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Hit me with your feelings anon, I wanna hear how my fellow sadboys are coping.
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Why do women always flirt with my friends?
I'm taller, I have a deep voice, I'm reasonably smart.
Why do I never sparkle any kind of interest in them.
Is it my angry bitch face?
Also, I've lost the will to compose interesting music
I'm not coping, I was born like this and my depression will inevitably grow until I reach the point where I kill myself. No matter what any normalfag says, it can't and doesn't get better.
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dirt boys king.jpg
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I'm fucked man, utterly fucked. This night is taking a turn for the worst, and there's nothing I can do to stop any of it.

fuck fuck fuck. There's no miraculous recovery this time.

The dirt boys are falling tonight and I'll fall with them

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Does anyone wanna watch a movie or something together?
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Sure, what movie and what service would we use to synchronize it?
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Yeah sure I'm in I have a few hours to kill.
Do you have an email to work out the details?

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>tfw hair taking forever to grow out

Anyone know how long until it's shoulder length?
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be my bf you fucking faggot
File: 20170804_195916.jpg (395KB, 1600x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Okay...i-if u want
I don't know, my hair grows weird, it will frow really fast but once it get just past my shoulder it start growing very slowly, so I just keep it there.

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ITT: Annoying things your family does

>Youngest brother goes to shit for 40 minutes
>He finishes then gets in the shower
>He used the shower water to make a bath
>He won't leave the bathroom for 2 hours
>No second toilet
>Shower, bath and toilet are all in the same room
>Often shit myself because of this
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>Often shit myself because of this
Are you 2 years old?
I wish I was because that shit would be fucking passable, but my brother makes it really fucking HARD to not shit myself if he's in the bathroom for 2 FUCKING HOURS REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
>Youngest brother goes to shit for 40 minutes
>He finishes then gets in the shower
>I go to basement, find hot water shut off valve
>Shut off hot water
>Problem solved

Stop shitting yourself anyway, you goddamn filthy sperg.

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>be me
>21 year old kissless virgin
>compulsive liar as well
>have three friends that I regularly talk to
>when im with them everything is great, but when im not life is mundane
>dont want to seem too clingy so i actively try to not talk to them constantly
>also dont want them to catch on to my loneliness, so I invent a group of friends that I tell my 3 real friends about
>these "people" ive told them about are complex and flawed enough to make them believe my stories
>invest so much time into these fictional people that even i start to believe theyre real even though i know theyre not
>my actual friends now spend less time with me because they assume im too busy to hang out with them
>tfw my loneliness is getting worse and i hate myself

how do i get off this ride guys?
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Look OP, I think the best thing to do is come clean to your rl friends and just try to explain your lonely feelings. If they're true pals they'll stick by you and hear you out.
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its okay to be a bit clingy with friends it lets them know that you want em around.
Hey OP, it's all gonna be ok. Come clean with your friends and if they are really your friends they will stay and want to help. This kinda thing is hard to go through, especially alone. Don't be afraid to reach out. OP is not a fag, OP needs to be loved.

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>20 years old
>All of the girls around my age are gone from neighborhood
>Only left with teenage girls that I can't even approach because it's illegal
>Even more sexually frustrated than I was in high-school, and I can't stop staring at the first cute girl I see

This is the absolute worst.
Is anyone else stuck in my shoes?

I can't even go to Wal-mart to get a girlfriend because it's considered creepy, and I don't have the mental fortitude to keep it up. Does anybody know what to do? There are no cute girls at my job. They're all 30-40.
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If you're not in some buttfuck nowhere town you could try dating apps like Tinder or something.

If you can't meet people around you irl you could try meeting people online and going from there.

>can't even go to Wal-mart to get a girlfriend because it's considered creepy.

Of all places why the fuck would you choose Wal-mart? And yeah it's creepy. Don't do that.
I live in a buttfuck nowhere town though.
I don't think I can meet anyone online and actually meet up IRL. It sounds too difficult and unsustainable. I need face to face interaction.
Also, I can't compete with the other men on Tinder.

They're all so beautiful, and they're older than me on top of this.

He was the only one that accepted me.
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he was an angel designed to do exactly that
what you have learned then is that the need for acceptance is the biggest vulnerability of all
popping his head off with a good firm handshake was what it took to complete your AT field and become a man
Wow, I never thought of it that way.

But still, I'm lonely as fuck and would love for a friend like Kaworu to guide me down the right path and help me accept myself for who I am.
When does that show start getting good? I made it to episode 8 and I couldn't stand being so bored anymore.

>mom leaves for work
>get out of bed after an hour of lying awake waiting for her to leave
>have good day
>mom gets home
>she looks at my screen
>she reads it in the most patronizing way possible
>20 minutes later she leaves my room
>she wonders why I don't want to spend time with her

anyone else know this feel?
am I being the unreasonable one here?
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is it really such a big deal to humor your mother for 20 minutes
>anyone else know this feel?

Everyone remembers being 13.
This is the cost of being a NEET, being nice to your parents for less than an hour is the closest thing to a jobs you have. I look forward to it personally, it feels nice to know that they'll still let me stay home.

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Sex with a fat ugly girl is better than no sex at all, r-right guys...?
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I bet mathewmatossis' gf isn't that great.
Probably. I pretend I'm above the kind of low-tier girls I might have a shot with but I'm a miserable cretin
Fugly practice gf is the key out of robothood my friend

Was anyone here on Hatena back in the day?

>tfw it's been over 4 years
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Fuck yeah man I used to lurk all night on flipnote when I had a DSi in my early robot days
Hatena was the shit, wish I could get it on 3ds but I'm not good enough at animation to justify spending the money
hatena was the shit, i miss all the weird shitty amvs people would make. i feel nostalgic now...

Youre in prison and suddenly this piece of fresh meat shows up in your cell

What do you do?
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make friends with him because he will make me a lot of easy money in the end
Thats kinda weird
Id just fuck him
i already have 12 trannies riding me like a pony every day though. this guy is jewish so he'll get me a nice job :)

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>tfw no bf who will call you little girl and cuddle you on his chest and give you head rubs and pets in his lap at nighttime to fall asleep to
>tfw no bf to read you bedtime stories
>tfw no bf to take a bath with and give towel head rubs and giggle together drying off

why is this so hard to find ;_;
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>tfw OP is a male (male)
>tfw no gf of any kind
Nigger are you 5? Sounds like you want a dad. lol.
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>tfw a trap won't ever get a relationship

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>tfw too few women are actually into gentle femdom
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get real, all girls have dicks the jews have fooled you.
If you stop being a fag and become willing to let a girl peg you and do other rougher femdom, you basically double the number of women who will femdom you.

I don't want that rough shit. I want a woman who will tie me up and cuddle me, while rubbing my dick

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I'll start.
>short (4'11" - 5'3")
>big knockers
>brown hair
>brown eyes
>non-girly nose (shouldn't be completely flate, pig nose-like)
>a few Asiatic features

Pretty much like pic related. (For anyone interested in porn, her name is Shae Summers.)
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she looks like she have fetal alcohol syndrome
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Smug Devil Dog.png
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I don't have a type, chasing women is for dumb ass niggers. Enjoy your shit.
>5'7-5'8 at most
>East or Central Asian
>fun to be around
>a bit cynical

thats all folks

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Congrats Anon! You died and made it to hell. Now you are forced to repeat the worst moment of your life or your worst fear for all of eternity.

What's going to happen in your personal hell?
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Prom night without a date
experiencing the start of life
Kentucky rumbler. I hate rollercoasters and i hope i never get on one ever again.

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