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Post your hands. Lets seperate the men fron the boys.
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Tfw still have red mark from when u punched a tree as a kid
>small hands
>small dick
>small self-esteem
Atleast I'm not a manlet?
Might as well be, anon


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25+ thread anyone?

Share your stories of living situation, employment or lack thereof, being depressed, etc.
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26 KHV neet

live with mother who won't let me leave and lead my own life / babies me but then says everythings my fault

I'm not a beta male, I'm an omega male, pathetic.

I wish I had some form of a life instead of being in my small dirty room every waking moment of my life.

I feel numb and hurt all the time. Suicidial thoughts are a daily thing now that I block out, because I have hope one day things will change.

I continue to fuck myself over, My aspergers and my self defeatist attitude constantly screws me up.

I won't even begin to start saying I'm overweight, no friends, no gf etc you already know this.

I just wish I was happy somewhere else or something anon.
32. I recently started taking lithium orotate and I think it's helping. I'm planning to save up my money for the next year and then go traveling around the world, and hopefully get laid.
25. Have had a lot of girlfriends but not recently. Had to move back in with my parents. I'm pretty much the embodiment of beta.

I work an entry level IT help desk position and get commended constantly on my work ethic. I'm always there until late. But it's really just because I don't want to go home and be alone.

I'm also extremely underweight and it kills me inside.

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What is the NEET life really like?

I have a romanticized view of the NEET life where it's basically an anime and videogames paradise.

Is it worth it?
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its only good if you get NEETbux from the government, or if your family is wealthy because then you dont feel as bad leeching off of them. if youre leeching off of your poor old parents who are still working to provide for you instead of looking forward to retirement, you feel like a piece of shit 24/7.
you become a burden to the people who take care of you. you never have any spending money. anyone you meet looks down on you.

other than that, you have all the free time in the world. you can go to bed when you want, wake up when you want and do whatever the hell you want to do. I've lived it on and off for about 8 years
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No. First off, you get depressed, I lost my PT wagecuck job and I'm already starting to fall into my old ways--too depressed to even play video games...not to mention NEETworld doesn't pay bills unless you're a taxpayer-sapping parasite.

Just get a real job and take vacation days before you go insane.

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What are my fellow robots majoring in?

Psychology here.
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I majored in Finance & Accounting and now work as a CPA
>tfw asperger's
>tfw right-brainer

At this point I might wanna just kms
Must be a race or location thing, but IT is pretty uncommon. Mostly CS, engineering, and Med majors around here.

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Oh hello there wagecuck! I didn't see that you were home from work already. Only a 15 hour shift today?

Good for you.

I just got done making a delectable eggplant lasagna in my abundant free time.

You see, because I am an actual man who dictates my own actions, I have time to learn things like fine cooking and to actually do it. And I only use the most natural, freshest ingredients. In fact, many come from my owner personal garden, which I also take care of because I have the time and inclination. I also use my own feces as fertilizer, since I am not a slave to the joos and buy fertilizer, since it is literally cow shit..

What's that, wagecuck? You are too exhausted from work to cook yourself a wholesome meal? Well, I hope you enjoy your reheated leftovers while I enjoy devouring this lovely lasagna. I'd give you a slice but unfortunately such fine things would be wasted on tax cattle, oh well back to the slops with you wagecuck!
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I'm a firefighter I work 2 days a week and get pussy because of a job title lmao
A fine post my fellow neety, the wagies will be here soon trying to justify their working lives as usual
Does anyone have the experience of going from a wagie life to a NEET life?

>tfw no qtp2t friends edition

Contribute and make friends with like-minded robots near you! Have fun!

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Quick before bed drunk post to get thread started. Nobody recognize me this time

>tfw new markers near me that I could easily drive to
Though I'd drive anywhere for good friends.
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Absolutely Weimar.png
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Paper, go away.
lmao am i autistic, how do i put myself on the map?

