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Why must white countries and only white countries have immigration?

Let us start with the United States. Anti-whites say the United States must accept immigration because white people took the land away from the Native Americans. If that really was the case one might start to wonder why Germany must accept immigrants. For as we all know, Germans never took their land away from any other non-white group.

Then you will notice that anti-whites change their argument. They will now talk about the evil Nazis, the Holocaust, and Hitler. It would be a disgrace if Germany, with their history, would discriminate and not take in non-whites; anti-whites will say.

So what about the United Kingdom and France, they never took their land from anyone nor did they support Hitler. Then you will notice that the anti-whites will change their arguments again. This time they will pretend to be objectively interested in former colonial powers taking in immigrants from the former colonies.

What about Iceland? The people on Iceland did not take the land away from anyone, they did not support Hitler nor did they have any colonies. Again the anti-whites will change their arguments in order to support immigration and say that Iceland has an aging population and they "need" more workers.

If you have argued with so-called anti-racists, you will notice that they always have many contradictory arguments for why white countries and only white countries must have immigration.

All of these different arguments, taken as single cases, may seem genuine. But then comes the case of Japan:

Japan was allied with Hitler, they had colonies and they also have an aging population. But Japan does not have massive Third World immigration. Do "anti-racists" condemn Japan, and accuse them of being a racist country? No. That is because anti-racists are purely anti-white, not anti-Asian. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.
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The goal of abolishing the white race can be divided up into four basic stages:

1. The demonization of whites. This produces a psychological condition often referred to as "white guilt."
2. Third World immigration into all white countries and only white countries.
3. Forced integration as the first step towards assimilation. Assimilation is not directly forced but anyone who opposes it is condemned for being racist.
4. Anyone who speaks out against any part of the process of white genocide will be denounced as a "racist", "white supremacist" or a "Nazi".

The demonization of whites makes white people accept non-white immigration, miscegenation, dissipation, integration, and assimilation which will lead towards a melting pot where all formerly white countries and only white countries will be brown, and thus the white race will become extinct.
>Why must white countries and only white countries have immigration?
Because who the fuck wants to immigrate to Africa? Not even they want to live there. Chink lot aren't cucked enough to bend over and take it.
Because their corporations steal the third world's resources and if they can't they send the army.

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Is it weird to eat at a restaurant alone? Do any of you do it?
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One no, two is also no
It isn't weird. I do but only not often.
Sometimes. It's kinda comfy to be in a restaurant alone, preferably between mealtimes so the place is really quiet.

Plenty of normies hang out in cafes alone to write/work.

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Where are my fellow alcoholic party rockers at tonight? What are you drinking? Haven't been drinking the past couple of days, I'm back with two 40 Ozs and I intend to finish them both.

It's going to be one hell of a night!
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From one beer to the next, over and over and over
Let's have fun man. I'm going to watch an anime that another anon suggested I watch called kakegurui, I'm looking forward to it.
>tfw not drinking anymore
Feels fucking awful man. Hopefully I'm not falling for the health jew. Don't care about my body but it's been fucking up my mind.

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>makes 20k a month
>live streaming fucking video games or random shit for 2 hours per week
>muh depression

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Can't feel sorry for this guy
I can't even wrap my head around the fucking losers that watch streams, they probably make r9k look like Chaddius Maximus
This. I have to wonder how fucking empty does your life have to be to end up watching some faggot play video games all day.

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Robots, do you ever think about how your bloodline will die with you? How all of your ancestors since the dawn of man have managed to successfully find a mate, reproduce, and continue their lineage never knowing that legacy would end with you, an adult man who masturbates to Japanese cartoons? Does that ever bother you?
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There is so much pressure on me to get pregnant. My sister cannot have kids and I have no cousins. Literally the last of my name. I am fucked.
Yes. It makes me smile knowing I will be the end of this senseless cycle.
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I don't want to have a kid until the world becomes a decent place again. If I get a daughter she'll probs get blacked, if I get a son he'll bleach some sheboon.

hey anon, yes im talking to you, join our discord right now!
no uniquely roles for very very special users, no useless internet xp, just plain a plain white chat for lonely robots where everyone is treated equally

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Haha nice myth you faggot.

Go back to /leftypol/ and never come back until you learn basic economics you faggot.
a chatroom isnt the same as economics, you know
Get a job you hippie. Or I will burn your commune down, with no survivors.

