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Honestly imagine how great life could be if there were no Jews to fuck everyone over. They have done insurmountable damage to America and the western world.
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Yup but they lost, so that world never happen.
I think about it all the time. Semites and their religions are the worst.
jews are superior to whites, hence why they are the ones in every single position of power

you should stop being an angsty and jealous cuckold about not being part of the master race, cumskin

Would it be okay to have a painting of THE HUNGRY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR on my bedroom wall?
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aww yes, just do it. It will bring colorful to your wall :)
That's a real nigga book fuvking do it
Hungry caterpillar is patrician.

Looking at that fucker makes the feels go away

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>Forced into a group for a project
>with 2 females
>I'm sandwiched between them
>seize up like a little bitch and talk as little as possible
>One girl says "Are you always this stuck up"
After class wanted to die so much and was trying to avoid having an attack.
Why are women so cruel?

Feel free to share similar stories
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Autistic aloofness makes you appear stuck up and condescending. I know because I have the same problem
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What exactly did she mean by this though? That you look nervous or just an asshole?
>Are you always this stuck up
Is this what they think? I thought they thought I was just autistic, so this feels slightly better if they think I'm aloof.

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I'm trying to go 5 whole HOURS without eating, anyone have any tips for me?
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Take a shower. Hit the weights. Have sex. Get a clue.
Eat a meal full of fibre to help you stay full longer.
Go to sleep

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

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ITT we discuss virginity.

Are you virgin?

If so, what age?

How did you become virgin?

Do you have any sexual experience at all?

Do you believe you will ever overcome virginity?

If so, how?

If no, why?

My answers:

> Yes
> 29
> Yes, kissed, made out, got dick sucked, all of it more than 10 years ago :(
> No.
> Too much virgin anxiety to ever be confident with women at my age.
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>I was born a virgin, obviously.
>Probably not. Maybe I'll get very lucky, but I doubt it.
>I'm too introverted, lazy and selfish. At this point I think that getting a gf would be too much of a hassle. Lately I barely keep in contact with the few friends I have.
Oh wow op is an older virgin than me.

I'm 28. Usually feels like I'm the oldest virgin in virgin threads.
Are you virgin?
If so, what age?
How did you become virgin?
uhm i was born virgin
Do you have any sexual experience at all?
Do you believe you will ever overcome virginity?
yes, bc i'ma girl
If so, how?
i'm not ugly

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What are your Secrets /r9k/. Maybe you'll feel better if you tell someone.
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I neetpost all the time but lowkey depressed I cant be a normal bluepilled wagie and float through life
Yeah, there was a time I thought being a 'working stiff' -what we used to call them, would have been a bad end for someone 'special' like me, but now... I kinda feel like I missed the boat.
I only make LARP-posts.
*BRAP*-posting is my favourite

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Where have all the good women gone?
Look at all the sassy, sofisticated, solvent robots on r9k struggling to find women who measure up.
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I would aggressively face fuck Laura until she got a brain aneurism and died, still with my cock punching out her medulla. Fuck yea, whores.
Women are the ones ultimately in control of who gets selected. The women lure the men who lure her.

But honestly if you're not going your own way at this point, hope for you is lost and I have no sympathy if you die unsatisfied
>all of them over 40
lmao wow, i'm 32 and I don't date over 25. I couldn't even imagine what it's like to date over 30.

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How do I take advantage of my youth and beauty to find a man who:

> makes $100k +
> is Christian
> Is White, Latino, or Hapa
> doesn't do drugs or drink
> Isn't a degenerate
> Is intelligent
> fully likes me, adores me, is a beta bux
> Isn't morbidly obese or horrible looking

I want a Beta bux who adores me and wants to please me. That is literally my dream man. I would be so happy. I wouldn't abuse him, I would just love him back.
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Post a face pic and prove that you actually have the beauty first. If you're a virgin honestly just start looking for sugar daddies
No no I am not going to post pics here, sorry. I am a KHV but I don't want a sugar daddy. I want a full blown husband. In my area, $100k isn't even enough to support a family, rent is over $3000 a month for a house, and I don't live in San Francisco or NYC.
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Ballbusting couple thread: drunk again edition

We're a man and wife who have been into ballbusting i.e. Hitting the husband in the balls for fun and pleasure, for 9 years now. Come and get kinky with us!!
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have u ever see ufo
File: IMG_0070.jpg (80KB, 640x692px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No, my late cousin claimed to see one but in pretty sure it was a stealth bomber from an air force base
/soc/ threads belong on /soc/.
Of course you knew that by now but you're drunk.

can you beat my high score?
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Original comment i swear

You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not original.

Just let me post it.
whats the fucking link asshole
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I got a perfect 27 loser! I beat you! Easy test too!

>Morning Fembot, how do you want your eggs?
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>how do you want your eggs?

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/r9k/ is pretty slow right now
Let's have a /comfy/ thread
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I usually don't go for this artist but for whatever reason this really does it for me. i would do incredibly lewd things to those feet
fuck footfaggots
It was just a random picture that I figured would get people to post here

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Are you a redditor? Were you ever a redditor? Confess your sins, robots.
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with thousands of subreddits it's impossible not to find one that you are interested in

it's like 8ch but more populated
tried it for like a month but they reuse the same phrases/catchphrases over and overagain. im surprised no one gets tired of it. and the passive aggressiveness on the website is off the charts
Yep. Found out about reddit because of this place years ago. I just browse the headlines though because the comments are garbage and usually just lame jokes. /r/geopolitics is actually interesting though.

Ask a guy who's been to Antarctica anything. I've also sailed to other cool places too.
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>Ask a guy who's been to Antarctica anything. I've also sailed to other cool places too.
what's your job? how do I get into this?
Us coast guard and all ya gotta go is pass boot camp and get lucky. we got two polar rollers right now, mines in dry dock. I'm a non rate on polar star deck force so i steer the ship, lookout, special sea, chill with penguins. Its all luck of the draw getting put in ice breakers but the good news is were building a ton of new ones soon. First new one will launch 2020 so that means more billets for ice breakers.
>the good news is were building a ton of new ones soon. First new one will launch 2020 so that means more billets for ice breakers.
what company is building them, can you post a link?

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I'm starting to swallow the trap/femboi/cuteboi pill. Where would I be able to find a cute boy that wants to suck eachother off? Women are out of my league and my dick is going crazy, what do?
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/r9k/, of course

This place is filled with us
Maybe I can find a gaybot on zeemaps? Where's the /r9k/ zeemaps if you could point me to it?
Oh, dang. I've seen it posted before, but I don't have it saved. You could try searching an archive for it, though. Or maybe someone else will come and post it

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