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How the fuck do I learn to enjoy reading? I think reading would be good for me.
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Now fuck off
It involves forcing yourself to read everyday. It's very difficult at first but not impossible.
wow wtf could you be any ruder like for real

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hypnoslave gf.png
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Original comment was required here.
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Infertile gf.jpg
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Posting cutest gf
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Every thread until I find her, though I doubt I'll find her here.

Looking elsewhere, though.

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Help a brother out bots.
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Amateur porn is clearly superior
are trannies allowed? Rolling for domino presley.
elsa jean getting BLACKED desu

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It's my 19th birthday today.
I have no friends.
I have never so much as held hands romantically.
I attend a shitty community college where i never interact with anyone and go straight back to my parents house when my classes are over.
I put lots of work into my school but i always produce mediocre results.
I have no talents, skills, or interesting hobbies.
I am currently off for the summer and do absolutely nothing but feel miserable for myself.
I am doing nothing but browsing 4chan today, just like every day.
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Happy birthday anon. Good luck out there.
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Well happy birthday anon, even if it isn't actually that happy.
I'm going to be 20 next month, the ride never ends, but at least you have porn and vidya.
Any way make more threads over the summer and my trip fag ass will reply as much as I can,

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How do you deal with being a social reject? I thought Isis was the answer
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>Fights for normie isis
>Doesn't fight for the Kurds.

GTFO normie.
> He doesn't stand with Assad
> He says normie instead of normalfag

lel are you starving yoursself for ramadan?

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November the 6th 2005. That was the day I saw Hell itself.
A teenage girl whose body was melted into the wall. A girl whose face was so tender that my finger poked a hole through her cheek whenever I touched it. A mother and bother who were both bisected.
My sanity broke, and I didn't speak a single word until 2009. I didn't speak a sentence until 2011.
I plan to tell more people about my story one day. For now, I'm coping with anonymous posts on 4chan.
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What the fuck. Why was she melted? What happened? I really want to know.
How did you see Hell? Did your brain shut down but then return?
I was doing missionary work in Afghanistan and visited a place that had recently been bombed. The skin of the corpses were so tender that they could be ripped through as easily as a wet paper bag.

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download (11).jpg
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When did you realize you are all alone in the world?

Loyalty doesn't exist and everyone will abandon you the second you wrong them or you aren't of value to them.

No matter what everyone will drop you the second you become a burden to them. There's nothing wrong with this it's just threally way it is.

Family might be the only exception but for some of us that might not be an option.

One day you could disapear and die and no one would notice. The world would move on like nothing ever happened.

Everyone is for themselves at the end of the day. Don't be fooled into thinking anyone cares, they just want something from you.

Be strong anons, never let anyone take advantage of you in hopes they will return the favor. Take what you can and don't let anyone know your true intentions.

Survival of the fittest never stopped. It just evolved into social communication and interaction.
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>survival of the fittest

most robots aren't even that strong they don't even have the balls to confront their problems rather sit home and watch anime and play vidya. Society is made for strong will minded people we robots don't have the attributes to stay in this Society. But I do wanna make my self better but i feel so hopeless every time i walk around see what my life has come to thinking about. All the things i could have come but i was too lazy and mostly put all my effort into things that were pointless I just wished i could turn back in time but unfortunately im too old.

I like loneliness, It's predictable and preaceful.
Why would you want to live in the chaos of others when you can live in peace on your own?

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Who else here is tired of feeling like a retard everyday and wants to die? Just to fall over dead because guns even seem like you wouldnt die instantly. Even 12 gauge rounds point blank seems like you would die instantly. would one kill you before you even heard the gun go off? Should it be done far away from
people so they cant run out and call 911 to revive you?

is it just best to go full idgaf and smoke and eat anything you want?
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I really doubt 911 can revive you from a 12 gauge to the face
what about in the mouth? do you think youd be dead before you heard it or is that just wishful thinking?
Youll live and be a bigger retard

you know it

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so Frank Grimes was basically the archetype of your typical robot right?

- bad, cheap haircut
- no respect from co-workers
- had to struggle for everything
- lack of friends/family
- bitter
- jealous of others successes
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>"And even though franks agonizing struggle through life was tragically cut short, im sure hes looking down"
Tfw the simpsons predicted elliot rodger
Grimey had a nice job so I like to think of him as a failed normie.
That implies he was a successful normie to begin with.

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When will you accept that brown girls are perfect for robots?

>they WILL love you
>they aren't corrupted like western girls
>they literally wrote the kama sutra
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White roasties just aren't worth it anymore. They've priced themselves out of the market
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i don't get it

please help me get it

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I'm 19 years old.

I am handsome, smart, athletic and virile.

I have a novel that is in it's final editing stage, and a creative writing professor at my college has read the first draft and thinks it's saleable.

I have a girlfriend who is confident, articulate, playful and spontaneous.

I have a small group of interesting friends from different social and academic backgrounds, and I also have many other acquaintances who see me as a reliable source of humour and good company.

My parents are alive and in good health.

I have no regrets.

I have already experienced three existential crises, the latter of which was described as having the depth and profundity of a man twice my age.

I am a passionate lover, a sharp thinker, and a trader of witty repartee.

I am not self-pitying, meek or needlessly humble.

I will live a good life at your expense
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>I will live a good life at your expense
>at your expense

How so?
You will be sad when you will finally lost all of what makes you proud and happy
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faster than light.jpg
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you must feel very special now

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Were things better before 2007?
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yes, but it wasn't truly bad until 2011, and then until 2015
The internet was sure as hell better, I don't know about everything else. I guess there was less degeneracy in media and culture, although that isn't saying much.
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Everyone was much happier back then. World as a whole changed after the 00's. 2012 was the last bearable year, after that everything went downhill.

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>everyone hates me because I never laugh
>every time I try to talk to normally happy people they sound irritated and serious

Just because I don't laugh that doesn't mean I'm fucking mad. Why are normies such shitheads? I wish I was dead. But I can't buy a gun because I've been to a mental hospital for being suicidal. I hate everyone. I just want to die.

Since everyone hates me everywhere I go I always feel like quitting every job I have because it's unbearable to be surrounded by people you all hate you. I have so much anxiety about it I don't want to leave my room. I'm gonna have to suffer like this and society won't let me just end myself. Humans are fucking evil.
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You can buy rat poison, OP-san.
lighten up, bro
why so serious?
your life sounds like a joke and i'm laughing at it
so maybe you can too
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And who is this semen demon?

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Holy shit guys he did it. The man known as "Aryan Chad" has gone on a killing spree. 38 confirmed dead, 40+ injured. Will R9k be the blame?
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wow omgggg, he did it!!
I've never seen a shittier PS job
Wait did you just shoop a pic of yourself in or what?

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>Last Thursday
>Go to therapist for the first time
>After going into slight detail of my emotions doctor is called
>Placed on "Involuntary 72-Hour Psych Hold"
>Sent to hospital
>Learn absolutely nothing
>Use free time to rethink myself and my depression
>Take medication for my auditory hallucinations
>Get discharged
>Drive home
>Sit at computer
>Write this thread
Any other robots with mental hospital experiences?
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I was there for 6 days. Was comfy but was a ton of bullshit
what did you spatter out, anon?
Yep. Last time I had a proper hospitalization was last May. I was there for less than a week. They couldn't do anything for me.
Apparently it was bad enough to get me admitted but not bad enough to let me stay there for longer

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