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I've been NEET from age 16 to 19.

I'm going to feel really bad in a few years if I don't sort this out aren't I?
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I've been NEET from age 14 to 22.

I don't feel bad.
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Consider yourself lucky to have ascended to the ultimate form of being at such a young age.
how do you feel now about being neet?

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Your thoughts on this brapper?
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Flat as a pancake

looks like the guy from metalocalypse
op was clearly talking abt the girl to the left retard

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Do any of you guys get up really early in the morning? If so, what does your routine consist of?
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>Get up
>Wageslave as a pizza vendor
>Rush out the door to avoid the ragie wagies during rush hour
>Fill up my company's pizzas at Walmart's, Hananford's, and Price Chopper's before all the normies besiege the stores.
>Head home before noon.
>Rest of the day off.

Early shift's are comfy-tier to avoid customers, desu.
if i get this job i'm interviewing for on tuesday, I'm going to start an early riser routine.

>make bag lunch night before
>hang up work clothes in car night before
>wake up at 5
>put on gym clothes, bring shower kit with me
>drive to work
>work out at fitness center until 6:30
>shower + wym hof breathing
>change into work clothes
>start work at 7

This job is very flexible with hours. I'll work 9 hour days, 9 days every 2 weeks, and I can clock in pretty much whenever.
Woke up to my dick being sucked and bit. Asked for more...slept again but woken up to dick suck and some slaps to the balls. Finally got out of bed and asked for some knees to the balls. Waited for the wife to feed our baby then went to our family dinner like I do every Sunday. Made a quick run to our bank so that the weekend teller could pull money from my savings for bills. About 1300 dollars for all my rent utilities car payments house payments and I bought a 650 computer kit this weekend on credit. With that paid off I have another month to collect roughly 800 bucks for all my expenses. Ran to Walmart for diapers so now I'm going to sit and play ffx in my underwear

>what's up BITCHES
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FUCK i miss Chad Daddy. Wonder what he is up to these days.

Most posters here are too young to know who he is.
the ps tripple!!
I still remember the shit storm he caused

I miss those days

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>shrink to an inch in your room
>mom walks in
>"Oh my anon, look how small you are! I can't say I'm too disappointed - with you never holding down a job, constantly staying in your room and never having a girlfriend. Anyways anon, I came up to tell you that I'm moving in with chad and selling the place... Come to think of it, maybe this is for the best! I'm sorry about this baby, but I can't stand to see you like this & chad would find this too hilarious and probably keep you as a pet in a jar on the bedside table or something if he seen you all small and pathetic like this, and that would be a pretty miserable existence for you! Tell you what anon, if you just stand still for a second I will fix this - let me just take this slipper off..."
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Did this actually happen to you, or is it just made up?
You're the fucking guy that posts giantess fetish videos on youtube aren't you?
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>Did this actually happen to you
what the fuck nigga

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compact frog.jpg
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>went to bed at 5AM
>woke up at 7PM
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>went to bed at 5.00 A.M
>woke up at 5.30 P.M
Let me guess you're a NEET loser right?
File: the_world.png (204KB, 502x374px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>went to bed at 6AM
>woke up at 7PM
>regret not being able to sleep even more

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if you need to vent, get something off of your chest, or just talk to another human being, you are welcome to post in this thread.
i will try to respond to whatever you decide to post.

i will not judge you. i will not hate you.
i only wish to listen. to understand.
because everyone deserves to be understood, right?
maybe not. but i will try anyways.

feel free to post any image you would like.
maybe consider posting someone (or something) you like a whole lot.

i'm feeling happy today. always savor that feeling of happiness, friends. you never know how long it will last.
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I've distanced myself from R quite a bit and I've started talking more with people who are nice and make me feel good about myself. I won't let him drag me down with him.
I've been talking to her for about two weeks and I honestly feel like we've connected so well, I'm really excited to see her, it's been a while since I've felt this level of genuine care and affection from someone. I really hope I don't fuck this up
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good for you friend. i know it's difficult letting go of someone like that. but he will be okay. don't worry about it too much.

that's great anon! i hope things go well for you. good luck with everything friend.

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ms paint draw roulette

draw comfy/crappy mspaint things
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zfsddddddddddddsd drawing
I really wish we had more mspaint/photoshop threads
I must post something in order to determine the last digit of my post in this imageboard

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Lets see those shitposting command centers!
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I unironically and originally like it.
You live in Silent Hill?
My house is to big for pictures not everyone here is underage living in moms house

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How do you cure depression?

pIs heIp
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it's simple, you get bored of it
do acid or mdma
Therapy, supposedly. Never did shit for me. A lifestyle change?

Antidepressants are meme pills. Not only did they not cure my depression, they gave me all kinds of whacked out side effects. No thanks.

>"uh huh uh huh"
*clap clap smack smack*
>"yeah u like dat big black dik eyy bitch?"
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>yfw you realize black men are the real robots and that blacked.com is not a sign of black superiority, but actually black inferiority due to the fact that its target demographic is white men. The black man is as submissive as the white woman. They are both props in a white mans fantasy.

If you are a white man, you literally cannot be a robot.
>I make things up but when I say "you realize" it magically makes them true
>this is basically low level brainwashing
the black man still gets to bust his nut

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Stop tempting me anon
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not really tbahap
I don't want to be a cumdumpster whose only quality comes from having a vagina.
How do we get rid of the gay spam?

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flat earth here

explain this
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i dont care ogirirniaino
The camera lense is curved you retard
I want to kiss ur lips

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>wakes up every morning in his 30 million dollar mansion
>yawning while looking at his phone with 20,000 new texts from hot stacies and 10/10 virgins
>showers, puts on his million dollar clothes
>leaves his mansion, drives off in the Bugatti
>comes back home later to fuck a few 10/10 stacies
>hasn't worked in like 2 months
>he's rich already so why work?

What the fuck is the point of life when you have an alpha God like Justin Bieber to compete with. That 6/10 roastie that you chase after for years, only to be rejected. Will suck his cock in seconds upon meeting him. What is God trying to teach us through this?
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fucking 0 talent piece of trash, everything was handed to him
You're shallow and retarded if you think any of that shit makes you fulfilled or matters
Justin Beiber's success was shallow and you can bet your bottom dollar that he probably finds no real or lasting satisfaction in it.

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Any other Fembots here into Asain men?

I always kind of had a thing for Asain men, even growing up, had a crush on an Asain boy. Never told him though always got cold feet before can tell him. I always here how Asain men have trouble getting women, at least in the West, are any of you into Asain men?
>ywn snuggle with your cute Asain bf, talk about work stuff and [spolier]hold hands[/spolier]
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>mfw mess up the spolier
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Racial fetishist are sick in the head.

Assuming this is real you should kys asap
>Asian men

You mean just Japanese men. Nobody ever likes Asian men who aren't Japanese. Asian men don't lije roasties anyways. Shoo, no (You) for you.

t. gook

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