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Is using baby wipes instead of toiler paper redpilled?
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It's a great way to wreck your plumbing. I don't know about anything else.
I know this sounds weird, but I spit on my toilet paper. Gives the same moist, lubricated wipe that improves cleaning and reduces irritation to the anus.

It's not that strange of a concept when you consider that some animals, like cats, like their butt holes clean. Can't be that wrong, can it?
>not using toilet paper then washing your asshole

Do Americans stick because of only using tp?

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Slowly becoming worried about the gf's anxiety issues.

She's always been very anxious and keeps apologising about everything. Half the time I'm not sure what she's apologising for, she takes every comment or reaction as potentially negative and immediately apologises. At the slightest hint of negative reaction (real or imagined) she'll keep apologising and asking if I'm not angry for the rest of the day, even though I'm a laid back guy and pretty much never get angry.

Recently it got so bad that she's been running her every communication (work e-mails, texts to her mum...) and damn near every life decision by me to make sure she's not causing offence. One time I genuinely didn't have the time to give my okay to an e-mail to her boss asking for some clarification about some stuff and she spent the weekend crying about being a bother to me and being useless.

Any hints on how to put her at ease?
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iktf buddy. except I get mad after a while if she won't believe me when I say that it's allright and then we start fighting for a few days. haven't got it figured out yet
maybe have her read feeling good by david burns and do the exercises in it. it's basically diy cognitive behavioral therapy. you can find a pdf of it on google.
Fuck off this board you dumb ass nigger nobody wants you normies here!

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What's in you porn folders robots?
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You store yours on Google Drive?
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All I have is a subpar Tay folder
I can use it on desktop,phone and work laptop so its cross platform porn and no one will find it

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You mean to tell me that there are billions of women in the world, and there's no one out there for me?

Fuck off.
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Yours just so happened to be an aids riddled nigger in Africa that died on the streets.
I would never tell you such thing.
no one out there for any body. you have to earn one or invest in other matters.

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/b/ has been overrun by a copypasta that's worse than the banana and Andy Sixx combined. R9K has no reposts (excluding images), so this is the perfect place to escape.
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Go away /b/
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I'll post some stuff throughout the day if this thread stays alive
Whats the pasta

Niggas be like
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I got trust issues
Hashtag Boss
One deep, you feel me

I feel that as a man I'm receiving more and more social pressure in western socities. Every year the manlet limit is raised by half an inch, the required muscle size is raised, and 8 inches is now the minimum penis size.
At least this is how things seem to have developed if you believe people on social media.

Guess what, fuckers? This beta loser is moving to Japan. In Japan I'm suddenly not a manlet anymore. As a matter of fact, I'll be taller than most men there. I won't be a dicklet anymore either, and my dick will impress most women in Japan. My "autism" will be blurred away by immense cultural differences and the language barrier.

In Japan everything will magically work out.

On image boards people are generally just trying to convince themselves that I'm inferior to them. Good luck with that. Just keep wallowing in your low self-esteem that stems from modern feminism, as I'll be the king of Osaka by the year 2018.
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>Every year the manlet limit is raised by half an inch, the required muscle size is raised, and 8 inches is now the minimum penis size.
You know these are all memes just because it gets a reaction out of people insecure about their dick size & height right?

No one actually considers 6'+ with an 8 inch dick to be the bare minimum except for those who take shitposters at face value.
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where the fuck is that arm grabing the left chicks tit from 0.o

Women grow more demanding by the day.

Women are insatiable demanding machines. Not even they know what they want next.

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>psychiatrist tells me to stop drinking

Well fuck you too mr. faggot.
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>psychiatrist tells me I can't drink in the office
>Going to the shrink
How's it feel to be on a shit list
>Insurance will be higher
>Insurance may be refused
>Employers can refuse
>Landlords can refuse
>Harder to leave country
>Forced medication (even if your fine)
>Forced hospitalization (even if your fine)
>Unwanted side effects
>Long lasting side effects
>Permanent organ damage
>On a watch list for nut bars
>Barred from owning firearms
plus a ton of other things that come from a visit to the pill pushing Jew.
Why do you always push a visit to them as the cure all when it just amplifies your problems and creates new ones??

i reverse shrinked my shrink, coolest guy ever, now he's getting famous off his ideas we formulated in our think tank and son i am so hella fucking proud of him

Daily reminder that BLACK wombs belong to WHITE men. Never forget.
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Nothing sexier than a white cock in-between thick black thighs
>that nose
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Where are you from OP? Are there many chocolate qts there?

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1483720007560 (1).jpg
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answer honestly femanons
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No, and certainly not with a black guy. They're ugly and that penis looks hella painful.
just to see what it feels like. only once though
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>ever wanting to fuck sub-human filth
Being impaled on a lance would be more pleasant.

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This is honestly the most pathetic shithole of incessant insecure pussies on the entire internet. What on earth makes you retards voluntarily keep coming to this place? How much of a fucking faggot do you even have to be to be an /r9gay/ regular? Asking honestly. Why are you such a gigantic fucking pussy? I literally don't understand why anyone would choose to dwell in this faggothole.
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It's entertaining

i like to laugh at gaybots and feel good that i'm in a much better position than they are
>decides to participate by creating a thread
Surely, you jest about not understanding. Your post's existence is an exercise in irony.

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First the normies took our teenhood and ruined our formative years.

Then they took our internet and ruined our board culture.

Now they've taken our anime. It's over bros, just fucking end it all.
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So, now you have to go outside and find a girlfriend.
Are there any good alternatives to nyaa?
Fuck, I noticed one of my torrents randomly went red this morning, I guess that was why. What's the story? Feds?

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what the fuck do i do with my life
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I've walked this godforsaken rock for a couple of twists and I'm still trying to figure it out lad.

Do drugs watch porn shitpost and waste away your dopamine receptors
I'll tell you when I find out. 26 year old NEET here.

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>mom and dad try telling me i would be less "tense" if i had a girlfriend
>tell them i dont want one and im not queer
>in reality its because 1. i like being alone because it airs my head out and 2. there is only one of pic related out there

why live guys?
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kek u loser
Is Rose really a girl (female)?
>mom and dad try telling me i would be less "tense" if i had a girlfriend
>i don't even have my own room
>i have almost no privacy
yeah, no

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So you're between 5'10" and 6'4"...

How the fuck do you even dare to be a virgin still? How dare you to be tall enough to go through life on easy mode, and still squander your blessings.

What the fuck is your excuse even?

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How tall are you and why are you still a virgin?
File: 1492868685212.jpg (27KB, 386x401px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw 6'5
Does that mean im allowed to be a virgin?
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Succubi shall not have my seed

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