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>you will never be this happy about something
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>tfw no negro anus licking slave

why the fuck did our cuck ancestors end slavery
So this is why chad takes all those volunteering trips to africa. Fuck this shit.
i wouldn't want them slaves dirty pick n innies

our ancestors were stupid to bring them here as slaves because now america has a nigger problem. if they didn't bring them here they'd be like all other races (besides mexicans since they share such a close border) but the only ones that could get to america from africa would be the smartest ones. so basically we'd have like no niggers here and hte ones we did have here would be the outlier smart one much like indian doctors or w/e.

fuck niggers tbqh.

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You fags seem to be a bunch of kissless virgins and I feel for you. I used to be there too.

I made this for you robots.
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Is this because of the thread I made yesterday?
That was actually pretty good but the punchline was more drawn out than it should have been, you could have accomplished the same joke in half the time.
I don't think so, if it's still up, link it so I can check out out.

Thank you stranger, I'm still working on my delivery, it's all a work in progress.

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Tell me about the Asian guy you know. How does he act?? :3
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Me: like a faggot
What is the story behind this picture. Their faces look photoshopped as fuck
Hey bb. What's up. Got an Asian bf yet??

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Disclaimer: This is NOT a Rate Me thread.

Let's see the most autistic picture you can find. It can be one you took or one that was taken of someone you know. If it's one of you, even better.

I'll start us off with something I took about an hour ago.
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You look like a fat faggot. You look like everything Robert Mitchum is not.
Then I've started the thread correctly.

Now, let's see some autism.

To be fair, I get about the same reaction anywhere else I post this.
You look like a special needs jontron

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What would you do if you found out your "pure" wife did this?
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I would be pissed.
how do you even break a hymen that's sewn shut?
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I'd be confused why there's a stitched up wound above the boipucci where the feminine penis should be.

What VPN does arcanine use? Currently using this one but they have a 500 MB cap, are there any better free ones out there?
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What's a good VPN for watching American netflix and American posting on /pol/?
Is that a phone VPN or is it on desktop too? Good for torrenting?

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Hello, I'm a straight male and I was recently trying to get into jerking it to traps. I like girls who are skinny with small tits who "look like boys" as some chubby chaser anons say it, but I just can't bring myself to jerk off to trap porn. I've tried multiple times and I just can't do it, some of them are hot and stuff I guess, I don't really like anal though and the deep male voice makes it so I can't jerk off.

Anyone else have this problem? Anyone wanna try and prove me wrong?
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hwasa is thicc
Truth be told, I find traps being fucked by dudes disgusting. But traps fucking girls is a win fucking win.
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I've looked for this but have only ever found 1 video. Do you have any?

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If you don't shit in your pants at least once a week, then you are a normie who is not welcome here.
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>anime meme
>making some bizzare post

Can't even tell with your bunch if it's serious or not
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Today, I shit in a pair of Levi's 514 jeans. What pants did you soil, normie?
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but i dont want join the super exclusive shit-in-my-pants club anon

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I now understand why people choose to use lube for long term edging.
6 hours on this bad boy and going.
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I've never needed lube when edging, my man. Is that thing circumcised or something
It's a clean cut. Do you normally get this dry?
>6 hours on this bad boy and going
First time that picture has made me laugh. Here's your (you)

Favorite malt liquor?

Mines Mickeys but I just found out it has a low abv at 5.6% so I'm thinking of switching.
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probably mickeys too. it's expensive though since it's only sold at the local poojew corner store. oe is a good value, though. 2 for like $3.80 is really acceptable.
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grocery store sake
I know it's not real malt liquor but it's good. no real hangover too
>live in australia
>no malt liquor

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Medium-difficulty mode (yellow countries) thread.

>People think easy mode country robots are real robots
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It's not easy being a robot / NEET in Romania. The wages are shit, but the neetbux are even worse. The living costs might be low but you're gonna have to spend the next 15 years of your life in offices to get approved by this shitty backward corrupt bureaucracy.

I don't think 50 euro worth of neetbux are worth it.
There are no NEETbux in Colombia, my man.
It's such a foreign notion to me.
Simply put, you work or you become a hobo.
It's probably much easier to get a gf as a slav then as a corean

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Karma scares me. The idea that my actions could come back to bite me in terrible, permanent and or unforeseeable ways terrifies me, even though I don't consider myself a particularly bad person.
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>What if the Christians are right and I'm going to hell?
Then just don't do anything evil and you'll be fine
Either the thought of me becoming even more of a depressed sack of shit or God being real. I'm not scared of God because if he is real then all my beliefs are meaningless but instead I am scared of going to hell for not being able to believe. I have tried but I just fucking can't.

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Why is Ash best girl?

>ywn lick her beautiful italian feet
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i just want her to be my gf!
>Why is Ash best girl?
Because shes an insane whore so she is really easy to laugh at.
Id gf her desu though
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because she has big boobies!!!

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>Literally haven't been able to stop thinking about this girl for weeks now
>I could tell she liked me when we first started talking, but she's now being way more distant
>Confess my feeling to her, telling her that I've like her, and thanking her for being such a good friend
>She responds with "Np, thanks for being such a good friend too"
What did she mean by this

pic unrelated
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>>I could tell she liked me when we first started talking,
you're too naive to say that anon.
You're right I guess, it just seemed like she liked me man, she was opening up to me, calling me almost everyday to tell me how her day went, and just randomly she started losing interest in me.
u probably made a good impression, then you fucked it up

Would you ever meetup with a person from /r9k/?
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fuck that they'd probably try to stab me
Yeah, if I "knew them" on another medium for at least a year. Or if I was extremely drunk.

I'm also a lonely gross fag so throw my opinion in the trash.
Only if it's a hypersexual fembot with daddy issues.

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