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I'm so sad, /r9k/.
I think I just came to grips with the fact that the life I always wanted is impossible, an it hurts a lot.
All I've ever wanted was to marry a girl I grew up with, but due to my family moving often and me getting homeschooled after fourth grade, that's actually impossible.
And it hurts so much

Like, even if I could go back in time and somehow have a childhood friend, I have no social skills, so I would never be able to have a relationship.

how do I make it not hurt

I posted this on /adv/ before but it's being funky, won't update the page and keeps saying connection error, can't even post on it again
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You can never be guaranteed of your desires, either the receiving of them or the genuinely wanting for them.
Do you recall how all your forcible lusts satisfied you little when finally you acquired them - and perhaps they immediately juked around you to rest upon another mirage?
I posit there is a pocket secretly tucked within you that contains your "Destiny Compass" and it has cleverly guided you to your true heart cathedral.
Here we are then. Do you know what this means?

Secretly you love the 4chan posting hinterlands greatest of all.
And paradise is yours at this instant.
when one desires nothing his suffering ends. stop caring about other people, if you don't you just end up sad like everyone else on this board

then again, I am schizoid so maybe that's just me
Would someone who feels like you've known them that long work? I've met people where out of nowhere you just feel a very strong bond and just click with them, and realistically it isn't too hard to explain each other's lives and know the story. In some senses I think that even might be rewarding, because there's a sense of finding that person.

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>tfw r9k hates you for having fun in university

You all could have had fun too if you tried.
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This is true about a lot of aspects of this board. They hate anything they're bitter that they can't have. That includes women.
I did genuinely try asshole. I've tried every goddamn year. And you know what happens? The people I try to hang out with who party never invite me back. There's no point in trying to brute force a life style if it doesn't fit your personality.
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lmao i love fun. fun is the best. i like it when everything is fun. just fun me up famalampai.

a moment can last forever

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Do femanons fantasise about being gangbanged?
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I personally do, but I'm not a femanonymoos..
are you a qt femboi?

or an original femboi
No I'm a cis white male, I sometimes partake in furious anal masturbation and feel very gay but most of the time I'm pretty much straight or asexual with zero sexdrive.

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I'm 20 and my penis doesn't work like it used to what do I do /r9k/?
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See a doctor

Blsjfnaodjneie original comment
Get a nitric oxide booster. Like L arginine.
avoid porn

my boyfriend told me if i left him he would kill himself but he also won't have sex with me, he never leaves the house other than to go to work and doesn't do any work around the house. he just plays ps4 or watches youtube videos with headphones on or naps whenever he's not working

he's also a gross pig who doesn't wash or change his clothes enough and leaves filth everywhere

i'm starting to really hate and resent him but i don't want to leave and make his situation worse .. even though he won't get help

what should i do?
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Confront him about it and, if that doesn't work, leave him. You're not responsible for his actions and you don't owe him shit, not if he's actively refusing to step up and better himself.

If he's going through some rough shit and is depressed, give him some time to recover (though from the feel I get from your text this isn't the case??).
slap him over the back with a wet towel
This board is truly dead, I must be one of the last robots

You come here for relationship advice? That's truly a sign that this place has been ruined. Thank you for taking away another intelligent part of the internet you braindead normie facebooking filth

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How will /r9k/ be spending their summer?
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I was thinking of joining the Air Force
alone in my room dying from a heatstroke
trying to become self sufficient so I don't have to stay with my parents next summer

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I'm really bored and these are usually fun. I'll talk to anyone who wants to. And if you like fishing you have to post in this thread and talk to me about it.
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here's the emplate
I guess I'll bump the thread
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Sure, here you go.
I filled in with red, because fuck it, why not?

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Why do they always pick on us? What did we do to deserve this?
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theyre just sperging because they (the people that write those retarded articles) are reaching 30s

those guys that they used to be able to turn down are now the guys turning them down

they lost their chances with the alpha, and the beta settled while they were on the "im too pretty to settle down now" phase

theyre fucked

calling them "childish" for doing whatever they want with their lives and not being whipped to their demands

look who's being childish now? lmao
Stage two of loss and grief is anger.
The next stage will be fun.

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Robots, why don't you modify your dick? Maybe it helps you with the ladies
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uh... can you even use it?
that looks really painful and open wound on the front wtf?
I'd slit my own throat before I went near that eldritch horror, wtf
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>he doesn't have a nutplug

>me at 15
>outgoing & friendly
>working out
>is nearly dating a beautiful girl
>plays vidya, but is also cultured & aware of the world
>wants to study at elite school
>wants to be a famous real estate tycoon
>wants to go live in America and be rich with a blonde wife
>wants to become President of his country

>me at 18
>reclusive & cynical
>is a khv & friendless
>no motivation for vidya, only reads the news cynically
>wants to study a few years just to please family in a random college
>wants to make enough money to pay for internet, electricity & PC, but ultimately wants to NEETbux at home
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>dreams of being the president/real estate tycoon
Sounds like an autistic pipe dream that only a 4 year old would want, but in reality, the current leader of the free world is just that.
>is KHV
I thought you said you were dating a hottie.
It sounds like you never had it together.
I was an internet celebrity until 18, I wanted to be a rockstar having a band like Linkin Park, be a famous actor and a worldstar celebrity and live in the usa

>no skills for playing guitar or singing
>none of my "fans" remember me
>never leave my hometown
>poor family
>work as typer in a shitty governament's den
>cant act
>no money for college
>I told every one I knew from hs that Im leaving on my own apartment in the capital city working in the film industry
>constantly escaping from the bus and other places to avoid contact with them

Last month one of my ex-fans contacted me asking about how Ive been doing, I didnt replied and he thought I was too busy or something, being alive is embarrasing already

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Why do you drink, /r9k/?
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I know this gonna sound cliche but I'm lonely, and never leave my apartment I get drunk almost every night and go on twitch and interact with a girl streamer and pretend like there my friend.
It distracts from the dread of waking
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Wish I could afford to do this

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I am a dominant straight man interested in fucking a twink. Should I install grindr? I'm worried I will get called a faggot.
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It's your dick, do what you want with it.
Depending on your location you might not even be able to find any twinks on grindr. I usually just fine fat gross old men.
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if this fucking kid dyed his hair black and cut it a bit at the front he'd be lelouch vi britannia in real fucking life

how the fuck do you even survive with a skeleton like that

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Why do men always talk about how they hate women that put time into their appearance but then flock towards those women at the same time? Really makes you think

lol at liking "natural/effortless" beauty
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look at this nasty
>men form one unique opinion throughout their insane number
It's called going against your own nature/instincts. We are wired this way but those whotry to break from the shackles that enslave us to this system are pioneers in my opinion. I really do think robots are the next evolutionary step for humanity. This celibate inaduqecy of robots is both a blessing and a curse. This world needs us

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Anyone else really want a Big Kahuna burger? It looks like a tasty burger.
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I don't like cheeseburgers.
tell me more about this Big Kahuna
From that Hawaiin burger joint down the street?

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>every ancestor you had lost their virginity
Why are we breaking that cycle? What is it about us or our society that's so different?
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>What is it about us or our society that's so different?
Well, sexual revolution for one.
didn't your dad and granddad get a partner during that time though?
Yeah, but I'm from Eastern Europe, and sexual revolution only has taken place in the late 80s/early 90s, after the Berlin wall.

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