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>there's probably billions if not trillions of worlds with life in our universe
>mfw we'll never meet ayy robots
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>they all must follow the same rules of elemental matter as earth

probably just a bunch of chadliens and stacayys
Space: it's big. Really really big. You might think it's a long walk to the chemist but that's just peanuts compared to space.
>implying the greys and reptoids ain't just robots who want to make us hurt like them

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our community offers a new and welcoming atmosphere for arcanines without shitposting or circlejerking, we have a good amount of activity and robots talk about interesting topics, there are no bots or voice chat. we have strict rules about orbiting and attention seekers. lurkers, weebs, faggots and traplovers are welcome - bullies, shitposters and normies stay OUT.

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Veggie veggie, veggie dish.
Weggie weggie, weggie butt.
come to our server
-strict orbiting policy
-kewl bots

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>jerked off to ex's pics again
>we broke up two years ago

I-is this normal bros?
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I ran into my ex at my sisters graduation
Long story short I'm drunk now
You're not alone, I project my fetishes into fantasies with my exes. One of them gives me feels (aka the most recent one) but the other 2 i can still get off to. They also had a lesbian relationship for about a month so that was hot to think about.
What if I keep masturbating to them another two years bro. Someone pls tell me I'll get over her and won't need to fap to them in the future

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I dont know the difference between am and pm. its sometimes the reason im late for work.
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Am: A Morning!
Pm: Past Morning!!!
it's a dumb invention for brainlets who can't count past twelve that actually just complicates everything for no reason
use military time
How fucking autistic are you? Jesus Christ.

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>browse 4chan
>browse 4chan
What has my life become?
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replace one 4chan session with a workout.
don't do it op it will be bad because you will have to exercise forever or you'll get fat.
i gained some muscle exercising but i stopped so i got fatter than i was.
Just do drugs or drink until you have the balls to quit or off yourself
Best advice
haha what, he didn't say to eat like a fat fuck

Is this what roasties think about?
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> roasties
> think

pick one and only one
I can only imagine how sad your life is to screenshot that.
what a develish deed

>working in rich part of city
>been digging a trench and putting pipes in this house
>lots of people walking by all day
>mostly women in clean clothing, shopping and laughing with their friends
>For some reason it irks me
>it bothers me a lot
>I've been working all my life and things have been steadily improving but my body is fucked up
>mfw I see these plastic, sleek, clean people enjoying life
>mfw working my ass off all week for a fraction of what they make

It just fills me with hate and bitterness and I know its wrong, they didnt choose to be born into that life, I'm sure they worked hard aswell

I just get so angry, its like I'm being mocked or something

Why do I feel this way?
my life is decent
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>cute anime girl anime stories.jpg
are you new?
Women are snobby selfish, immature and narcissist they live life on easy mode. The life of the average white western female is like paradise is men could experience the same thing. Limitless supply of favor, opposite gender love, everyone caters to you. You are like a goddess among peasants. And those women no doubt thought they were superior to you, they never question though the men who built the civilization around them.
same OP. I despise those rich women, shopping and laughing. they don't know anything about real suffering, hunger, embarassment, sorrow, etc. they're narcisstic, stuck up, and at the most, will believe you're inferior, most just ignore you though. they won't even register you as a person, just a part of the scenery. they'll only see rich, 6'4 chad as a person.

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what are you stuffing into your fat fucking face right now? also r8 my snack
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come at me you virgin faggots
my gf and her daugher made these for me and the boys for the basketball game yesterday, this is just the leftovers, been snacking on them all day!

Those are 7 layer broneis and whoopie pies
i just finished a sonic shake- chocolate banana shake. it was great.
Why chicken nuggies of course. They are tendies' slightly less attractive sister.

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austismo anime.jpg
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Join my Comfy Discord
I have only a few people on this server I have and want some more people to join.
I've never hosted a server before so be kind.
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I-I can't seem to join anon
ok but your server is fucking stupid. come to our server
>strict orbiting policy
>kewl bots
>no traps
>>no traps


Are reverse traps gay? Like if the girl looks like a guy but still a girl
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No then it's just sexy originalario
Are traps gay?

The answer to that question should be the opposite to the answer to your question.
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> looks like a guy
>being attracted to boys

yeah it's fucking gay

Why is everyone obsessed by sex ?
I have few friends, most of them are failed normies or 95% normies. They almost constantly talk about sex and seem to be unable to live without it. Why is that so ? What is this obsession of people for sex ?
Any other robots /notinterestedinsex/ here ? I haven't fapped for years and don't feel the need to. I don't consider it an important thing in my life but how come it is in most people lives ?
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Having sex is almost like taking drugs. It's an endorphin rush that is incredibly pleasurable, it's also even addictive. I think about sex every night and day, still can't find a gf so the sexual frustration makes it worse, I just keep thinking about something I want but can't have.
you're asexual. congrats, you can live your life without this curse.
Shut up virgin fuck off

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I want to fuck a gooses ass
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Do it.
They rape each other every time they breed. Is it really rape if it's natural/normal in the first place?
your homework today is to have a really imaginative masturbation session in which you work out the erotic intricacies of fucking a goose in the ass
If you're bringing this up at all, surely you don't mind elaborating? I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that more details are needed.

Do you desire to just fuck a goose? Are you going to take it to dinner first? Do you have any requirements as to the sex of the goose?

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Is a shotgun the best way to go? seems pretty painless as long as it isnt aimed under the chin
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just use a handgun, shotguns are overkill
>not wanting to be sure
Fuck off
Please don't add to gun death statistics.

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How to hide the smell of this candle? I'm not smoking now cuz im gonna play some osrs and do 2 grams of cocaine +beer, i live with my sister only, but she's pregnant and sensitive asf
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Just take a damn nature walk and smoke it. If you're really determined to smoke it indoors, lock yourself in the bathroom, turn the fan on, blow the smoke into the fan, then take a long hot shower. That cleans the smell out fast. Block the bottom of the door with a towel.
Go outside? Light a candle? Put a fan in your window blowing out? Put a wet towel under your door? If it's your house tell your sister to fuck off and be pregnant somewhere else?
1. Load a one hitter
2. Get a towel or very dark colored t-shirt damp
3. Suck the entire hit in, make sure there's no smoke coming out of it
4. Blow the smoke through the rolled up towel/t-shirt

And stay the fuck away from cocaine.

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who /autistic/ here?
>be me
>diagnosed with autism todat
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I've never been diagnosed, but deep inside I know that I'm autism.
Big mistake. Having this in your papers is gonna fuck you over 'till the rest of your days. You were better off being viewed as an awkward idiot.
shit sucks, its probably good that you got diagnosed as an adult, cuz you would probably be in sped classes if you got it diagnosed as a child

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