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Are these real magic mushrooms?
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Yes you lucky cock sucker
They kind of look like them

Drugs are bad though. It'd probably be safer to just grow your own mushrooms and eat them
Yes, but only after you realize that the magic was inside you all along.

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what would be a peaceful way to die
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Exit bag in the forest
Of old age, surrounded by your family and content in the accomplishments and experiences you've had in life.

On your throne, with your enemies' bones under your feet and maidens on their knees around you. But even better is to never die.

Has anybody here dropped out of college? What did you do afterwards?
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Looked for a job/further education.

what kind of job, and did you go back to school
Got a shitty job for almost eight months before I got fired. Now I'm a NEET again but my mom is pressuring me to find another job.

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I watched some Gen X balding faggot throw a cigarette butt out of his car window today. He kept looking at me to see if I saw.

I saw it. Piece of fucking shit. Fuck you. I hope you pay
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When I commute to my mcjob in the early morning I can see it when fags throw their butts out the window cause they explode in glowing orange bits. I sometimes want to honk but I am too much of a pussy
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Those orange bits could catch dry foliage on fire. The kind of people who do this need to be fined heavily. Your car has ashtrays, you're poor as fuck, you're driving a fucking Maxima, put it in the ashtray or swallow it mother fucker I fucking dare you
what else is he supposed to do with his butt cars don't have ash trays anymore.

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>the average person spends 20,160 minutes kissing
how long has /r9k/ kissed in their life?
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Probably about half that.
My last ex couldn't keep off of me for more than 5 minutes.
there is such thing as too much sex
0 seconds

I think thats a lot
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0... but I still have time to catch up!

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Seriously. Stop it.
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shit thread

loosen up, tightwad

Agreed, it's incredibly annoying. I've literally never had to do it, fuck these unoriginal assholes

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Why don't more robots consider a career like drafting?
>minimal education involved
>get to sit on a computer all day
>no client contact
>minimal contact with coworkers - you literally sit on autocad drawing things listening to music
>make pretty decent money for what you're doing
>comfy af job
Has anyone seriously looked into it? My brother does drafting and he takes 4 weeks of holidays a year, makes $60k CAD, doesn't work OT, etc. etc.
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That's what I'm trying to do though.
Im really bad at drawing :/
It's all on the computer - you don't have to be able to draw shit

I want to masturbate right now, Do I have permission to do it r9k?
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No. You've got that thing you're putting off. Do the thing first. Then clean your room. Just tidy up a bit. then you can jerk it.
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do the hard thing first

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>tfw I've become much more intelligent than my old friends and I can't hold conversation with them without becoming bored to death. I can't even laugh at their dumb humor which used to be fucking hilarious for me before.
>tfw can't make new friends because I'm weirdo and have no social skills, so I don't want to lose these old ones
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>non-native English speaker
>tfw can't even be friends with someone who doesn't speak English
>tfw people cease to be people to me if they don't understand sarcasm
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You sound like a 16-year old that watched a Vsauce video
but I watch other channels too. I get so much information that way

What the fuck is this retard doing?
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>still talking about trump
lmao pham
What's so bad about that? We should keep our allies aware of our positions so nobody gets surprised.
Playing 4D battleships

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How Thick is to Thick?
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Too thick is when a booty starts losing its nice smooth shape and turning into a cellulite covered mess
>Too thick is when a booty starts losing its nice smooth shape and turning into a cellulite covered mess

Like picture provided

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le haircut face.png
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I just got a haircut. Does this work at all for me, or should I just shave it all off with a hair trimmer? Is it atleast normie approved?
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u look ugly and i cant even see ur mug
>posting your uncensored face on 4chin
Goes well with your face shape

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Why do the Japanese shut ins, the hikikomori. do not die of Vitamin D deficiency ? It is said that they stay locked in their rooms the whole day, so they won't get no sunshine.
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Most hikkis probably have a window, beyond that I guess they can always eat some "D" instead.
how do you finance such a life-style?
50000 iu weekly plus 1000 iu everyday. My Doctor tells me thats good for me.

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You guys were probably molested as kids, weren't you?
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I wish that way I could know what it feels like to be touched by someone
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Did you mean you guys molest kids?
I wish I were, then I would at least have something to blame for my poor decisions, depression, and shitty life

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Daily reminder that europeans, americans and """"robots"" from other rich countries have 0 reasons not to be happy.
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Absolutely correct desu
reminder that happiness is a subjective feeling caused by hormones

I'm not unhappy myself tho
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>when americucks complain about their wages

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