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ever since taking buspirone my dick feels like jelly and getting a boner is difficult
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good, one less thing to worryabout, do you still get horny? If not this might be hotfix for most robots
Back when I was on buspirone and bupropion my dick was barely functional, I jerked off once every 3 or 4 months. I still got quite horny though, it was like torture.
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seems like you're in a bit of a "jam"

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>comic con tampa
>went with the anime club from the local college where I live
>group of about 8 people
>girl I had from math class last semester is there, along with her bf
>she's princess bubblegum
>first day of the con is normal, I got along really well with the group despite only knowing one one other person
>second day I meet up with bubblegum and some nerd orbiting her (not her bf)
>get the look from her, but I ignore it
>orbiter tells me he's in love with her and that he's been patiently waiting for her to break up with her bf
>we eventually come back to the whole group
>she wanted to hang around me all day
>bf visibly jealous but whatever hes just insecure
>bf goes into a panel or something so we all just walk around outside the convention
>me and her just end up walking away together
>we hear the group call our names but we keep walking away from them
>end up running around downtown tampa
>decide to play in the public fountains water things
>I pick her up and run into the spouts
>covered in her pink paint which has rubbed off onto me, we are both soaking wet
>fool around for a bit
>head back to the con, on the way her bf finds us and is visibly disgruntled
>I can't look him in the eye without smiling
>back at the convention everyone is angry at us because they kept calling and we didn't pick up
>her bf disappears from the group
>suddenly our chaperone asks us if we want to go home now
>the group votes to go, they seemed not so happy
>group reassemble and we find the bf
>he's literally vomitting
>she tells me he does that when he's really stressed
>it just keeps coming out
>she breaks up with him on the drive home
>hits me up the next day for a booty call

Am I Chad now?
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It's a start. Sounds like her bf was a dick anyway. Go for itN
If you didn't do it, some other guy was going to. Just remember, if she was willing to cheat on him, she will cheat on you. Just enjoy the sex for as long as possible.
I want to FUCK Princess Bubblegum's vagine but first i want to 69 with her while her sweaty ass is right in my fucking face jesus christ holy fuck i want to sniff her goddamn ass and lick her pussy jesus christ i am horny.
if she was really real in real life existence i would pay like one THOUSAND dollar just to FUCK HER PUUSY right in the pussy to be quite fucking goddamn honest to be t b h FUCK

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Let's see what's going on at Medieval /r9k/
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Don't worry I'm a doctor. Leaches cure all.
Verily I hast lost thy desire to continue this fetid existence. Make haste to the guillotine!
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I'm the Jarls son, now pay up peasant.

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>every time I listen to this song I get closer to committing suicide
>For some reason this makes me think of suicide a lot
What is wrong with me r9k?
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>Plays music
>Ears are assaulted by anime trash
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>dislikes anime
>goes on r9k
r9k is being invaded by normies

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Was Chucky's dad /ourguy/?
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jews are never /ourguy/
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Holy shit lmao I forgot all about this
The Last Samurai, 2003

ITT:minor annoyances that bother you far too much

>captcha asks to click all the street signs
>entire picture is street signs
>click all of the boxes
>"sorry you seem to have mistyped the captcha"
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>do the captcha correctly 8 times in a row for some stupid reason
>all increasingly retarded shit like 'tap the center of my asshole' and 'circle the tiny pixel that contains a car'
>finally get a green tick
>press Post
>Looks like you forgot to fill out the Captcha! 4chan pass users can bypass the Captcha for the low, low price of your credit card information being sold by a shady gook!
feelings are an illusion being annoyed is not even real
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>spend time filling out stupid long ass captcha
>Sorry the captcha has expired. please try again

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>there are people who died in 1999 and didn't get to see the year 2000
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Lucky bastards. I wish I was those guys.
>there are people who died in 1899 and didn't get to see the year 2000
They probably regretted it, not realizing the new millennium was going to be such a shitshow.

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>wasted two years doing jack shit after graduating high school
>now 20 and going to be a college freshman
>if I go to grad school that means I'll be around 26 to 28 when I actually start making money
Fucking kill me.
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I'm a Junior in college at 24. Won't graduate till I'm 26 probably. Then I too will get a Master's degree. Why do you care?
yo anon can i get sauce on that pic?
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no results on iqdb

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tulletus apustus.png
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i love you guys a lot.
you're very kind.
you mean a lot to me.
thanks for being there.
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kindness is an illusion people are not even real
Do me a favor and stop posting frogs.
You stop posting anime first.

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britfeel july.jpg
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Monday morning NEETposting edition
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I want to do something really nice because when my 'friends' ditched me on my birthday she took me out with her mates and I had a really good time.
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time pepe.jpg
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>it's already the last day of July
Where did the time go lads?
Are you ready for COMEBACK AUGUST?!

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Any other robots /hunt/? Just got some rats, gonna make a nice stew tomorrow
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Mmm rat stew sounds delicious right about now. What vegetals will you use?
I have several hunting rifles inherited from my grandpa, although I've never hunted.
I fish though.

I've seen some rat hunting vids on YT and it's pretty fun desu

post a pic of you skinning them

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>''hi, anon! how are ya?''
>''I-I'm good, thanks''

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stop giving generic responses... let people know there is a little darkness in your world

>''hi, anon! how are ya?''
>"I'm gettin' there"

>''hi, anon! how are ya?''
>''I'm here... you?"

>''hi, anon! how are ya?''
>''really tired for some reason... how about you?"
I try to vary it up.

>"Fucking starving."
>"Fucking stoked."
>"Hanging in there."
>"Pissed, but not at you."
>"For some reason, I'm actually enjoying being angry today."
>"Better than yesterday."
>"Honestly really shitty, but it's gonna get better."
>"Tired as a motherfucker, on a Monday."
>"Honestly? Horny."
>"Hot as hell."
>"Cold as a motherfucker."
>"Glad to be ____."
>"Blue, but you need days like that."
>no verbal response; pantomime vomiting/dying

Anything not to just say, "Good. You?"
greetings are an illusion people are not even real

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I like the dudes work. But people acted like Jesus died again or something.
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because of his gorgeous face
Cause other people and the media cared so you had to care the most to be special
I also wonder why so many people made tributes to him on youtube using shit like minecraft. Yeah, autism, but it has to be more than that.

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if you know a girl like pic related, had camsex on skype many times and she agree to have actual sex with you but lives on the other side of the country, would you travel ?
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>would you travel ?
no she's obviously a nasty grids ridden whore

With the same $ u could get an escort like 10 times
Nah she's got too much weird esoteric shit in that apartment.

Might get a spell cast on me
>lives on the other side of the country
East coast, yes.
West coast, only if she's in LA and I can visit my sister too.

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Who else /accent/ here? I have a heavy Scottish accent, it stands out a lot (I live in Aus). People are usually interested in it, and a lot have trouble placing where I'm from. What accent do you have, and how do people react to it?
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Mine's pretty vanilla, but I have a weird thing that makes my voice sound gay and pompous. It's not enough to be annoying, but it is more than enough to profiled for it
>So, you're from Canada
having an unfortunate voice sucks man, i feel ya.

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