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I want my ex back but I fucked things up pretty bad between us and we both were in a bad place when we were together and I doubt she wants me back.

What do I do?
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Stalk her everyday, keep convincing yourself that you still have a chance with her even though you absolutely don't. try to find a good spot to creep on her through her window during night time. become absolutely obsessed with her , so that by the time she actually gets a new boyfriend and you get to see them fuck through your creeping spot. the pain would be so unsuffrable that you would finally gather up the courage to an hero. thus doing yourself, and the world, a major solid.
You get over it. You're tripping balls on hormones and brain chemicals right now and you don't even realise it.
Even if you do want her back, the best option is to act aloof like you don't need her, desperation is a huge turn off.
Wank. Still want her?

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Official robot fetishes list
>NTR (other than self inserting as the dom)
>body odor
>verbal abuse
>monster girl

If you don't have at least one of these you probably need to leave.

Feet are literally the most common fetish (Google it) and thus one of the most normie. Claiming it makes you weird or degenerate is the same as a woman saying a daddy or BDSM fetish makes her "so kinky and not like the other girls".
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>that pic
where is straight shota and traps shit
verbal abuse and femdom are what me and my girlfriend do all the time, take those out they are normie fetishes

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>tfw half potato nigger

am I even white?
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I'm afraid not, mate. Now pls get off my board.
>implying you can be a robot if you aren't at least 1/4 spud nigger

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it feels like the average 4chan's posters IQ has raised significantly during the last few days.
did anyone else notice?
im not implying anyone here was dumb before, but that i noticed people on /pol/, /tv/, and here using more complex language and larger vocabularies.
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i rape your throat faggot
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not in the past few days, there are many smart users that come here to be dumb and let loose

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Is it gay if you have sex with your gay friend while he's dressed up like a girl? He makes a pretty cute girl.
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Bro it's gay but who cares? If it's cute, fuck that shit nigga
Yes, it's like a trap. Just because they look like a woman doesn't mean they are one. The only way it couldn't be gay is if you had no idea they were a guy to begin with, and it would be really easy to find out once you notice the girl you were about to fuck has a dick.
Im Greek and lemme tell yea.
Its only gay if its up YOUR pooper.
Enjoy your self.

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Whatsup fellow virgin robots, today I paid a girl off craigslist a 100 dollars to take a snapchat pic with me in bed, where it looked like we were just chilling together (half naked, suggesting we had sex), the pic came out very natural. A couple girls from my university actually messaged me asking who it was, this confirms my theory that you become interesting to girls when they think you are attractive to other girls.

My question is: could you guys think of any other scenario I could take a picture of that will make it look like I am attractive to other girls? I want to expand my scheme.
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>I paid a girl off craigslist a 100 dollars to take a snapchat pic with me in bed

i'm sorry you had to do that
Look rich and popular.
Wear a suit and have at least one well dressed girl beside you.
for $20 more you could have got a hooker off of backpage, hell for a hundred or so more you could have got a good looking hooker.

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>Chad looks at her and thinks "Damn I will bang that ass until she screams"
>You look at her and think "Damn she's cute, I want to cuddle with her on a sofa"
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I don't think either of those things about katya.
actually I think damn i wanna pillage that ass with my dick then cuddle with her on the couch
i want both


Femanons, what's the worst thing Stacy and her friends did to you in school?
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Forced me to eat their bfs poop off a plate in exchange for a date to junior prom. They videoed it and showd everyone, even coach chad laughed at me. I dropped out the next week and have never entered a school again
holy shit I'm that's terrible

I mean that's pretty horrible but you didn't have to do it

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scenes from a hat.jpg
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Meals that you can pack for lunch at work that do not require reheating.
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chips n dip

it taste much better at work then at home
Beans, rice, and sadness.
meal replacement shake
crackers+canned tuna

"Champ, it's time you got a job. Why the gloomy face? You just need to cowboy up, head on in there, speak with the manager, give him a firm handshake, and tell him you're the right man for the job."
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B-but I've already got a job
Are you fucking kidding me, OP? If you're gonna put a hat on boomdad maybe go a little further than just saying "cowboy" once.
"We've been through this before, Champ. That Chinese cartoon eWorld meetup group doesn't count."

"Champ, you could either sit there and keep blaming others for your problems or cowboy up and grab the world by the horns. And all it takes is showing up, speaking with the manager, giving him a firm handshake, and telling him you're the right man for the job. Simple as that, Champ?"

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Think about it, Anon. You've missed on so many things in life and you're going to miss even more.

>Teenage love
>First kiss
>Having a large social circle
>Going on a vacation with someone other then your parents

A serous question. Whats the one thing that keeps you from ending it all.
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I got my first gf at 25 and I don't feel like I missed anything
There is not as many robots on this board as yould like to think,kiddo. This board is as normalfaggot as a board can get. You are better off going to o or x for this question.
>Whats the one thing that keeps you from ending it all

How do i stop caring about people and being sentimental and thoughtful? I have tryed to be nice and and all that shit to females but all it gave me was a girlfriend who cheated on me for 9 months in 11th grade. Do women like being treated like trash? Or am i just doing things wrong? I honestly dont understand.
Picture not as related as you think.
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>a girlfriend who cheated on me for 9 months in 11th grade.
it was probably your fault tho
You got two choices pal you can date human toxic waste that is the average lazy woman, or be single till your dick atrophies from disuse.
There is no middle ground, desirable responsible women are a myth.
Choose your fate.

Oddly enough, being nice or sentimental or not has very little impact on your options.
Yeah. I was focusing on my gpa more than her. And she grew up in a single mother house hold so i guess it was her fathers fault as much as my own. >>38387487
But from what basis are you geting this info? How do you know?

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>Oh, hey anon. Tell your brother Chad that mommy's ready for him!
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alright mommy let me just go get my bicycle helmet too
fucking fags


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What's the appeal of romantic movies to women?
All the male characters are sentimental betas who would get rejected in a heartbeat irl.
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>all male characters are sentimental betas
don't they rape the woman half the time
Because like everything else, it's being pushed by (((them)))
I don't think so

Not an explanation

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ITT: minor greivences

>Captcha says click all panels with "car"
>Entire picture is a car
>Click them all
>"You seem to have mistyped the captcha"
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>someone stops dead in front of you in the street to check their phone
>Walk into them
>They blame you
>Captcha says click all panels with "cat furniture"
>graduates with a 3.9 gpa from highschool
>still doing jack shit with my life

Wtf i thought good grades ment something.

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