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>That kid who daydreamed about performing their favorite song in a talent show and getting a standing ovation
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>that kid who did it and didn't get a standing ovation
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>that kid who imagined he'd save his crush from a car crash
>that kid who daydreamed about killing his crush in a car crash

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o-or else!
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I got 41.
So am I a robot?
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>exercising alone in my room makes me more of a normie, the body I get from this makes me more of a normie
>NOT smoking cigs or drinking alchohol makes me more of a normie

What the fuck
I got 141 points, this test is a little too indulgent. There should be a "browsing 4chan regularly" option which deducts like 50 points.

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>tfw you hallucinate and see yourself sitting in a chair on the other side of the room

I've never been so scared in my life
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How high nigga?
Maybe you'll get to the point were you hallucinate the devil in the form of a former russian aristocrat who uses a series of depressing anecdotes and thought experiments to try and persuade you that morality doesn't exist
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But that is correct, morality is a spook.

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Goodbye robots i am off this board. I just had sex and recived my first blowjob. My life in a couple of months turned from being depressed, failling law school, being fat, not even showering to going out every weekend being sociable getting help from a psychiatrist and having my first girlfriend wich i met this monday and i fucked her 4 hours ago, still failling law school tho. Ask me anything, tell me i am a normie i'll never come here again, by choice at least
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youll be back soon
Somehow deep down i know i will because i am broken. But i am perfecting the perfect mask for society which is getting better by the day. My advice for all of you is go see a specialist. It has made me happier
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The void will eat you, even if you don't think it will. Friends, a social life, all of that will never make you whole.

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what is the worst piece of advice and why is it "just be yourself"
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its unironically great advice.

"be yourself" stands for awareness. In order words, it's saying "be awareness".
>just be yourself
>get shit for being what you think you should be
>be what they think of you
>"See? I was right about anon"
When people say "be yourself" what they really mean is "don't give a fuck".

When you go full nihilism, nothing matters.
When nothing matters, ree at people and not give a fuck.

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What would you rate yourself in terms of looks?
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7 or 8/10, 9 if I fulfill their niche
>personality though
2/10, boring asshole
Significantly below average. Never been approached by a women.
Solid 4.5/10. A little lower when my acne gets bad

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>texted this girl telling her to bring her dog to come play with mine
>ended up just being honest with her
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Very nice anon #MGTOW
Arlington Texas?
I live here
Really? I'm going to UTA college of engineering. This is OP by the way.

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My parents are kicking me out. They've made up their minds and after a few weeks of arguing it's completely confirmed, i'm moving out in 2 months, they say that's enough time for me to figure out a plan and leave. Only problem is i'm completely incapable of looking after myself. I would literally die if I was on my own.

So after binge watching those prison documentaries on youtube, I came to realise that you can request protective custody and basically live in isolation forever, it's not like tv and movies make out where they'll just refuse you protection and let you get killed/raped. So my plan is to commit a crime that will send me to prison for a few years, just to see if I like it, then I can always go back if it's a good and comfy life. They will feed me and clothe me, and honestly it seems like the best gig ever for someone who just wants to be alone. As soon as they see how pathetic and small I am, they'll probably advise protective custody before I even get to request it.

So, does anyone have any reason why this would be a completely terrible idea, keep in mind I won't be in with the normal prisoners, also what crimes will get me say 3-5 years and not involve me hurting anyone?
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don;t you have to be considered in serious immediate danger to be place in protective custody. Have fun realizing how shit this idea is and living with a criminal record, never being able to integrate back into society like you should have originally

Man this post is so autistic.
Rape your oneitis to get in.
Unless you live in Sweden or Norway, please don't do this.

Hmm really makes you think about it
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Yes, and? It's a dumb teenager being a dumb teenager.
B&, I hope

An informal breakdown of every belief held by the typical R9K Racist.
It should be said that I was once a hard right Republican who sympathized with the Nazi plight. I saw "the greatest truth never told" and was essentially brainwashed by /pol and /r9k seig heiling to the swastika whenever I saw it.

However, my opinion changed after I attended college and applied a critical thinking to the matter and saw the light.

