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Just torrented it, what am I in for my dudes?
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>not streaming

Fucking kek.
it's a good episode, watched it with my gf
GF recommendedit to me. Not sure why though

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So there's this roastie who's the daughter of one of my parent's close friends. They come over almost every weekend and get to spend a lot of time with them and her.

A bit of background, shes 18 and her father is a scary man who doesn't fuck around and is overly protective and doesn't even let her go out or anything. But sometimes she talks about wanting to drink and go to those EDM concerts plus shes got a bit of a dirty mouth. I bet if she had more freedom she would be a massive slut.

About a month or so ago she started to act a bit too nice to me. Defending and laughing at my jokes etc even a little flirty at times.. No body contact was made though cause I used to be an even bigger sperg and one time it came across that I didn't liked to be touched. Anyways, she invited me to her graduation and I decided to show up but the fucking switcharoo here was that she brought her boyfriend whom she never talks about.. Anyways I looked like the beta third wheel. The dude is also kinda beta (more chad than me though sad). After that night things were kinda awkward for a bit but I have played it relatively cool and it has returned to somewhat normal but now she stopped being overly nice to me and started to be a bit of a bitch in a way. However she likes to go out with me in my car whenever our parents want to get some food, etc, she also talks to me alot, seeks me out, and looks at me quite a bit.. and she has admitted that I am a cute goy.

Last night I texted her after her family came over and invited her to go out to eat and the she declined with the excuse that her dad wasnt going to let her. well today she hung out with her bf for a couple of hours at the movies and her dad was OK with that so she clearly turned me down.

Anyhow I have been a beta around her refusing to touch her or say sexually charged things because if shes not ok with it and her dad somehow finds out, my fucking head will be on a stick. but make no mistake she would make an excellent fuck 1/2
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>wanting to drink and go to those EDM concerts
>go to those EDM concerts
>EDM concerts
She's not worth it OP. Either kill her or ignore her. She's a degenerate who is responsible for the death and simplification of music.
... I say shes been a bit of a bitch because these past couple of days shes been insulting my manhood and basically calling me a beta. Yesterday my mom mentioned that when I was 5 I choose to ride a bus because I had a fear of airplanes and she blurts out "haha what a pussy" and honestly I just sat there a bit because I was shocked that she fucking tested me like that and the room had my mom and other people so I didn't do anything more than just get up and stare at her.. Today though before she was leaving was the ultimate try. Her bother said something about a girl that was staring at me last night and said something along the lines of "he could have been in her guts" and she fucking blurts out again "hes not getting into anybodys guts" which fucking made me fill with rage to the point where I wanted to pin her down and fuck that cunt for testing me like that.. So r9k now that I've told you that this whore is no angel and shes been disrespecting what little manhood I have, how do I fuck? Her dad cannot find out since he'll fucking end me, she probably doesnt go out with me because she has a bf, but the way she fucking looks at me and is always around me tells me she is attracted... I just want to have her to myself for a bit, tell her shes been disrespecting my manhood and proceed to hate fuck her until she calls me for more.
I know shes a degenerate but I only want to fug.

>his youtube frontpage doesnt look like this
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>Using Jew-tube

Get out.
but it's where i watch all my anime (dubbed of course)
you are a loser, no not your projective identification i mean you, you are a fucking loser mate

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I swear to god every single fucking day I come on this board it's filled with God damn normies. I thought this ways the place for my fellow robots to talk about our depressing lives, all I see now are normal fags infected this board. We shall exterminate all these normal fags
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I wish there were a way to exterminate them. Let's face it, normalfags will always win. It's hopeless, there's no victory among robot's.
>he hasn't switched to wiz and shutin network
It's like you want to be surrounded by normans
came by this thread just after fucking my long-term gf kinda made me laugh lole

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>tfw accidently used my female housemates toothbrush without noticing and even ise the back to scrub my tongue

Do i tell her?
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That's pretty hot OP

Fuck...I need to get laid again...but it's impossible
Your name better not be Matt or I'll fucking end you
uH oH nIgGeR

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I just took a shower for the first time in six weeks and shaved JUST to go all the way with my pillow gf.

I thought putting an effort to banging my imaginary gf would make it better, but it just showed me how pathetic I am.
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is that you lake anon?
like the lake in the middle of the woods
I drained that cesspool months ago. I tried to normie it up and I failed miserably. I'm just not fit for the normie life.

Also, this pillow gf never gets washed, so it literally stinks up my house.
Wish I didn't know that feel. Alas to my misfortune, I do.


