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I finally did it robots, I quit my wageslave job because I couldn't take my boss' shit anymore.

>take initiative and clock into work early to help a customer in need
>get berated and told not to do that
>try to sell an item to a customer
>get interrupted and boss takes over sale
>walk onto new sale and succeed
>bring it up to the front of the store
>get berated for not selling a larger basket
>get chewed out in front of customers and coworkers
>drop my radio, walk outside scream obscenities at the top of my lungs throw my nametag at a passing car, normies scatter in all directions
>drive home
>contemplating ending my life

tell me why I shouldn't end my life robots I have all my bills do and no way to pay them.
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bills due*

thank you, in my haste and frustration I may have mispelled the word "due"
>beaten by a job

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>mfw i make $12 an hour 40 hours a week working at a foot exclusive massage parlor
>mfw the cunt who owned the building wouldnt hire me because i was male and i threatened to sue for gender discrimination and she hired me
>mfw all day long i get to lather up smelly feet and rub them down and manicure them, masturbating in the bathroom on my breaks
feels fucking good man
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Tell some stories about some feet? Do the ladies like it?
So what you're telling us is you give HJs for $20
They like it.
I've been doing it for about 4 years or so now, and in the first year I was working there, I had an awesome experience with a 6/10 lady with fucking 9/10 feet.

I dont' have alot of time, and I suck at telling stories, but basically
>lady books appointment, comes in
>its about 8 pm, bout to close
>its only her and me in there, boss went to go buy supplies from store which is like an hour away
>she says its her first time at the place, we small talk a bit, i get to rubbing
>she lets a little moan slip out of her mouth about 3 minutes in and giggles, embarrassed about it, and apologizes, and i tell her i dont mind and i think its cute
>she is quiet after that and she grabs a magazine and thumbs through it
>i move to her other foot and rub it, starting with the heel, moving up to the joints of her sexy slender toes
>she moans again and i chuckle at her and she just shrugs and smiles
>i tell her she has beautiful feet, and she laughs and says "that's a new one. i dont think ive ever had someone tell me that before."
>she puts her magazine down and starts gently flexing her feet and spreading her toes, rubbing my arm with the foot im not massaging very slowly
>i have a raging boner at this point and its pretty fucking obvious
>she actually rests her foot on my crotch for the rest of the massage, and then we finish up. the entire time she is watching me with a smile
>she tips me $20 at the end and gives me her phone number
>im too autismo to call and never call her

fucking wish i still had that number. would probably be too awkward now.

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Is she /our girl/ bots?
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Yes possibly if she is a girl (male).
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I'm not impressed.

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I really want to break into the porn industry but I don't know. I don't want to be an actor, I want to be a producer, or a script writer or a director, I could make absolutely insane porn. I also wonder what kind of people porn stars are and I would like to be a fitness coach or something similar to pornstars.

What's yours?
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Porn won't force me to have a kid I don't want, divorce me and have me pay alimony for her new shoes for the next 18 years.
A woman wouldn't do those thing with me either. Also
>Cry with you
Men shouldn't cry in the first place. It is a sign of weakness that no woman would accept even if you're Chad.
Treating the unrelated pic as the subject of the thread should be banned

Tears of a Wageslave Edition
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I want to smash all the managers at work in the face
think of all the wasted hours
all the skills I could have developed
but here I am, still retarded
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tfw no gf who likes kpop tbchwy lads


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I just bought Nier: Automatica, super excited to be playing when all of a sudden I die instantly on the first boss. Okay, no problem right, I'll just try again right?






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Play the prologue on normal. the prologue takes
like an hour.
can you just run past everything like bloodborn?
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No. But the game isn't really that hard. It is more about the story.

