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>tfw your last gf was the irl interpretation of Mugi
>just kill me already senpai
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>tfw no rich eyebrow gf
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irl mugi.png
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please kill me and nuke my city fampai, i deserve it
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post what you're listening to maybe

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Probably not original

love the doo doo doo doo-doo doo doo

but the guitar is nice and comfy too
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>Chronic Depression doesn't go away. You can only lessen the symptoms a bit and that's it. It'll never really go away. There is no cure.

Why live? I have felt like shit almost everyday since I remember myself. This is probably genetic too, as I have suicides, others with depression and mental hospitalizations in my family. I can't have kids because they'll probably have this too.

Anyway how are you holding up depressedbots?
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I've been in therapy for the past year and a half, on meds. Been doing okay, but tonight is one of those nights.

How are you doing OP?
All you can really do is hope some good times roll around.

I usually try to drown myself in coffee to put myself in this hyped up manic state. Makes me anxious, but better than feeling low and unmotivated.
*hug* I know how you feel. I recently reached rock bottom. Realized that what I want I'll never have. Because any kid I have will be screwed up as me. It hurts.

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I want to kill myself
Make me do it
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Only you can do it.

What you're asking is for us to kill you.

Don't be such a pathetic coward for once in your life.

What the hell is wrong with you anyway?
basically everything except I'm not physically deformed
Do you fap to gay porn and imagine you're taking a big black cock?

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Is having a 2D Waifu degenerate?
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it all depends on who you are
No having a 3D one is.

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>late at night, need to take a piss
>step out into your backyard
>see this

what do?
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Why would I be going into my backyard to piss?
Kick it directly in the testicles as hard as I can and go back inside.

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>be me, haven't fucked in a while
>girl messages me on tinder asking what i'm doing the next night
>tell her i have a free house and that she should come over
>meet her the next day at the station and bring her back to mine
>we smoke some weed and chill for a bit
>i go to the toilet for a piss
>walk out to her snorting all my coke in one big line
>she starts bugging out cause it's good stuff she isn't used to
>she tells me her life story about how she's a drug addicted, formerly sectioned girl who fucks people for their coke
>tells me more about her child hood, abusive parents
>i'm trying to get her to fuck off cause i'm pissed and she's a disgusting person with skin like a sponge
>keeps telling me about her life and about how many guys she fucks, more stories about shit going wrong when she steals coke off them
>starts dancing like a retard in front of me
>asks my to fuck her, i say no cause you're a skanky whore
>she gets pissed and starts crying
>chains smokes all her cigarettes in my room
>still refusing to leave she's too fucked
>finally convince her by pissing her off
>asks me to show her the closest pub
>point her in the direction and fuck off back to mine
>mfw i invited a stealing drug addict into my home
>mfw all i wanted to do was bang a girl
>mfw she told me she's going to kill herself next year
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where u from? send her my way
just call a prostitute, it'll be much cheaper
>Show her the nearest pub
Off to go find some more drugs and/or dick?

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Resident r9k rapper here with another track for you guys, this one is about that feeling you get when you do not have a qt girlfriend, enjoy this shit!


Also I'm still looking for someone to draw the cover for the mixtape, where are my lazy artists at!?
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I would buy that shit, if you put it up in itunes or spotify I would support it.
give up on your dreams, you're garbagio

Yeah I'm thinking about making a patreon or something so I can up my equipment.

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>Look down
>See this
What is the first thing you do?
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> Make a thread on /b/ and send nudes to whoever rolls a 6969
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become qt
I become a dominatrix specialized in cuckolding and black men then score a contract for life on blacked (tm).

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Anyone else have a thing for minor imperfections in women, be it bad hair, slight under/overweightness, poor taste in clothes, etc? I think it lends them a sort of exoticness when in addition to something conventionally desirable, like a nice body or a cute face.

If there's some deeply-rooted psychological conundrum at work here, pls tell.

