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Help pls

> 20 yahren old neet
> pretty average guy in terms of actractivness
> i write for living
> have some degree of anxiety while aproaching females but nothing unusual
> have no problems having fun with girl for some time but whnever I want something more serious they refuse
> don't know why
> they say that I'm a type of guy that they can have fun with for some time and that I'm decent to strong 9 in terms of dicking but nothing serious
>this girl says that there's something "empty" about me

Whats wrong with me?
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Are you Scandinavian by any chance?
You have no personality. You're literally just a meme of a man.
Nope, Balkanigger. Why?

Females all live life on easy mo-
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she will grow up to be predator waifu
top kek nice try roastie but you and I both know even that thing could get open its legs and get Chad's cock
Her life would be easier than a man born with that condition. Not all females have as easy life as all males. There are males who are born as chad supremo, which have lives better than any female.

The average woman can get through life with far less effort than the average man. Pulling out edge cases, only proves this rule.

Ignoring her tumblr bullshit shes pretty qt. What do i say robros? This could be my one shot.
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Don't bother. She can smell your beta misogyny from here
Thats a man anon. If youre into that then go ahead
sup shortay

(if you're black)

Been texting pic related thanks to Craigslist. Married woman in her 20s with a toddler. She has an "open relationship" and wants me to creampie her. Should I go through with it?

At first I thought she was stunning but photos have since revealed numerous tattoos and a pierced clit which has highly dropped my opinion of her.
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Don't. She is a confirmed disgusting roastie with a horrible personality and only wants to give you some nasty unspeakable disease. Go find a chick at the library, they're usually qts and a much safer bet than that dumpster dive
Looks extremely trashy, wouldn't bang.
If you're waiting for a response that you want to hear, just go for it. Don't come crying back to us when you get a horrifying STD and a repulsive wife to top it off

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>haven't fapped in almost a week and my balls are starting to hurt and my dick is diamonds

How do I not cave in, guys?
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nofap is a meme
just do it anon
you know you want to
You can fap after iftari.

But I heard that not fapping increases your testosterone levels, which is really what I want. I'm gaining a bit of weight and I want to burn it off as much as possible.


Not sure what that means anon.

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Hello there Anon! What would you like?
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are you jimmy carrie/ ?
Finally, something that's not kona ice.
I haven't seen an icecream truck in forever, I used to love those sundae crunch things

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high test (2).jpg
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>put your head between my legs and lick my lips
She actually said that to me
I was more than happy to oblige
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> sorry Anon too fat
post more of this choker wearing titty monster
> lick my lips
>She actually said that to me

No she didn't you fucking virgin kek. Why would a girl want you to lick her labia? That would literally do nothing.

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Why are male Pornstars such bros?

Excluding Johnny Sins and James Deen
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Because they've realized that women are nothing more than useless holes to fuck.

They sympathize with the everyday man, because the everyday man struggles to get even a piece of pussy, while their job is literally nothing else but to fuck pussy.
A whore is a whore.
If there's any confusion. I'm talking about the male porn stars. They're just useless whores.

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I shaved my dick n' balls and ass, what have I done?
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you fucked up majorly man.
It was getting to be a hairy situation.
What're ya, gay or somethin?

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>this one time when I was in school, I was trying to walk down the stairs but three girls were sitting on them
>even though they knew I wanted to go down they didn't get the fuck of the way to let me pass
>I carefully put my foot on the only spot where there were stairs and...
>I fell down
>all the way down
>I hit my head with the wall as well
>the girls didn't even try to help me out, they just sat there holding in their laughter
>I get up in an even worse mood than I was in before
>(it was in the morning and I was always in a bad mood on the mornings)
>slowly walk to the classroom with my head hurting and an injured leg

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Who the fuck just sits in the middle of a staircase?
that never happens where you live?
it doesn't matter where I go there's ALWAYS people sitting on the fucking stairs!!!

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ITT, sad autistic stuff you do

>Be me
>23 years old
>Live alone and have no friends
>Imagine you have friends and imagine those friends loving you
>Daydream about that every day

your turn /r9k/
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to dead inside to dream
plan to the milisecond my interactions with my friends(multiple) who are grills. I literally read the Art of War and The Prince so I could better apply tactics to talking with girls.

t. demi-chad
I scream and hit walls
when people are around I scream inaudibly

Would you rather be 5'9 with a full head of hair and a beard or 6'2 but balding and baby faced?
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first one

manlets >>>> hairlets
5'9 is not that bad. i'm 5'7 and it doesn't bother me at all, manlet insecure is retarded if you're 5'7 or higher
Being bald will give me pussy shield, but being a manlet is aggravating even for a monk. Just fuck being a manlet in general.

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>That kid who always wore a speedo to swimming class
>that kid who spat chewed oreos everywhere at your lunch table.

My school was fucking weird.
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>that kid who was tall and had no friends
oh wait that's me
>that kid who knew how to climb huge trees
>that kid who made a bomb threat and got expelled and was never heard from again
>that kid who could do back flips and hand springs
>that kid who knew computers extremely well and built his own when he was 10
>that kid who died drunk driving
>that kid who always came up with the best ideas for pranks and would actually follow through with them
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>those two kids who invented a fighting game but stopped playing it when others started copying them
they're probably on 4chan now

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>tfw oneitis asked me to do homework for her
she doesn't even like and already has a Chad bf
I did it anyway
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Aim lower
Just why, you knew it was a mistake. WHY
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i want her to be happy
seeing her happy makes me happy

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>be phd student
>move overseas for a 1 year phd exchange thing at a renowed group in my area
>things start out ok
>institute is small and everyone is friends with everyone
>I'm introverted and don't like engaging with groups of people because I always end up being ignored and feeling awkward
>always respectful to other people, but avoid department parties and such because of that
>bring food from home because that's what I've always done, but in this place going to lunch with other people is expected
>don't have a facebook account, which seems to also be expected
>eventually people start avoiding me
>the people I share my office with don't even say hello to me or acknowledge my existence at all
>eventually can't take being treated like an underdog anymore and start working from home
>get depressed from being a ghost abroad who has to hide in his home to make life bearable
>can't work properly
>my advisor is always away
>he doesn't answer my e-mails and doesn't give a fuck about me, since he has so many students and I'm just here temporarily
>walking to the supermarket to buy cheap junk food has been my only source of joy in this place

And people said STEM was supposed to be robot friendly, you have to be an outgoing chad to get anywhere here as well
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You went to EU or US?

Also europe is decaying, it's not a meme. Fucking depressing to see
Welcome to Europe nigger. The continent of normies. Fembots don't exist here. If you didn't fit in with people in the robot central known as the US what chance do you think you have here.
What country? If it's Germany or the Netherlands then god save you during this year.

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