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>Be me working at walmart
>Climbing ladder to take down frozen food from shelves
>nobody is around so I act like I'm in the WWE climbing the ladder to grab the belt or swanton bomb

anything you robits do at walmart that questions your sanity?
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I used to work at Walmart as a cart pusher. That made me question my sanity.
Working at Sam's club pushing carts was one of the strangest experiences of my life. Just working there at all is just fucking weird.

Why aren't you doing temp labor instead of working at fucking Walmart? Benefits be damned, you're going to be treated better and paid more across the board.

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>bad day at work
>end up sperging out at boss
>boss starts smiling
>says he likes my honesty and passion
>end up getting promoted
>have to work harder and for more hours

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>MMA fighters can punch a guy to death and it's no big deal even though a girl can just text some hoser to death and go to jail

So, it's obvious that it's perfectly legal for sportsmen to kill eachother so long as they sign the waiver and the intent wasn't to kill. I see no reason why gladiator matches aren't permitted. The intent to kill wouldn't exist there either, and I'd outlaw blows to the head, so I am already more humane than those savage animals who beat eachother to death instead of using the noble path of the sword. Deathblows would also be forbidden, once they go down, that is it, you have to stop. If they died, oh well, that happens and there's nothing that can be done about it.
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What's up robots I somehow was able to score a date with a chick I met. Any date ideas?
Im really not sure where to take her. Pls halp.
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picnic in park or something thoughtful that you put effort into. grils like that shit
>asking for dating tips on /r9k/

in all honesty how much do you know about this girl, any common interests? for example the girl I've been going on a few dates with, we just tend to chill at mine and play vidya, luckily for me we both drink at the same club so we got chance to talk about shit we do before going on any dates.

We're both into movies. But I think movie theater dates are overrated as fuck. Plus I don't wanna bring her over to my place and potentially bore her. I really got nowhere else to ask.

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dont be frighten.png
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Wen tims r tuff, rember thos who car
Lern frum tuff tims an becum mor carring
Wurk to ur goals anon u culd get tem one day
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Shut the fuck up. No one truly cares, everyone is selfish and only truly has their interests at heart.
"Tough times" don't make me more caring, they just humble me and make me less likely to voice my opinion when I think the situation is fucking bullshit, until I eventually get so upset I blow up and let it all out at once and just make myself look like a jackass.
Sometimes we as human beings just can't fucking succeed, regardless of how hard we try. Trying to pretend that anyone can do anything they want is fucking stupid.

Fuck you OP.

Short guys, is it really that bad? have you ever been rejected solely because of your height? I'm 5'11 so I've never really had any problems with my height so I'd like some insight..also REAL short guys answer 5'7 and below since I see guys here who think 5'9-5'10 is somehow midget status
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Yes it is really bad, I've always been rejected because of my height

I've never been rejected before. (Because I've never bothered asking anyone)
Aside from that I don't have too much trouble with my life aside from feeling awkward with my best friend who's 6'2 and when he brings his buds over who are all 6' chads.
>my 6'6 height makes someone's vagina contract automatically
>still a 23yo virgin

>tfw CIA niggers are data mining hard tonight
Be on the lookout anons
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Where are you getting this intel from pham
File: Capture.png (168KB, 726x517px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I believe it
fuck, man, I hope

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Anons who have given up on romance, can you tell us how you extinguished the last bit of hope. I want to be free of this desire
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muh v taper.jpg
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SSRI's stole my libido away. My last shred of hope, of one day getting my shit together so I can be stable and productive and have a family of my own just got shot to all hell.

What's the point of life when your dick doesn't work? What goals have any meaning left?
Getting cheated on did the trick for me
You have to train yourself to hate the world so intensely, it's blinding. Condition yourself to hate porn. Never fap. Eventually your sex drive will die. My sex drive is dead. Im probably going to die without touching a female. I have accepted this the same way I've accepted I'm not going to be a billionaire. Now I focus on the gym and my dog.

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fast food manager.jpg
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To make training easier for fast food why don't we hand new employees books and website access for them to study at home? Not everything can be covered in training or within the first few weeks of working.
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If you don't make the fucking burger the right time after being told twice you should get electrocuted.
This is a Mike Pence joke, since 'burger' means 'American'.
>why don't shitty wageslave jobs give homework???

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>tfw your bully sent you a pic of his massive cock and still acts like he doesn't want to destroy your boipucci
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Maybe his newest form of bullying you is leading you on even though he has no interest in you.
I want to lick your boipucci op
>tfw no boitoi to bully into loving me

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> find any spot you like in the woods
> build a house
> live in house and hunt and fish/farm
> have tons of children because a lot of them will die
> familiar with death and cherish life
> naturally high testosterone from no estrogens in food and water
> never have to work for someone else

Now we get to slave our entire lives away for a house that takes one month to build. Think about that, 30 years of your life for some brick and plumbing and wire. Every suburb is just a passive income stream for the banks raping the wageslaves in interest rates every month. If you slip up and miss a few payments they take your shelter and pocket your money and resell it to another cog in the machine.

Your food is monopolized by a few companies. Literally a handful of people dictate the quality of your food and how much you pay. You can stick a seed in the ground and do nothing for a year and it will grow into food.

Your water is beyond fucked, not to mention the fact you pay for something that literally falls free from the sky. You would buy bottled air if they sold it.

Take advantage of the normies greed and stupidity. Let then make you money. In turn we must start to change the system. Complaining does nothing, we must slowly take back our water, our food, our lives. Day by day work towards being a healthier humble human being, but you must also realize this is a game. A game you must play to win if you want things to change.

Dear diary
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I didn't get over 55 thousand :( Haven't been working my other job as much due to me wanting more time to relax. But I'll come roaring back soon!
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money is for plebs as long as I make enough to go to the spa once a month I am good
I have $400 saved up :)

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Where can I find picture sets of Chads? I want photos of their face and muscle.

Just to have fun on tinder.
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ask your daddie

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OOHHH WAGIE did u pay your taxes?
i need my new PS4pro
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>implying i pay taxes
ah, such a naiive neet
the jew will come for u...tick tock tick tock

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post itt if you're a bad person
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I instructed a beta into banging a married woman then getting her to divorce her husband before never talking to her again
Ironically this thread is empty, even though many of the "people" that inhabit this board are genuinely bad people.
Shut up,you moon cricket.

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