Every reason why Nazi-ism (national socialism) succeeded and failed back then, is the very same reasons why it sometimes succeeds but mostly fails today.
Propaganda fueled the war-machines on every side. But it worked particularly well for the Nazis due to the charisma of their leader and the nationalism of the country at the time.

It was subsequently hijacked some number of years later by the Americans to try and keep America white. This failed and the KKK/racist movement in the US was pushed underground.

The propaganda used back then is exactly the same as what is used in the new movements. And many of the same ideologies are shared for both sides.

The propaganda still works, however it has not evolved. And the tactics have not evolved either. Similar to how Germany, despite being horribly out-manned and out-gunned Blitzkrieged itself into oblivion instead of evolving it's tactics.

Hitler was charismatic, and had some good ideas, but he should have chosen better allies, and he shouldn't have done "The final solution" or lebensraum.

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It is understandable that /pol and /r9k crowds being losers themselves would side with someone who lost. (It's obviously deeper than that but allow me to explain.)
Not all of the people who ally themselves with the Nazis are white, but there are typically a greater majority of whites who propagate it.

It's true that in prisons there are certain gangs which stick to their own skin color to survive. And I think few would fault you for doing what you need to in order to survive.

However outside of that, you shouldn't rep the flag. Or propagate hate toward other races.

I know you're gonna say, "Well we don't hate them, we just have pride in ourselves!"

C'mon dude. No one is buying that. Listen to me. How is it that a bunch of losers on R9K who cry about how people are mean to them and how no girl will ever like them. Complain about others being sociopath bullies,
You choose to attack others based on the color of their skin that they were born with. Something literally none of them had any control over.
You're literally being that very same bully you claim to hate.

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And if you think you're fighting for some grand cause, go look at the cause you're actually fighting for.

Go watch one of those Neo Nazi Movements. Look at those tattooed fucking LARPER's and tell me that these hillbillies are the saviors of the white race.

If you're one of those faggots, don't think for ONE SECOND that if Hitler were still in power he wouldn't send you all to the death camps himself.

R9k itself has very little room to complain, it's a board where a bunch of losers shitpost frogs and traps. And yet they believe themselves to be the pure saviors of the "white master race".

I know most of you are going to tell me to "Go back to Tumblr" or "Back to le Bleddit"

And you know what, no, this is my R9K. You can fuck right back off to /pol or whatever gay hillbilly forum you came from.

too long did nawt read

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How can a middle eastern girl obtain a qt white bf?
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How can a half white male obtain a qt middle eastern gf?
how qt can an obtain middle male eastern girl bfg?
white males are the easiest.

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>never ever had a gf
>never been kissed or hugged by femunits
>23 years old
I usually pretend that I am unaffected by this truth but it usually gets to me
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Know that feel. I've been hugged by one but that's it. Turn 24 next month. Doubt anything is going to change for us. It just wasn't meant to be. I think for my 25th birthday I'll buy a gun and put it in my mouth.
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>missed out on teenage kissu
>missed out on teenage pussy, thighs, and boobu
>Now almost 24, KHV, poor, and nearly no libido

It used to bother me but I don't feel much anymore
I've held hands with a Human female before. AMA.

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What does /r9k/ think of pyrocynical?
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Another one of those drama community Youtubers that are made to entertain edgy middleschoolers

Don't really have an opinion on that crowd.
youtube cancer
not entertaining at all
He's making a dumb face, so I can only assume he puts on a dumb voice as well and makes obnoxious videos.

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Daily reminder that most women do not enjoy giving blowjobs, but they are willing to do it to please someone they love. Most of them really do not like anal sex, and almost no women enjoy men ejaculating in their faces. Porn is not real life, and it can taint your view of sex. It should be a fun experience for both of you.
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they do not enjoy if it's you normie tard.
Do they like being jackhammered?
what are you hoping to accomplish with this thread today

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i'm a black girl that loves white guys especially northern european ones, am i alone on this? Any other black or just non-white fembots who are into vanilla?
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I like the color contrast sexually but relationship wise not really.
Aren't white dicks and black pussies the same color?
Skin color isnt the same. Seeing a white guy balls deep in a nonwhite one is kind of arousing.

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