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This single mother with a rare disease wants you to treat her like a princess and spoil her... but don't ask for sex in return, you male pig!
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>24 with a 6 year old

Literally started thing cum in her vagina the moment she turned 18.
>if you can't handle
>no sex drive
>2 kids

>get called weird

Should I be taking it as an insult every time it happens? The worst part is people that are close to me have started to say it.
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All depends on the context desu. Did they call you weird after you did something or were you just going about your business?
If someone calls you weird just call them a conformist.
the way i usually act is like their opinion doesn't matter. i usually say something like "yea so what" or if they seem angry or upset i say something like "yea well whats the fuck is it to you"

if it's like a friend of mine though i'll just pretend that i'm quirky or whatever. that usually works.

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So I had an experience

>be getting ready for work today
>time to shower
>undress grab towel and music speaker
>shits water proof
>feels good man
>walking down the wall to my shower because I have the house to myself
>walk past my brothers room
>he and his gf are in bed cuddling
>both see me
>butt naked
>lunge for the door but not before hearing
>"Wow I didn't know you and your brother were hung.."
>sit in the shower for an hour in the fetal position

I have no idea whether I should be happy that I am hung, or kill myself that by brother's gf saw me naked.
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>I have the house to myself
I guess not you complete retard
>i have to house to myself
>my brother and his gf are in the other room

something doesnt add up.
Normans not knowing how greentexts work

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Who here /neverwashedforeskin/?
Just pulled back + cleaned out my foreskin for the first time ever. Holy shit, that was not fun. 20 years of smegma is gross.
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That's fucking disgusting. Please tell me you're a virgin.
Picture or ill assume you're full of shit



It happens to all uncut guys once in their life

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>trying to stay below 1700 calories a day

im hungry
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Fucking retard

I'm on 500 calories a day, its not pleasant.
OP shouldn't have gotten fat in the first place
a better diet is water only

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>tfw finally got a fucking job
>"k, let's make a one week test period" said the boss
>one week later : "you are too slow"
>mfw unemployed again
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What was the job?
garlic bread
technician in milling process.
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>too slow

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What animes are you watching robots?

I hope you're all living wonderful lives and your year so far has been great!
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>I hope you're all living wonderful lives and your year so far has been great!
Y-you too
I'm finishing 'The Galaxy Express 999'
(ep 98)
Nothing, but it's nice to see you back.

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>I just love to travel
>It broadens your mind
>Why haven't you been abroad Anon???

Why do normies just LOVE to travel so much???
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Good question. I have no idea either. They're always talking about going to a hot place. I mean, IMO it would be cool to do something useful worldwide, but I just end up staying at home,
I want to go to Rome at some point because I'm a historyfag. That's my reason.
They're pathetic, it's ridiculous

>the weather is getting hotter
the torture gets worse and worse with each passing day, why was I made like this
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What am I honestly supposed to do?
I want to die every day

man I really love teen girls

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>tfw 2 days since I threw my weed and cigarettes.
I feel like my life is over, I wasted too much time smoking weed, I'm so fucking late in my studies, FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK why is it always like this.
Since my childhood I always say this time is gonna be the time and I end up doing NOTHING. I always had the " I still got time " in the back of my head but now I DON'T HAVE TIME ANYMORE.
I'm 23 and I'm human garbage. No job, no driver license, no friends, no passions.
I feel like I should kill myself not because I want to or I am scared of the future and shit.
But just because I'm going to do the same shit over and over and over and over and over and over.
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That's the thing about weed.
>smoke weed
>makes it easier to forget your issues
>Start smoking habitually
>all your issues are still there
What exactly do you think you should be doing at 23? Your 20s are the time for shit like this. If you were 35 and in this kind of crisis we'd be having a different conversation.

35 year old with a similar crisis.

Don't make my mistake OP.

Well. I have a job, drivers license, friends, and passions.

But I'm still a fucking loser who could've went much farther with his life than he did.

Don't become me. Fuzzy headed and full of regret.
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Similar situation, do you play paradox games or something my dude?

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Which is worse, fellow anons? Never meeting the girl of your dreams, or having been close friends with her for years and knowing full well she'll never return the affection you have for her?
Discuss. Or, just let this question 404.
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Not returning affection is worse
well me being me, I wouldnt have any feelings towards her because I really dont care about love at all. so id be okay with meeting a girl and becoming good friends with her.
OP is back. I'm currently stuck within the 2nd option. I know she'll never want to go out with me, so I'm doing my best to solidify our friendship for the future. I'd be a LOT worse off if I had never met her.

Robot, no matter how horrendous your face looks like or how tiny your itsy bitsy penis is, never forget one thing:

At least you're not Brett Keane
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Bret btfo we all know you're just posting here to get attention to your youtube channel and trying to be in on the joke.
Paul's ego plz go
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Its scotty you fucking loser

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What age were you when you finally realised that looks are literally the only thing that matters in most situations, that love doesn't exist and that you're destined to die alone for being born wrong?
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I'd say 14, but probably 15.
File: xKv8hgD.jpg (113KB, 640x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Around 11, maybe 12.
>God tier hair and beard
>white Aryan
>straight up beautiful
>every woman in existence would have sex with you
You will never come anywhere close to this Grandmaster Chad.

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How close have you gotten to killing yourself and what's stopping you from doing it?
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I'm pretty fucking close i guess, going to jump in front of a train tomorrow, hell, i'll even stream it if you fags want to
if you don't stream it you'll fail and live the rest of your life getting fed and diaper changed by a nigger caretaker
I'm actually pretty sure once i'm going to hop in front of a incoming train i'll die 100%

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I just watched her livestream and... Why are we funding this roastie's lifestyle? Have we as a demographic sunken that low?
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honestly putting my dick in a chastity cage seems less degenerate then paying for a raostie's drugs
File: IMG_3147.jpg (55KB, 517x517px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Who's that? I support another streamer though.
Shit like this makes me hope that asexual shill actually succeeds in turning this board asexual. At least degeneracy like this will stop.

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