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Is she right /r9k/?
Is it transphobic for someone not to be interested in people based on their genitals (e.g. a lesbian who isn't interested in pre-op/non-op transwomen)?
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how did we get to this point? HOW
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>going after a lesbian
Isn't this just a straight relationship at this point?
Can tell thats a man from the thumbnail, looks like fucking jake gyllanhall

Basically this whole argument comes down to prison-trans guys being fucking butthurt because lesbians have no interest in them.

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I have been on /dofap/ for 26 years. And masturbated just minutes ago. AMA or don't, I probably don't I'll answer if I feel like.
Anyone willing to participate in /dofap/ can masturbate if they want, or not, it's up to you.

>confidence bretty good
>not missing any beautiful pornfus
>dreaming some nights, other nights I don't, whatever is fine
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>on /dofap/ for 19 years
>still get nightmares every day and can't sleep
Don't fall for the /dofap/ meme lads, it's ruined my life
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Do you masturbate to 3dpd?
angela's ballsacks

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So my first time on here. I heard about this board a lot lately. Why are all the threads people being lonely? Is this common? Cause I found my home ;___;
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just leave now before you get stuck in this anus of a board
Maybe like 4 years ago it was a "nice" place for lonely misogynist people but now it's nothing but femanon this and traps and trannies and boycocks and shemales and reddit pepe images and normies
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I know you came from Reddit.
Leave while you can.
We don't want you.
Nope I came from /pol/ actually.

Cancer is everywhere it seems.

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My friends keep sending me these weird ass art films they find. Idk why they think they're any good


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nice try faggot, I'm not giving you views

>tfw learning Chinese
>Could understand this entirely

That put a smile on my face, OP

"You fucking nigger, this is my ice cream"
uhh wtf? randommm....

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>30th birthday in just over a month
>still a virgin

If I've not had sex by then should I just kill myself??
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damn nikka u oId
Tell me about it

original comment is literally original as fuck
Start learning magic

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Who /transracial/ here?
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My penis size is a social construct, it's actually a 15 inch python.
i've always felt and acted like a whitey
shame about my skin color :/
Why would she identify as black if race is a social construct? To her, there is no real difference between white and black people, so what could possibly be the reason to identify as black rather than white?

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Can anyone else confirm my observations that nearly all white males of the state of Texas have sub average penises ? I've seen probably ten penises in tx and 90% of white males here have small wieners (under 6 inch) please confirm and I'll add to my list of why not to "mess with Texas"
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>I've seen 10 dicks here
>they must ALL be small

Well that combined with the overwhelmingly large number of oversized pickups

I want to leave this state so badly. Even Louisiana is paradise compared to Texas

A decade ago someone fucked me out of a life and career I could have had. I considered going to his house and beating the shit out of him with a metal bar, or vandalising his house, or pouring some things through his postbox that create a toxic gas when mixed.

But I could get put in jail for doing that, or worse could hurt someone who is innocent. So here's what I've come up with instead.

1. He does a shitton of drugs and deals a little so I'm going to snitch. I'm going to email the personnel dept of the university he works for and tell them he not only has drugs on the premises but also deals them to the people he teaches.

Best case scenario they drug test him and he gets disciplined or gets terminated. Worst case it's an inconvenience for him and spreads rumours with his colleagues.

2. I do a scarily convincing fake southern accent so I'm gonna drop a dime to the cops from a public payphone and tell them he deals drugs from his home and that I've seen underage girls leaving his home.

Best case they bust him for possession and find cp on his pc. Worst case is they just fuck up his evening when they call.

Either way I should get away with this clean.

Anyone know any throwaway email providers I can use?
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whats it like being a petty faggot?
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You are the faggot mane

better than bending over and taking it with a smile

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>get food
>play Civilization until dark
>play Civilization until sleep happens
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Living the dream, OP
I wish i weren't in college and finally turn into a NEET
what's the appeal of civ?

It seems really simple and boring
I need her name
>simple and boring
I know
But there is something about it which makes you wanna keep playing and playing, like building new cities, getting access to new resources and researching stuff

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