be her first.... but the catch is that 20 years after being together, you'll eventually come home to find her being ravaged by gigantic black cocks. At that point, you can choose to leave her or be by her side with her new lifestyle

If you don't choose one, you get a bullet through your skull
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yeah, I'll take the bullet.
bullet please gf wont fix my life
20 years is a long ass time, so that one

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Something happened today that really affected me

>be me
>18 years old
>work as second man on trucks delivering beer to pubs
>usually a pretty comfy job, truckers are usually really interesting to talk to, most of the day is spent sitting in a nice cabin with some music on
>get pretty well paid for it too
>turn up at work yesterday
>going out with a new guy
>he has a football team's logo tattooed on his arm
>his resting face looks angry
>get in lorry, drive to depot, pick up beer, drive to area where the delivery is going out
>pretty standard
>he doesn't talk very much, and he keeps repeating himself
>if he ever says something, even something like "where this idiot doing!" and I don't say anything he says "EH?" Until I do
>get to first drop
>he hands me the paperwork and tells me to jump on the back and pull the barrels off
>they're both his job, not mine
>barrels of beer are heavy
>I'm taking about 10 seconds between pulling them off
>shocked, but continue pulling barrels off as fast as I can
>walk down to customer to get paperwork signed
>I come out the door and he's rolling the barrels down a hill at me
>it's going at Mach 5 and I don't know what to do
>it crashes into bins
>eventually get everything into cellar
>get to second drop and same thing happens again, I'm doing his job and getting shouted at really aggressively for every little mistake
>on the fourth drop it turns out I gave the wrong thing to the last customer
>the customer said "don't worry it's just bottles of vodka, I'll drive round and swap them later
>driver turns around and looks at me red in the face
>right in front of customer, who is visibly horrified
>maybe if he done his job instead of expecting me to do it for him this wouldn't have happened but anyway

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>this continues throughout the whole 13 hour day
>whenever I'm unsure about something or need to ask about something it results in a few minutes of getting screamed at
>on our way to the 9th drop out of 10
>"look out the window to see if there's anything coming"
>"yes there is a car coming wait a second"
>so it's my fault that a car is coming is it?
>that was the last straw for me
>"stop speaking to me like that"
>he looks at me like I've got two heads
>"like what?"
>"screaming your head off at me for every little thing, whether it's in my control or not, you've been treating me like that all day and I'm not ok with it"
>"what did you just say?"
>"I said I'm not ok with it"
>he looks dead at me
>"what are you going to do about it?"
>at this point I'm actually afraid, we're on some rural road with nothing around and there was nothing I could do
>he turns around silently and keeps driving
>I start tearing up
>cover my face and try to play it off as being tired
>do final drop and maintain composure
>hold it together for the 2 hour drive home
>as soon as I get back to the yard I jump on my motorbike and go, don't go to the debrief or anything
>get back home and cry my eyes out

I honestly don't know what to do, I'm not sure I even want to go back after all the abuse I had to suffer today
Is this supposed to be an NF general?
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Talk to your boss and tell him you cant do the job with that maniac...

I feel bad for you anon.. here have a pepe

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Why don't you smile anymore, Anon?
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I just dont want to anymore. I have always been expected to be happy and care free but the more i try and be happy the more i get mad about it.
because I don't need to
Give me a reason to smile

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Are you afraid of dying? How do you think non existence feels like?
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When you watch a movie, do you spend 90 minutes worrying about the credits?

Just enjoy it while you can, faggot
What's its like to go to sleep and never wake up?

Well what's it like to wake up from never going to sleep?

Thats when you were born.

Enjoy the ride of suffering
That picture implies that consciousness exists outside human form

Is it possible that we ll wake up again after death?

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beta uprising.png
2MB, 1275x666px
The beta uprising continues, god bless this man.
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he should have shoot up a school.
Well I guess he was too old to kill his classmates.
Fantastic. I really needed a new shooter with a big online footprint. Pretty low score though.

