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>tfw black and no white person will let me near them
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then stop stealing things, tyrone
hahahahaha, nigger weeb xD

I feel for you

I mean I'm a white guy, but I do feel as though there is a tendency to prefer your own tribe before others

not really that far out at all, just the biological nature of humans

anyway, I always feel really awkward around black people ever since I saw that one picture that's like "that face white people make when they see you" and its that white kid with a half forced smile

I always feel like I do that shit when I see black people, and then I imagine they think im a raciss whitey and they're gonna beat my raciss cracka ass

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A bunch of shitlibs in my neighborhood have put these signs in their yards. What can I put in mine to trigger them?
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Like it in the crapper, get the zapper.

Green card need not approach.

Religion of peace strikes yet again.

That's nice, now get me a sandwich.

It's my constitutional right, jackass.

Socialism is great until you run out of daddy's money.
Hand them a pepsi.
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All of these sound great.

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Why don't you just give in and lead a life of full blown autism?
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>tfw no frostbitten beeps
I already am, my main non-vidya hobby is hard sci-fi space warfare.
ironically, it's because of 4chan. When I don't have access to this place I start teaching myself interesting stuff to keep me occupied but when 4chan is available I spend all my free time shitposting.

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Honestly the amount of robots that like emo/poppunk music is pleasantly surprising.
the average age is like 15, what do you expect

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Which is easier: to perfectly understand linear algebra or get an (ugly) GF. I happen to suck at both.
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what do some of these space runes mean
Self confidence is something you get on your own man, just like how you understand algebra by understanding the derivations on your own time
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>post yfw matlab isnt zero based indexing


I'm in full panic mode now bros please help me
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>if you need it I got it dw
watchooo mean just cock her
>when and where

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Most of you guys are still in high school or around 20
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Youre really not wrong
Im 19 :)
damn she will never fist my asshole with such a happy look on her face (or at all) :/
im 19 tho

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>tfw it is all pointless
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What did I do wrong...I...
not only that but no one even cares (not being rude just sayin)
I deserve an answer.

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Other than the pay, would this job meet the criteria described by the anon in pic related? as seems to vague to be able to tell, but if someone has a good sense for this kind of thing, let me know.

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Didn't get to listen to music when I did data entry. It was horrible and I was ready to suicide by the end of it. Listening to music probably would have made it a whole lot better.
gonna have to bump this phampaloo
Don't get into data entry. Get a comfy night time security job.

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Someone give me the courage to text this escort. Pic unrelated
Virgin reporting in
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Don't do it. It's not good for you
dude its a fucking escort.
just text her and ask to use one of her listed services. its not hard, most escorts are nice, so if you're an autist theyll do all the talking for you.
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Just be straightforward and text her what you want, it's just business. They've probably had weirder clients.

Also based tsuruko

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Are you a pervert anon?
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Define pervert.
I have all kinds of fucked up fetishes thanks to the internet but I kept them to myself. The only "perverted" thing I do is stare a girl's feet during summer.
So many cute bitches in sandals awww yeah
What about the ones with unkept feet or who don't shave, hmmm?
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Do I qualify as a degenerate pervert?

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how do I not fuck this up guys? I forced myself to start talking to this gym qt, and I tricked her into thinking I'm a Chad. We've been talking a little, I think she finds my awkwardness cute, plus she just sent me that pic

What do I do now? I've never gotten this far with a girl
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I hate you for being physically attractive and hope you die of cancer or in a car wreck. Either one is fine.
Find out an excuse for why I'm sending her this thread on her Facebook.
You don't know her full name

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dat Camera shutter sounding like a Pepsi opening

why are there so many dislikes?
liberals got offended at the shot where the girl hands the police officer a pepsi

>H-hey anon, Drumpf wants to deport me and my family. Can I marry you for a greencard?
How do you respond?
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uh like duh
*unsheathes claymore*
I don't think so, roasty.
*unsheathes katana*
HEY PUNK!... leave her alone

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Im going to 7/11 for my caffeine fix. Dubs decide what soda i buy.
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>caffeine fix
Is this bait or are you really this casual?
Grape soda grapeblocks

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