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what do you think this tastes like
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dick, mostly
eternal damnation

and oregano
like aids

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What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever experienced?
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>In before being born

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>7th grade
>On camping trip with class
>Camp site is near a beach so one of the activities is surfing
>Poor kid so I ate a shit tonne of the food they gave us for breakfast since it was free
>Barely manage to squeeze into wetsuit because stomach is so full
>Having fun surfing when another student's surfboard collides with my stomach
>Stomach starts burning and I suddenly need to shit
>Stumble to shore clutching my stomach and lie down on stomach
>Swim instructor sees me and realizes I'm hurt
>I feel my stomach straining and the shit starts coming out
>Try to squeeze asshole shut but half liquid shit starts streaming out
>Wet suit keeps it from leaking out and the shit tsunami fills my entire suit
>Swim instructor runs over to take off my wetsuit
>I try to wave him off but I'm still winded and can't talk
>Swim instructor unzips back of wetsuit and gags as a stream of shit erupts out over my back and neck
>He throws up beside me and I start to cry as the shit forms a viking shit eagle across my back, waist and over my shoulders
>No one dares comes near me so I eventually roll into the shallows and try to wash myself as best I can while trying to peel the shit suit off of me

The school ended up having to pay for the damage to the wetsuit. No one made fun of me though which was pretty decent of them. I guess they were as embarrassed for me as I was for myself.
>penis slipped out of swimming shorts in school
>girls noticed and laughed

Go give your sister, brother, mother, or some other family member a hug and tell them you love them, post results
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do people even go and hug their sister/brother or is this just a shitty rping thread
people seem to actually do it. every thread has quite a few responses.
You can be one of those people.

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I fucked up big time guys...
We're studying diffrent learning principles and theories at uni right now and in this book chapter started with diffrent docktors/professors doing studies on animals. Later in same chapter this pic related shows up and I say, out loud, "oh look, looks like this psycholog trying to teach a monkey here".
Everyone looked at me in shock and tacher made me leave the class.
That happened few hours ago and now I'm home.
I think I'll get kicked out of uni. Fuck...
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Suits you for being racist scum
This probably isn't the first time you've revealed your ugly/stupid nature, maybe you should:
Surely this is fiction. Surely you didn't scream monkey boy in lecture. Surely you're a responsible adult Swede who exorcizes his awkwardness through storytelling.

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Do you ever wonder if you could have become a Normie if you never discovered and became hooked this shitty website as an angsty teen
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you're a robot before coming on here. you just don't know it's called being a "robot".

Ye. I was trapped by the cool weab culture.

And cute girls.
No, I know I couldn't have become a normie. Your personality forms much earlier than people think it does.

I was the first person to be banned from >>>/bant/ for posting pic related.

Ask me anything I guess.
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Who is originally this semen demon?
makenna blue or something
You're seriously not gonna link this shit? Ugh. HERE WE GO.

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Have you ever started a new life online, /r9k/? Made a new email address, Steam account, etc. and assumed a new identity? If so, why? Did you keep any remnants from the past (old friends or habits) afterwards, or did you completely abandon it?

If not, have you done anything similar? Maybe you got bullied online or made a fool of yourself and want to leave that part of your life behind, so you changed your username and moved on.

Please respond.
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No need for that if you don't got any friends anon
I've done this like 3 or 4 times. I'll delete everyone make a new account and be a different person. I still act the same though.
Yes I did this several times but only to fall back into old habits.

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Post your favourite mentally ill youtubers

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Is that suppose to be a girl or a guy?
There was a schitzophrenic english guy that would make multiple videos every day, he lived on his own and made music and ranted about being spied on. His neighbours were trying to get him sectioned. Does anyone know this guy and can link me to his channel? I want to see how hes getting on

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Black men know how to put stuck up women in their place
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And then he shows up 9:30 and she's fucking Jamal.
>woman gets forced to go to restaurant
This is bad for both parties, the broad has to do shit she doesn't want to and this guy has to waste money on it.
She also has a fucking kid, why is Tyrone wasting his time with a blown out roast?
It's assertive, but not smart.
>she also has a fucking kid
Good catch. Not sure what the hell this guy is doing.

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