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what games do you robots play i got doom today and keep buying games over and over just to forget them entirely how do you cope with this feeling?
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I've only been playing on pc for like a year and a half and have almost 200 games on steam

I don't know why I buy so fucking many
i have more fun with "shitty" games and arcade style games.

video game stories are just utter trash nowadays. i can't stand it.
all the modern mechanics are garbage and remove any semblance of skill, it's just grind this, pick up this item, click this skill. it's shit.

stuff like oldschool doom, shmups, pacman championship edition dx, bayonetta, are about the only things i play now adays.
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Downloaded aria of sorrow on my 3ds last week to try to get into castlevania. Fucking loving it so far. Just finished the show they put on Netflix, but I was bummed when I realized there were only 4 episodes.

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Why are girls allowed to have sex with people other than me?! It should be illegal to have sex before marriage!!!
>meet grill
>qt we hit if off
>she's not a virgin
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>hitting it off with someone
>being so much of a beta cuck as to shit on it because shez nut @ veergeen
You'll be alone forever with that attitude.
>being so much of a beta cuck that you would fuck a semen stained woman

>tfw scare away every guy that shows interest in me because I'm too clingy
Fembots have it hard sometimes, too
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>tfw no clingy insecure fembutt gf
How clingy are we talking? Got any stories?
sorry if I sound insensitive, I just feel like there's a story coming on
just post your contact already

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Hey r9k
I want you all to know that I love you so very much
You all deserve to be loved, no matter who you are and how "weird" you are, and I love all of your little quirks. Other people might not see the value to, they might be blind, but you're all wonderful and unique people, that deserve happiness. Im sorry so many of you are downtrodden and upset, but that's just because society doesn't see the value any of you had
Just know
You are loved
Every day I read this board it makes me feel like I have friends
And you are all the most important people in the world to me.
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You are nice, anon. You deserve those trips
That was very kind. You should record it on vocaroo so I can pretend you are talking to me in person.
Post your discord!
Id rather give you a personalized message once i get to know you
plus then i can talk to you kinda in personish

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Oneitis told me I look like pic.

How fucked am I?
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Why are you fucked? You are a good looking man.
The Get out actor is really ugly man
White grill here. Black guys are HOT!!! And I bet you're packing down there as well ;)

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is getting back with your ex a shitshow?

finally got over her but we start talking again and im back to square 1
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I don't have any exes, but I have noticed that other people who go back to an ex always regret it because the same problems exist and are usually worse the second time around. Just find someone new.
its fucky, im playing with fire i fear. Like her a lot but don't like her at all
#1 they almost never take you back, so you're just going to get drawn into orbit again. she's taking all the power from you.
She'll act nice and stuff, but it's all AN ACT unless she actually gives you some booty

#2 it is hell, she'll just fall into the same shit you broke up over before, only this time she gets to lord the guilt of breaking up over your head, or how she fucked some guy while yall were on break or some shit

just keep her as fwb if it can, if it goes further than that it's not worth it.
if she doesn't fuck you in a few days, then just drop her.

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All my friends hang out with each other without me, not much else I can do.
Righto curt

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<STILL using wangblows
what's your 'excuse' for not using free software, /r9k/?
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>what's your 'excuse' for not using free software, /r9k/?

I shave and shower every day
Install >>>/g/entoo dude
Using/advocating for free software is a sign of mental illness. I don't want my computer usage to become a full time job.

See: http://stopnerds.github.io/

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My roommates' friend is sleeping upstairs on the futon, potentially wearing only a t-shirt. What do?
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>My roommates' friend is sleeping upstairs on the futon, potentially wearing only a t-shirt. What do?
What the fuck kind of answer are you looking for here?
If I told you to rape her would you do it? No, so why even ask?
To add to it, I am actually subleasing from this girl and she is staying the night after a night at a bar with the roommates
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Keep your hand on your pant and avoid a sexual harasement case being filled.
plus being raped by bbc in shower for 3 years

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>Merry Christmas Papa!
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what a shit drawing
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Yes, now you watch me all this food while you get nothing.
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if thats already shit to you, try to browse pixiv or gelbooru, kiddo

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Who here /bike/
Or /snake/
I can talk about either.
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And here's my beloved serpent companion.
He's a boa constrictor, and also a very good boy.
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Here's a photo of snakehouse
post more pics of this GOOD BOY

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I'm starting a new life. I'm beginning it fresh.

I'm deleting everything off my phone and computer. Including pepes.
Looking through all the images and meme videos I've downloaded, I realised I was just cyber-hoarding and spiraling into depression.

Dumping my Pepes here if anyone wants them.
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Pepe and baby. Very subversive.
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Communist pepe.

(Will dump 2 more and see if this gains interest.).
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Esoteric pepe. Reptile man.

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>Working out

What are things you started and never followed through with, robots?
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>electronic music
>general electronics work
>losing weight

The few that I can remember.
Read War of Art you fags, there's a pdf

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>tfw can't cum from sex, blowjobs or handjobs. Only from masturbating.
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You just need to work that boipussy of yourself. You'll be cumming like a girl in no time.
Not gonna work, I've been working construction most my life so I'm far from feminine.
Construction work doesn't destroy your g-spot.

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Where do you see yourself in 20 years, robots?
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>Select all the skulls.
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Slinging dope and throwing gang signs.
Rotting corpse hopefully

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