Posting this thread for the second time. Archived in twelve minutes with four comments.
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i do too but its nothing i can name off its more like i hust dont see why people like women like kate upton and stuff with "perfect tits" "fat ass" etc

i dont like cow tits and like petite pale women
I knew this chick who was smoking hot but someone busted a tall beer mug, the big ones, with the handle, over her head. She had seven or eight scars on the left side of her face. It was hot. Plus this other chick I knew was missing half of her pinky. Hot too, but not as hot as scarface.
Half pinky walked with a limp too. Pretty hot.

File: 1494800018860.png (52KB, 596x739px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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thousands of progress and heritage and you just had to destroy it to make a few bucks

I fucking hate white people
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Hi fellow blackbot :))
what do you mean by "thousands of progress and heritage"
what unit of measure are you using here that there are thousands of?
File: 1494801202724.png (397KB, 735x635px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Cry about it bitch. We own you and we own yourwomen.

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>be 20yo female
>no friends
>never had a bf
>somehow i cant be a robot because "men" on 4chan say shit like "ill be your gf so you cant be a robot XDDDD"
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You are friendless and don't have a boyfriend because you choose to not have friends or a boyfriend.

Robots don't get to choose.
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Because anytime someone says "fembot here" we know they're full of shit.
she could be susan boyles child

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Rejected by the 1000th girl today. What do you do when every single girl you've ever liked has rejected you in your life?

inb4 "kill yourself, become gay, become trap" etc
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You've been counting? greentext it
just do this.
No I wasn't being literal with that number, I was just making a point that I've been rejected so many times I've lost count and it feels like it's been a thousand times.

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How many times have you tried to fix your life? What did you do and how long did it last?

I'm 26,been a NEET for 10 years and I've tried to fix my life 3-4 times, I'm on my 4th attempt. At college learning electronics engineering and plan to stick through it.

What are your plans robots?
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I'm going to start tomorrow I swear
What do you have planned?

>tfw you were born to early to have a nice apartment in space

I wanna kms now.

File: Maximum disapprove.jpg (281KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Maximum disapprove.jpg
281KB, 1024x768px
>Finally get gf for the first time
>She is a shy sheltered qt from the countryside, ignorant of a lot of modern world's degeneracy and with only 2 friends

>One of these friends is an asslicking orbiter obviously interested in her
>Don't mind it, I trust her and love her, so I guess it's fine if she has a friend

>He keeps touching her hair, buying her meals and even invited her to eat
>Try to not get "jealous" because I trust her and love her :)

>Everytime I say something moderately offensive about him she gets all pissed, if I am not nice to him when he asks me something she gets mad, if I say that he is interested in her she goes all "no anon he's just like my lil' bro ;)"

>For some odd reason, this fucking fag shows me a passage of Thus Spoke Zarathustra that said something like "Women can't be friends, only enemies or lovers" completely out of the blue
>"W-what did he mean by this? haha"

>She keeps bringing him up when we are together, she keeps saying nice things about him

Why must it be like this?
I really trust and love her, I opened my heart to her, I try not to be a "jealous and controlling" shit, and this is what comes out of it?
Am I supposed to just sit around and wait until I go from being a beta idiot to an actual cuck?

I am going to straight up tell her to either ditch her fucking friend or just end this relationship, I bet that fucking fag and his friends think I am an idiot for allowing this to go on for so long.
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I've been in this situation before. I told her how I was feeling, that I was having a hard timing trusting her, giving explicit examples of her behavior.
Then I broke it off and never spoke to her again despite her pestering. Don't give in anon, don't be a cuck, and don't reward her shitty behavior. The best you can do is care for yourself, and hope you imprinted a positive lesson on her for the next anon she webs.
Shit test.
Give her ultimatum.
If she chooses him, drop her without question or hesitation.
Be an alpha or be a cuck. Decide.
>sheltered and ignorant
There's your issue. As soon as they become aware they go full slutmode worse than girls raised into it. What you need is a girl who knows how things are and is actively disgusted by it and rejects this way of life. Unfortunately that's practically a unicorn.

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