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>born with decent height, decent looks
>have speech impediment
>always get called special needs even though i'm not fuckin' retarded
>could have been chad
>instead everyone looks at me like i'm mentally challenged and laughs at me

Is this true pain?
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>have speech impediment

I kent spek no weal
Being scottish doesnt mean you have a speech impediment though

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>Meet qt weeb girl in class
>Get along great with her, have same interests
>Try to avoid friendzone, make it clear I'm interested in her
>Get rejected
>"I just got out of a relationship"
>Stay out of orbit, but remain friendly toward her
>She gets a new bf
>Chang Thunderwang
>Chang also does MMA
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Just invite her over and get her really drunk. Then just start fucking her (with or without consent it doesnt matter) to show her your dick is better than Chad's.
>Stay out of orbit, but remain friendly toward her

lmao you fucked yourself over
Just point out you advantages againt thunderdick, make her pussy secretly wet invite to party share some drinks start talking at her being very open the OP picture comes tru

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Am I the only one who thinks 99% of porn is disgusting? I just can't watch it anymore it makes me sick, and I feel like shit after I fap to it
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i dont really like porn either.

i'm the guy who blows his load to the first 5 minutes of a porn (when their clothed and foreplaying) and peace out.
I agree OP, porn is complete crap. Watching paid whores fucking or looking at a cartoon some virgin autist drew is just pathetic and depressing.
I'm a girl (female) and I can't get into irl/3d porn. I can for real only get off to doujins if I wanna masturbate to porn, honestly!

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>parents send me to a center where i do activities and group therapy with people with mental issues
i should not be here lads, im just a hikikomori and they are insane af

also no qts and we have one fucking chad who became crazy because weed
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I wish I had a chance to go to a place like that.

Hiki is a mental disorder.
my parents just sent me into sports pretty seriously. i became chad after a few years. still get episodes of anxiety, fantasizing about weird shit, and hating everybody like a good little edgy faggot, but i can always go back to friends, my wife, a fun job, i can travel etc.

have no way of comparing but if you don't learn to be functional now i'm guessing you'll regret it. even if you're born to be mentally retarded and alone you'll never know what life would be like if you had looked for a place to fit in. socializing and sharing your life with people are skills like anything else.
What are you doing here you normie piece of shit?

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TFW have to work at 3am in the morning
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How many do you earn to get ready to work at 3?
probley a over night stocker at a store.
Knew a guy who worked in a lab that came to work at that time.

I've always worked night shifts since I had the opportunity to. Love watching normies scuttle to work in the morning when I am just getting home.

Love being an observer to the hustle and bustle but not a part of it.

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So what do you guys think about lsd?
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It's fun but if you're in a bad place in your life it can bring out your worst fears and insecurities and manifest them into a horrible trip.
I haven't tripped in a while though.
Ever have any bad trips?
Only had one and it was terrible but definitely manageable even tho I was in public
Really great, makes anything fun. Even bad trips are informative, you just have to remind yourself (I keep a piece of paper near myself) that you are on drugs and nothing bad can happen unless you get paranoid, but you don't get paranoid, because you have the paper to remind you (inb4 "OMG but what if you would think it was faked or smtg" that's not how drugs work, you just get high not crazy)

Just don't do it more than once every two weeks, preferably once a month. It makes your brain into a sponge, just ruins the experience and builds up tolerance fast as fuck

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Sex position edition

Fembots who have had sex: which position is your favorite and why?

Fembots who haven't had sex: which position seems the best and why?

Robots: just do your beta thing
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people always talk how missionary is the least lewd position but that kind of missionary is the lewdest thing

it's the best tho
>Fembot thread
>Lewd op

I wonder who's behind this
>Robots: just do your beta thing
Don't mind if I do

Femanons, reminder that you are all beautiful and lovely human beings

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How we doing?

It's Friday night here in Aus and I'm so relieved. It's been a long week.
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>26 khv
>no friends

It's Friday morning in the US and I'm teetering on the edge of suicide.
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i always wanted to try being a femboy but i waited too long and now my hairline is receding

and ive spent the past 8 years working at arby's
Still incredibly despondent over my oneitis breaking up with me.

On the plus side, I have been eating healthier and exercising and have lost fat and noticed increased muscle mass, so thats cool. Even my face looks better because of less fat.

Trying to improve my life, possibly to try and get the ex back but even if that doesn't happen it will improve things for me.

Waiting for the next semester to start, transferring to my old university and gonna get an apartment so I am not out in the boonies with my parents and nothing to do, will be around old friends and (coincidentally) near the ex.
Worried about my dads health though, he is in his early 80's and not doing the best on some days, heart issues and parkinsons, but atleast his mind is still good.

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