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You're just another thirsty beta to her.
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I don't think I've ever stooped this low. I may be a beta, but I'm not a thirsty beta.
Can someone translate that? I can't understand what he's trying to communicate.

>bars and lean don't mix

Either they mean xanax bard and cough syrup, or going out to a bar and cough syrup.

Either way, people unironically drink cough syrup? That is the trashiest shit I've ever heard of.

I did that one time when I was in high school, but I was a space case back then.

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Fembots why don't you save your money for some minor changes? Even a 2/10 can become a 5/10 like this with healthy teeth, skin and hair.
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lmao this is like the retarded don't judge me challenges but an incredibly ugly person did it
for what purpose though. it's already done
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why is it okay for women to outright reject a guy for being a virgin and make assumptions based on him; but if a man rejects a woman for being a slut/non-virgin, he's demeaned as a monster by women?

Why are all women such fucking garbage pieces of shit? I honestly want to bash in the face of the next woman i see.
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They have the thing we want.
They have the power.
are you that fucking stupid?
>but if a man rejects a woman for being a slut/non-virgin, he's demeaned as a monster by women?

Because you care about this. If you want to reject a woman for being too slutty for you, then do it. If she's too slutty for you and that's why you're rejecting her and she asks why then tell the truth. Say "I don't date girls as slutty as you."

It's that fucking simple. If you're too scared then that's on you for being a pussy. The only consequence is that they might cry and act tough and act like they don't care and try to spin it on you but inside they'll be crushed because they know it's true and they'll know they can't go back.
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Because only good people have sex. Only good people have relationships. Women are the most common in committing the just world fallacy.

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Okay robots, I'm pretty new here. I wasn't exactly sure what the /r9k/ board was even about. And now I know. I think. So, you guys are all just NEET virgins, right? Is that it? And you guys are infamous for being whiny little shits about it? Yeeks.
Okay, listen boys, lemme let you in on a little secret. Getting laid/a gf is not going to make you happy. It really won't. If you haven't already figured this out already, woman are fucking terrible. They don't want to commit. They only love you when they need you, and when they don't need you you're nothing. They drop you at the drop of a hat, no matter how well you treat them or how much you love them.
I wish I could resist it. It's brought me nothing but long sleepless nights and a dependency on narcotics. Woman are the worst. Sex is a poison apple.

Just stay plugged in, robots. It's not worth it.
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Being a robot is not just being unable to get laid. It's about the fact that you're too different to fit in with social norms. You become an outcast. How you become like this doesn't matter. All that makes you a robot is ostracization. Not liking the same things everyone else likes. Not doing the same things everyone else does. Not fitting the cookie cutter shape of society. Not being a perfect cog in the machine.
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If you read deeper into the board you'd actually know that this board is for anti-normies and smug neets.
Basically this. You can either be an outcast in your mind (cyborg) or an outcast both inside and out (robot)

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ITT: characters that you strive to become.
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>he was gay and let himself be killed
>ironically christfaggot
>wants the world to end
>striving to become him
I believe you considering where I am.
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male succubus date.png
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>ITT: characters that you strive to become.
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Or rather, the character he played in his act

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You have 1 sentence to prove you're a normie and get your chance with Stacy.
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wagwan senpai
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I accept who I am

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That time you tried to be normal

>Summer party
>get invited
>"Uhhh OK I guess"
>decide to stay home instead
>start playing vidya
>play like shit
>"fuck it, I'm going to that party"
>decide to dress properly
>open random facebook page to see how people dresses for parties
>"I got this!"
>I go to the party
>"Wow, hello Anon!"
>go in
>normie music, loud people
>free beer
>I take one
>realize I forgot to have dinner
>get tipsy really fast
>follow a guy in the kitchen
>it's a little more quiet
>sit on a chair, the guy takes another six pack of beer and leaves
>"fuck, what do I do now?"
>take phone
>open and close random apps
>I see a coin on the ground
>bend over ant grab it
>my crush walks in
>"Hi Anon, what are you doing?"
>she talked to me
>"None of your business, fuck off"
>she smiles and leaves
>decide to leave the party
>stumble across her again, she laughs
>random guy "Hey, you leaving already?"
>"I forgot to lock the house"
>get home and post on /adv/
>nobody replies
>play vidya till 2 AM
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>That time you tried to be normal
well there's your problem
>>None of your business, fuck off
Top lel anon.
I've also never been invited to a party or any shit like that. It was super awkward in school when the group of people I hung out with at lunch would make plans to go to parties and drink with each other right in front of me and I was never invited. I didn't really wanna sperg out and ask "can I come?" like I was 5 years old. Didn't feel good. Any other anons know this feel?

