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>at class
>cute fucking girl keeps glancing at me from time to time
>Legs shaking
>Hands somewhat trembling
>Glances at me again

It cant fucking be. Can a girl really like me? *Is his true or am I just delusional?
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Do it anon.
Do it.
Its time to stop being s neet.
Do it.
Do it.
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How m8?

It doesn't make sense.i must be crazy .

I'm gonna try talk to her ,if it doesn't work out. Fuck it .I don't give a shit
Shes checking you out. You have small window to approach her and if you dont then she'll write you off.

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Does anyone else live with a constant desire to die? Like, not wanting to commit suicide, but just to wiped out by some freak accident or get cancer or something.
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For me it is not even to die. I don't want my loved ones to have to deal with that, even if it were not my own fault. I've had this feeling that I just want to drift away, to cease to exist. I'm not in misery, I just want to be done.
I've come close to dying many times, but wasn't successful.
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I feel you anon. I want to die but I don't want to kill myself. Life is meaningless if you have no meaning in life

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When will the alt rights make their move on the gays, murder them on sight and make the afraid to exist again? They're so disgusting and they ruin life for everyone on the planet.
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Alt-right is filled with too many gay sympathizers because /pol/ is fucking degenerate. We need to purge them before we can unite to end the homos.
Speaking as a gay guy and leftist, what have the alt-right actually done to "ruin" things, other than hurting peoples feelings with mean words?
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>alt right
>gay sympathizers

Wew. Guess you missed the part where Mike Pence's comments about electrocuting all gays made him their hero. Guess you also missed Trump banning trannies from military service and their reaction to that too.

Is she a 10/10, /r9k/?

Of course not. You'd call her ugly, trashy, fake, etc.

So how come none of us will EVER be able to land a woman like her? How the fuck does that even work?
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>(tfw I'll never cum deep inside a russian girl)
who is she? women looking like dirty whores is one of my many fetishes
>So how come none of us will EVER be able to land a woman like her?
Because she THINKS she's a 20\10 and won't concede her """grace""" to anyone below what she thinks he's a 20/10

gonna make myself an harcut all by myself.

quads decide what i get.

(nazy cross, dick, cristal ball) accepted.
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pic related op unorigiofnsjsnfungnfbfbfb
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get a haircut like mister T. used to have
op here forgot to said i start school tomorow,
ppl gonna think im retarded anyways better make it quik

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im in love with a girl but she will never know that i exist
even if she did i doubt shhe will even like me
obsessing over her was my past time but now that something hit me im going fuckng crazy
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I fall for streamers sometimes

>urf urf urf urf
its almst a year and it hurts f am
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I just go on her wishlist and buy her something.

It lightens the feel and my wallet considerably.

Of course I fall for her in the process but it's miles easier to distance myself from a streamer oneitis than a local one.

Plus streamers often stream.

join our secret cult, anon
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saving you guys the time since discords are all the same
>group of ten-ish social people make up 95 percent of conversation while the rest get ignored
>two or three girls join
>instantly become mods
>chat moves to voice
>server goes to shit for everyone but a selected assortment of orbiters
>some butt blasted fag makes a new server
>rinse and repeat
you now understand the way world works
you might call it a /soc/iety
get the fuck off my board

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ITT: Post your best Virgin vs Chad memes
Extra points for OC and extra rare Chadposts
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varg vs golden one.jpg
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Someone who's artistic should do Wizard Chad vs Virgin Robot
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I maed dis orig

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Can someone explain to me the black pill?
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im a blackpiller and ill try

>everything is shit
>nothing you do can make a difference, we are all doomed
>it cant get better
>only way is to become fatalist and ride the waves of life
people often wrongly equate it with fedora atheism
Oh I am very misinformed then. I thought it was something to do with Chad monopolizing all the women
This plus an embrace of evolutionary psychology

SFT, haven't seen one in a while

Share feels, add each other, have fun.

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Red Flags for Steam Friends
>oWo what's this!
>ironic weeb
>UK or Australian (guaranteed shit person)
>hundreds of hours in DOTA 2 or CSGO
>is underage
>uses drugs
>has a million shitposting comments on his profile
>link to curiouscat, last.fm in his profile description
>politics anywhere on profile
not everyone can be an objectively superior human being like you unfortunately :(
File: 1485875769010.png (243KB, 465x440px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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asshurt, cancerous Steam friend detected

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Depression is not a fucking mental illness. MAJOR depression is. Depression is what you feel after something bad happens and you feel sad or you had a shitty, 'depressing' day at your normie workplace. MAJOR depression is a mental illness, because you literally can't smile. Not even once.

Everytime you say you're depressed, specify if it's severe and permanent or not. It will cause way less people around you to just go "why can't you just be happy lolz".
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DDNOS exists anon.
As long as your depression has been diagnosed by a clinician, it's a real mental illness in my opinion.
Major depression is for fucking pussies

Lieutenant colonel depression is real business
Oh for fuck's sake, get out of your victim complex anon. YOU are the one making yourself unhappy with all this negative self-talk.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Stoicism. Look them up and get help, or realise that you don't actually want to get better and stop whining.

T, someone who attempted suicide multiple times and is now enjoying every second of life

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>tfw all my friends like jocks, but i like nerdy guys

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>wah I'm too Chad for my own good :(
>a PhD in Engineering isn't nerdy
What makes you nerdy then? Liking anime and comic books and being ugly but having no intellectual hobbies?
that guy is a Chad, and in no way "nerdy"
fucking REEEEE

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why do feet have such a bad reputation on /r9k/?
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>500+ below average guys asking
>"Hey can i see your feet"
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r9k is a belly board newfriend
surely have something at least attractive.

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This is Pentakill Sona. She is very good.
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I have no idea what this very thread is about
I honestly don't get league fans. They some pretty awesome characters in game "zac,aurelian sol, rammus, etc.) but everyone pays attention to the "dudes you wish you were, girls you wish you could get with and vice versa"

Damn Koreans and Chinese; they are so fucking shallow.

Sona is very good. Imo the best support healer in league.

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Stop trying to get the real robots to leave. Filthy normans you'll never have this board

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