At least we're not alone; right anon ?

If people like certain dog or cat breeds because they're ugly and somehow fund it cute (like those cats without hair that look like a ball sack) why does that logic not apply to ugly people too?
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Normies can empathize with animals to an extent because animals reside intrinsically on a lower level of existence. You can love your dog and treat it with kindness, and it can in turn be loyal and affectionate, but it can never be your equal. Having an ugly dog won't lower your perceived social standing, but having an ugly boyfriend will because a normie's personal value is derived externally by the perceptions of other normies. They viscerally reject the affections of a socially inferior mate in order to dispel the perception that they, themselves, are lower in the hierarchy.
On the flip side. I don't want to fuck my pet, but I would like to fuck my girlfriend.
Many women would fuck a pet and not a robot, though.

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When asking out another fellow gay, is it better to say "Would you like to get coffee sometime?" or "Would you like to go grab dinner sometime?

t.want to ask a gay guy out
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Asking for coffee sounds more casual imo
Just hang around a public toilet you fucking degenerate.
You binge watch Luke Cage together AND THEN you ask if they would like to get coffee sometime.

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Oh! Hey, anon. Sorry I didn't save you any chicken nuggets. There's plenty of fries left, though.
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where is her nipple?
Under the fry
>Doesn't have a penis
That's fucking gay

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Which one was the robot?
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Ringo because nobody likes him.
paul was a nice chad, john was an asshole chad, george was a normie and ringo the robot
Ringo ofc. Kept out of the spotlight and is weird in general

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>"just be yourself bra, looks aren't what matter!"
Day of the spash when?
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most victims of acid attacks in the west are white males
File: 1496754209564.gif (84KB, 403x392px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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But we have a chance to change that. Once we take away the succubis' outward appearances, they will have absolutely nothing left to hold dear, and finally will no longer hold an advantage over the robot.
acid attacks will correct the roastie's looks to match their ugly personalities

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A few days ago I was out on my usually night walk, but this specific walk took place two hours later than normal for reasons that are unrelated to this story. I usually detest leaving the house for my night walk after 6am because it's prime normalfag hours. The first two point five miles of the walk went according to usual, aside from some interruptions in my vision due to my transition lenses not properly acclimating to the sunrise. It was the break and the second half of the walk where the trouble started. After walking two point five miles I am usually pretty tired out so I'll stop on my regular bench and rest for a few minutes.

On this particular day I was having a fairly good time playing with my fidget spinner, until this beta male normalfag and his girlfriend happened start trouble. As they were approaching the bench I heard him say to his girlfriend to watch out for the homeless man. Normally this would get me in a mood where I would whack him around a bit, but I decided to let it slide in this particular instance because I actually was in the visage of a popper with my flecktarn parka. What really set me off was when his girlfriend had the audacity to walk up to me and offer me ten dollars.The insult was one step over the line and I could not bear it so I slapped her in the face with my fidget spinner in the palm of my hand. This act managed to cause a fairly large gash, and her cuck boyfriend lost it. While I was laughing he got in a cheap shot on me and knocked me out. It was pretty clear that he would have lost if it was a fair fight because he was packing a lot of estrogen, but I digress I was still knocked out and awoke inside of a police station. Luckily my mother was able to make bail, but now I have a police record and a court appointment coming up.

Why can't normalfags just mind their own business?
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>take girl's money
>now she has ten less dollars and you have your neetbux
>literally profit
but no, you had to spill the spaghetti
It's about respect. It never was or is about the money.
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You're an autist.

Protip: you're not any better than the normalfags. The supposed wretchedness of your condition does not in any objective way set you above anyone else. You're not more insightful, or wiser, and in fact, you acted like a cringey sperg.

>"Beautiful women cannot be smar-"
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neck yourself shitskin
Well virgins??
Explain yourself, Karlie is a model and an expert programmer, justify yourselves
grandpa! dinners ready get of the nets!

Post your favorite song, and other anons rate it

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kill the king - rainbow
self bumping this thread

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Where are you working over the summer /r9k/?

You...are advancing your career, right?

Pic unrelated it's just my bird
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Yes, but my job doesn't have to do with my major. Still working a wagecuck job while majoring in chemistry, but it's better than being a neet for three months, I guess.
I stopped advancing 3 years ago and now I'm retired enjoying life, summer is going by fast though
work your ass off now and retire early that's what I did don't have any regrets either, unless you really enjoy your job

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