Yeah, I still act like this. Just yesterday my friends organized a small summer trip and they invited people ignoring me. It hurts, but I feel like asking them would be embarassing.

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If you take a closer look literally EVERYONE having any power in the 3rd reich was either a manlet, obese or ugly.
Those people were bullied from childhood, through childhood and probably early adulthood.
Nazism was just a massive beta uprising that had it's tool in the millions.

Are we the next nazis guys?
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Why are manlets and uggos so angry?
>Are we the next nazis guys?
We would be if we weren't so obsessed with anime and video games and if we didn't sit in our rooms 24/7 doing nothing productive
This is probably what (((they))) wanted. They contributed to build a society where betas would be too distracted by porn and anime to avoid a second uprising.

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qt (115).jpg
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>"Thank for coming over and hanging out with me tonight Anon, I really liked that movie we watched, if your tired or whatever and don't wanna drive you can just sleep here if you want"
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i like driving in the night with night call playing makes me feel really comfy + points if its raining.
her mom forced me to sleep on the couch downstairs

in the morning they had like pancakes or waffles or something

they all had whipped cream and when I said I didn't want whipped cream on my pancake or waffle or whatever the mom was upset and she insisted that I wasn't allowed to say no

I can't remember if I had the whipped cream or not
wanna listen to slowdive lol

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let's have a comfy rose thread.

it's also the 10th anniversary of the 'introduction' video, let's all reminisce when rose was still cute and not jaded at the age of 21.

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Is this that gril from the meme video where someone says they want to fuck her in the arse? And then they're like "oh sorry, i thought you was boy".
>only an undergrad degree
>hair dyed unnatural color
>muh ebin gamer gurlll
>comfy rose thread
There's no such thing. These threads are usually posted by nasty fucked up obsessives who never learn and can never find anything better to do with their lives.

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>someone says a game I really love is a great game
>give reasons why it's shit
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thats not devilish, you just have an opinion

I love Lisa: the painful
>keeps newfags from enjoying what you enjoy
>keeps potentially newfags from buying it to stimulate the vidya creators into making you a sequel or similar game thus sabotaging yourself as well
It is devilish, you're just not a deep thinker.

does anyone else's asshole hurt regularly when they shit? I don't get it. it's not like I'm having anal sex, it just kills me everytime I shit.
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Not every time, but when I was younger I would take very large poops. Like poop mountains. I would finish up, and then run into my room & dive on my bed with my ass in the air as I lay crying.
Eat more fiber so your poo comes out more easily

Seconded. Also:

Drink more water, and exercise more. Especially exercise, your body starts to give you shit signals after you eat which indicates healthy bowel movements. If you are eating several meals and still not taking a shit, you probably have like 5lbs of backed up shit that's about to tear your anus apart when it finally comes out. Pooping should be effortless if you're doing it right.

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Im almost 100 percent sure you guys are mad at hoes because even though women fuck around you still can't get laid
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Right if everyone was a winner we wouldnt be upset. But you know lol fuck all these people who dont experience something natural and necessary as sex and love am i right c.f.
Did you just figure that out? Seems like we have a big brain boi over here :^)
That used to be it. But I have no reason to try, and by extension, be angry at it. I still would like to have (((pure virgin qt))) but I'm not delusional and don't want to put in the effort required to acquire a decent female, because I don't see the reward anymore

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let's have a thread where we talk about normies in our respective countries and the differences between them

I'm on holiday in Spain and a keep seeing qt village girls :(

in the UK normies tend to be very sexually degenerate, loudmouthed and identical
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australian normies are friendly but the chads keep to their own percentiles and only sometimes interact with lesser people

in high school about 60% of the kids are a swarm of 'popular kids' and the rest are nerds/ugly
Argentina here (Buenos Aires). Normies here only care about football (soccer), sex, and beef. Their entire lives revolve around that. Literally every situation is treated as a football game. From hanging out with friends to electing the president of the country. All it matters is who roots for his "team" the hardest.
Lithuanian normies are pretty much about cars, sex and music.

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why is it all gay men i've ever met devote their entire personality to fit directly under the "gay" stereotype?

why is it so hard to find a decent looking gay guy who doesn't act like a fucking idiot?
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>Not idiot

Pick one faggot
Because homosexuality is a disease brought on by genetic defects or societal factors causing men to become prison gay.
They're not actually gay. They just suck dick to fit in. They feel the need to jazz it up and make a caricature of themselves so no one realizes they're merely playing a character.

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