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feels thread?

let's have a feels thread
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I feel like that photo is stupid.
id be sad too if i had such a gross looking cake
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feels are like deer veals in the fact that every single one of them is an originoli piece unlike factory farm meat.

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do grills poop too?
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t. grill
only virgins poop
that's the easiest tell
Girls do not poop. This is an urban legend.

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At 25 and khv with low economic status, am I basically fucked? There seem to be more expectations about experience and male lead the older you get. Not to mention, most women in my age class have higher career status
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I dunno. Probably.

29 and in the same situation.

It doesn't seem to get better, and I feel like Im trying pretty hard. I refused to just chase money and major in something like accounting or engineering though. That stuff is boring.
at 30 your chances of qt gf is basically nill. But, at least you have the money stuff figured out a bit it sounds. What's your career?
I guess you could say I have the "money stuff" figured out but did nothing with it. Im currently unemployed and living with my parents.

You better major in something like accounting or engineering if you want a half decent job.

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This girl wants to fuck me, I am a virgin.

Is it worth it?
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Holding on to your virginity isnt worth it, no.
She's a 4/10, maybe a 5/10 on a good day, you might as well.
Depends. How horny and hopeless are you? If you have no other options then I'd say go for it. She looks young, though. Only go for it if she's of age.
It is most definitely not worth it anon

How do you guys feel about sea anemones?
>give your complete and honest opinion!
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Give me the rundown.
It's funny if your put your finger on them they'll stick to it like tentacles.
Be careful not to hurt them, tho.
very interesting creatures

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images (5).jpg
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>love kids
>want to have like 6 - 10
>me and my gf are of middling income

Breaks my heart man, I don't want to be fucking impoverished but I want a big family.
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You do realize that having kids doesn't increase the marginal cost very much right?

Have one, might as well have 4.
>but I want a big family
same, I've never wanted anything more.
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>me and my gf
btfo anon

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What the fuck happened to /pol/? Every thread that isn't exactly about a current event or news is deleted on the spot. It doesn't even make sense because there's already /news/ to discuss current events, so what exactly is /pol/ for? Shitposting about Trump's latest tweets? Posting news but every other word is nigger?

I mean fuck's sake, you used to be able to talk about anything politically incorrect on the board, but threads about say, Elliot Rodger or other controversial figures are deleted on the spot. Where the hell else are you allowed to talk about them without a filter?
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/pol/ became real life
Because they have their own political correctness about being politically incorrect.
Go to a different *chan? It's not that hard you fucking retard. 4/pol/ has been containment board for years now filled with stupid people who don't realize that they're being shilled.

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How are you guys enjoying your miserable life today?
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this is my favorite /r9k/ tranny. fapped so many times to her
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>ywn be bullied by leafy and have his tiny prepubescent cock jammed all the way in your mouth until he relieves himself with your hater mouth
sounds like you are kinda looking forward to it happens to you. Am i wrong?

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>only have high school diploma
>no work experience
is it too late for me?
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You have less than 2 years.
If you ever hit 25 with no work experience you might have it fucking hard
At least try to apply somewhere that requires high school diploma
im 24 and have no diploma or work experience

you could always go my route and get disability

i am legitimately mentally ill though so there might be some faking it on your part but i doubt it's difficult
it's not too late
get a stem degree and point to it when people tell you that you're a failure

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What would you do if a group of people were throwing stones at your window every night?

These "people" being islamic niggers. I literally do not know them but I've ignored them for over a month and they dont stop
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start building up a piss-filled waterballoon arsenal
once you've got enough for a sustained barrage lasting several minutes
the next time they start up, rain hell upon them
if burger, shoot them
if yuropoor, do what the other anon said
I'm so jealous of Americans actually having this solution available.

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Munchausen Mom.jpg
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Has anyone here been a victim of Munchausen by Proxy?
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all christians are victims of munchausen by proxy
How are they victims
they are told from a young age that there are the evil sins in them which need jesus juice for healing

this is clearly an act of munchausen by proxy

You are browsing your new PowerBook G4 and enjoying a breakfast on the 107th floor of the World Trade Center, North Tower, at the Windows on the World restaurant. You look up from your meal, out the window and notice a long-range, wide-body twin-engine jet airliner coming towards the tower at a very fast 500 miles per hour, aimed to hit floors 93-99. Before you can even fully process what you're seeing, the tower is hit and your drink rumbles off of the table.

What do you do?
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>What do you do?

Get the fuck out of there. Number of people managed to get down from the top floors in time to avoid death desu
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Stop playing this on my windows 98 computer and start playing it in real life, in reverse.
It's over at that point, I'm a dead man

So i just finished this one game, and in this game, there's a character who drugs other people causing them to have a short term memory loss.
So i was wondering, just hypothetically speaking and that shit, not being serious, is there really any kind of drug that would cause other people to have a short term memory loss? Or not necessarily a drug, some other sort of substance?
I'm really simply just curious.
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I could tell you how

what are your complex motives behind it though

Most surgery in the US is done with drugs that block short term memory. It's too risky to use drugs that block pain, since they can screw up breathing.

So they give you a two drug combo; one the paralyzes you, and a second which stops you from remembering that you were totally aware during the operation.
Amnesia is usually nothing like what literature or tv shows describe it as.

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Hey guys, come have a chat with us

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what is that?
estj here but depressed and 50-50% E to I
It's a r9k discord server grouped by personality type. Feel free to join us
Can you do like an online test to know which one you are?

In an origami way of course

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The funny part is that all the Liberal Art degrees leftists won't get work visas to the Union.
Better start learning Swedish.
I think you mean Arabic.

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