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>almost 30 yaers old, still working a dead-end job very close to where I live
>did not show up for my shift on Sunday
>nothing happened, feel on top of the world, like I pulled off a graet heist
>did not show up for my shift on Monday
>nothing happened, realize I must have been fucking retarded showing up to work all this time if the managers do not evne check
>two days of perfect bliss, read some comfy literature (Storm of Steel by Ernst Junger), play a bunch of CSGO, order a bunch of McDonald's
>wake up late today after sleeping in, was planning to go back to work but stayed up too late playing CSGO
>see 10 missed calls, a bunch of new voicemails
>too afraid to listen
>realize they probably caught me after I did not show up for 3 days in a row
>remember that I was booked to help train someone today which is why they probably caught me

Holy fuck you never told me that getting a job would be this stressful. What are my options?

So far I am thinking about just showing up tomorrow and acting normal and hoping for the best.

Otherwise I am thinking about going to the doctor and telling her that I feel very sick and see if I can get her to phone my boss and tell him that I very sick and could not work this week or answer my phone.

As a sidenote I think someone I work with has my Steam info because in game today some faggot was yelling on the microphone about how [my username] skipped work and cannot even get MVP. He knife killed me and the whole server laughed so I do not plan to play CSGO anymore and feel ready to return to work.
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I forgot to add that if I lose this job I will probably not be able to pay for rent next month. I do not know where else I can live but I think I can probably stay without paying rent for at least 3 months.
Kiss your job goodbye, fag.
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>college research shit for muh work experience
>studying crawdads or some shit
>job is to measure and weigh them
>sometimes lucky enough to put them in the pit
>pit is where two go to interact
>get a bigger pit one day
>only person working that day
>roastie tells me to do mass integration to reduce size or something
>doesnt mention it needed by gender and size at a timr
>dump all in pit
>leave for lunch break
>come back to lab
>silence of the crawdads
>crays going full aushwitz
>legs and busted shells bobbing in the water
>panic and start shoveling them back into containers
>pinched and bleeding for days
>some survivors died from injuries
>sperg out and leave
>quit group
>find out roastie got btfo by professor and lost TA position

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GF sent a snapchat of her cleavage to another guy 'because it's a meme."

What should I do r9k?
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Getting cucked is a meme too soooo
Only a matter of time before her butthole gets memed.
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fuck her violently well telling her what she did wrong

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Drown in the boom.


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>some say the end is near
>some say we'll see Armageddon soon
>certainly hope we will
>I sue could use a vacation from this,
my fave ones this week
god i fucking love pink floyd

this album is fucking great A, live Dazed and confused

want to talk more about music but don't want to shitpost too much
>this album is fucking great A, live Dazed and confused
haha w h o o p s :):):)::):):)

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>lift more and find a good church
>finish medschool
>find 18 year old slavic wife
>if that fails find 18 year old latino wife
>if that fails find 18 year old indian/asian wife
>pump her full of 5+ kids and never look back
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Stop jerky jerky to haram sissyfication porn.
And follow the lead of allah.
kys mudslime
I plan to play videogames and shitpost for the next two years until my savings run out then kill myself.

I have an unstable personality and no discipline, making plans is simply fantasizing.

What will your daughter say about you in her inevitable GirlsDoPorn interview?
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daddy had a huge dick and was fun
having a daughter would require me to 1. talk to a girl
2. have sex with her
3. her not abort it.
not likely to happen
when I was young my daddy had me pose as he drew me as an anime girl.

sometimes with a dick drawn on

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>tfw OCD
i hate this shit
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Just look it in the eyes and give it a nice firm handshake
How has your family been treating you recently, friend?
Guess what anon? Im going to go wash my hands a single time. Just one time! You jelly?

Who here has been on the receiving end of a car accident?
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When i was a kid shit was cash
my parent clipped a guy just minor damage to the rear end swerved because guy in front suddenly stopped or something

just after my friends and I first got our license to drive some time in high school we used to just go cruising around and see what we could witness

things i learned, in no particular order:

>if you honk at someone waiting to turn left at the light, 50% of the time they will just go without question
Yeah, I went out in my pjs for a 15 minute fast food run and some roastie retard pulled out right in front of me as I was going 40 mph. It was a fat spic bitch and she pretended she didn't know English. Ruined my night I wanted to strangle the whore.

talk about camwhores, tripfags, discords
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Alpha is greatest, kindest 2D girl in existence.
All the tripfags are DEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAD
heeeey ginger

>tfw no low self esteem qtbf to strap to a chair and violently edge for hours on end
>no broken boyfriend to hit while I ride him
What's the point in living?
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guys please im desperate
Kill yourself you filthy fucking sodomite.
You deserve THE BOG
I'm a woman you shithead

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