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Why isn't it talked about anymore on this board?
It's in the back of my mind constantly, I can't imagine being someone where it wasn't always on my mind
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there's a couple threads open already
I don't see any in the catalogue
Because we already know all the possible advice

"just stop being sad" "improve yourself" "go outside and become a chad out of nowhere" "gay/edgy, just do it"

If you want to pour your heart out, go ahead, but if you really are that far gone some simple replies on the internet wont change your mind

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This is an honest question; why do you think your lives will be suddenly better with a girlfriend, or even a boyfriend?

Think about it logically. Having a 'significant other' only distracts you from bettering yourself.

It's a time sink, a money sink, and more often than not leaves you raw and hurt instead of satisfied.

I've had a girlfriend before that made my life hell; it didn't last long and I got rid of her pretty quickly.

I'm still intending to become a wizard; to me, it just makes more sense to focus on oneself and your own goals instead of wasting time chasing a leech.
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>had a gf

Yeah no. It Dosent take a wizard or genius to tell that women are nothing but trouble.The fact that you fell for it makes you a normie or failed normie now that you realize.
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>he let a succubus drain his mana
>still thinks he can be a wizard
How does it feel to know you wasted your chance at mastering the magick arts just to satisfy your selfish carnal desires?
A lot of people here are pathetic failed normie Who long for sex because They succumb to peer pressure

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British YouTube vlogger Lucy Moon is asked the question "how to cope with the feeling that everyone is having sex around you" her answer will solve all your problems, it's so simple robots

https://youtu.be/fkYI0-kfcJM 16:10 in this video.
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This video sums up why I hate women
>people make videos of themselves eating meals and other people watch them

at least I'm not as pathetic as either of these people so thanks Lucy that cheered me up
Nice fem-mustache

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im fucking sick of flirting with the idea that one day ill be happy. im sick of thinking "hey, maybe if i buy the clothes i wanna wear, or get the hairstyle i want, or the body that i want, or maybe if i get a girlfriend ill finally be happy and satisfied with life". im fucking sick of this shitty life that ive lived for the past 19 years, sick of the fake backstabbing friends, sick of the lies ive been told, im sick of living. im calling it quits, im too much of a pussy to keep trying. what's the quickest way to end your life /r9k/? i dont give a flying fuck about pain, i just want this nightmare to be over. how do i kill myself effectively?
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You're a fucking child going through teenage angst, try living in the real world for more than a year before complaining about how you're already sick of life
>real world
brainwashed by society

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You cant be in love if he/she is dead desu
You can't be in love if you've never talked to her, anon.
I wish i was in love ive never felt it before

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Who /tightforeskin/ here?

>tfw can't pull it back past the glands
feels bad man
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I had that as a kid, keep stretching it occasionally when you happen to have it available
>pull it back past the glands
same, it's so bad the head of my pee pee is burning red

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Reminder that normie girls are the only good girls. Fem"bots", emo girls, depressed girls, traps ect are all a bunch of ticking time bombs that should be avoided at all costs. Your only choice is to go normie or go home.
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OP is right on the money here, people.
This is true but all of the other ones you listed are a lot more fun to be around than normies.
Not sure why you even consider a trap a female you are also a massive faggot for saving and posting a pic like this.

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Where were you when /r9k/ turned into high school?
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other imageboards. considering going back, but there's some cool shit on here every now and then
Wrong. There hasn't been anything "cool" here since 2014. This is now a dumping ground for redditors, underagers and faggots
I really fucking hate this boards tripfags
/cgl/ and /fit/ the only ones worse

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>board names in caps in the OP
>normie/non normie newfaggotry shit
>2017's /r9k/ (or perhaps even 4chan)

it all adds up
last line ruined it
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>/pol/ are the ones race baiting

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>tfw my mom is pissed at me cause she thinks I stole 5 bucks from her and is now ignoring me after calling me a "parasite" and a "drunk loser"
>my dad's been ignoring me and subtly being a dick to me ever since he called the cops on me for "hitting" him
>I'm a broke NEET and am gonna be broke until payday which is 17 days away because I lent money to the wrong people
>wanna change my name before I get a job so I have to wait around 2 months for that(that's how long a change of name takes)
>know that I probably won't be able to change my name anytime soon since I spend all my money on booze
>know that even if I change my name I probably still won't get a job cause I'm too lazy and drink too much
>know that I'm probably gonna live with my parents untill they kick me out
is there any better option than suicide?
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What is your current name?
sometimes when I feel bad about my life I come here and read stories like this and it cheers me up. Thanks for being a complete failure anon, you really helped
it's the same as my dad's and I don't want anybody to associate me with that dickhead...

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Who else sucks at making threads? I have shit I wanna talk about but I do a piss poor job at starting a conversation
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By being so general I guess
If you posted an actual topic instead of asking for attention people might respond, but I guess that's just what /r9k/ is anyway
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>reply to a new thread
>someone snaps at you, type a reply/don't even type one and just leave the thread alone
that may be me. I like to reply and chat it up but really, it's all at the mercy of the posters on here actually starting the threads. i should think about interesting opening posts more often, thanks OP.

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>Realize I'm a loser
>Hit the gym
>Started forcing myself to go out
>Stopped playing games with online friends
>Started talking to people more
>Read a shitton of books on social interaction, how to get wimminz, etc.etc.
>Got a social life
>It's nice
>Got gf, not virgin anymore
>Like 6 people told me I've changed a fuckton in 3 months

If I can do it, you can do it.
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Good for you; you don't belong here any more.
I have tried that and failed. I go to the gym every fucking day and yet women continue to reject me.
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What reading do you recommend norman?
Actually >>36719931 is correct
Everytime you visit here you risk undoing all the progress you've made.
It's time to leave 4chan.

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TODAY, the highlight of my day will be visiting a massage parlor
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I mean that's just sounds like a good day. Getting a massage is better than sex (if you have sex more frequently).
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dammit now I want a massage but I'm already 1 massage in debt
>only massage place near me is a shitty mall one ran by chinks
I dont know if they're actually massagenests or if they've just used yellow priveledge to trick white people

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>Chad beat up my favorite beta orbiter just to impress me

Any other fembot know this feel?
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>Chad doesn't beat up my beta orbitors because he's actually a nice person
>he just laughs at them and lets them buy me more gifts while fucking me daily
I never got beaten up by Chad before but I actually got chased away by one in middle school when I was trying to court a girl with fat tits.
>tfw my orbiter beat up Chad
What? Do I bf him now? WTF

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Hi brother say hit to my boyfriend
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I'm going to be at the arcade.
Yo what's hippity hoppin my Afro-American friend Dontravius?!
>The USA will be a glorious sea of mixed mud brown in your lifetime
I dare you to name a comfier feel.

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