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Any plans for tonight, r9k? Whoops, nevermind.
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Holy shit, these pictures of me have been blowing up. Okay. Here's another for you anons.
They're both ugly af

You have low standards OP
That picture is so false. You just need to put effort into your looks

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>mfw i can't even get a trap gf
a trap

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what makes you think you deserve a trap gf?
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You only deserve a trap gf after months of self improvement.
Do that..And you'll succeed in getting a magnificent trap gf.
Also enjoy that qt trap.
>there are about 15-50 million girls (depending on race and age) in the US
>and at most 1.000.000 traps, of which maybe, MAYBE 50.000 are passable
>every single one is highly sought and can easily pick a 200k/6`5/Superchad-bf
>he thinks he has even the slightest chance in this race
Didn`t think this through, huh?

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What's it feel like having your dick all the way inside a girl?
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How would anyone here know
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What the fuck.
Why this webm is making me jealous of the girl?
4chan is turning me into a faggot or something.
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me and my gf
me and my gf
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DSP got a qt? wtf is this timeline
Honestly thought that was ricky gervais
I bet DSP has a mexican
C H O D E.

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>Catch feelings for a girl
>hang out, maybe fug once or twice
>start noticing things about her that I don't like (personality, appearance, mannerisms, right down to her diet)
>start getting second thoughts
>Tell her its not going to work out or even ghost on her
>she is flabbergasted and pissed
>Rinse and repeat

Can anyone else here relate? I can never tell if I'm being too overcritical, if my standards are too high, or if I'm just avoiding commitment.

I've never actually had a relationship, just a few brief flings. Wtf is wrong with me?
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avoiding comentment
>having sex
im sorry

If it's any better I didnt lose my v until 24

>be me
>be clinically
>be clinically depressed
>live at father's house because he's really laid back
>he's more of a friend
>trying to get into this whole, adult stuff
>have no prominent figure in my life that's real with it
>mom got married to an alcoholic, Jerry
>hes the kind of guy who blasts 'hard Christian rock' while doing the dishes
>he was "big in europe"
>he demands that everything be extra clean
>no profanity
>we'll be good Christians and sit at the table for dinner
>my mom has pampered him since she met her halfway across the country
>mom rents out my room to my uncle phil
>sexually abused by his parents, my grandparents adopted him
>technically he's my cousin, and most of my life I treated him like a cousin
>but lawfully, he's my uncle. He doesn't want to remember his past, so he demands I call hi I'm uncle matt
>real stand-up piece of shit, he's a problem child
>goes through jobs as fast as he goes through boyfriends
>he's jealous of me, because he thinks my mom should have adopted him
>that he should be the first child
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Inb4 walk the dinosaur to Belair.
Now, in order to continue, we need to establish my brother
>13, and autistic as hell
>he treats his room as a trash can
>literally throws everything beside his bed, even when there's a trashcan in the room
>has been wearing the same dog hat for 7 years, I don't think it's been washed either
>has an obsession with coke cans
>literally thousands of coke cans in the corner of the room, all under his bed
>me and my dad have started calling it coke mountain

>has just hit puberty
>plays with his ding ding literally anytime
>ill be right in front of him, looking at him, and he just won't stop playing with it
>i have to say things like
"Stop playing with you dildo dude"
>and he says
>he calls things dildos. Anything he doesn't like, anything that is funny, any thing that is lightly phallic, is a dildo
>he likes to disappear when we're in public, to do pranks on the store
>mischievous little shit
>one time he completely destroyed an entire toy aisle at dollar tree
>got us banned from every dollar tree in my state
>is "homeschooled"
>supposed to be taught by my dad
>fights everything my dad tried to do
>dad eventually have up
>yelled at me whenever I brought it up
"Worry yourself, alright? I don't remember you going to school last week!"
Red letter media just uploaded a vid, so if this thread is up when I get back, I'll continue the tale

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>r9k and various people in real life told me that I'm very cold

Is there any basis to this shit and do I need therapy or am I just being an edgelord faggot in a dumb phase? Help me out here r9k because this might be why I can't form healthy relationship's.
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Not being able to form healthy relationships is plenty reason enough to go see a therapist. Good luck
Smile more and make an effort to maintain eye contact. Ask if you can be of assistance to the people in your life in anyway. Ask people how they're doing, how they're feeling, etc.

Literally just try being nice to people. You don't have to be all warm and fuzzy about it. Not everyone is naturally like this, and that's okay. Your genuine efforts will be appreciated.
you're probably in an edgelord faggot phase, since you're here

Also this >>38944945

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C-can someone tell me what it's like to suck a nice cock?
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>C-can someone tell me what it's like to suck a nice cock?
I wish I knew ;~;
I always wanted to but I will most likely die a virgin.
If you can't muster the courage to ask a guy to let you suck him out try buying a dildo and some condoms and at least try to find out about the shape and stuff. won't be realistic at all but at least you will have more experience than me.
Oh yeah, I also find super hot trying to put a condom on a cock with your mouth, always wanted to try that.
Just get a condom and a banana

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>tfw college starts back up in a few weeks
>going an entire summer without talking to too many people made me nervous as hell

Any advice robots?
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Quit your whining and grow a pair
Fuck off retard. Give some real fucking advice you shitwit.
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The only advice to give is to stop being a pussy

'Operation Sea Lion', the amphibious and airborne invasion of the English coast.

What would history have been like if it succeeded and denied the Allies a staging ground for Operation Normandy and the landing on the French coast? Would we have attemped to rescue our English allies or left them to their doom as we shored up our Eastern seaboard from possible Nazi air, sea and submarine raids on the East coast?

Would England have capitulated or a brutal struggle sapped both Allied and German resources and manpower for years?

I'm curious about this from /r9k/'s perspective specifically.
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Strange to post here, I'd think you'd better post on /his/ where people might have some knowledge on the strength of forces defending bretain as well as the nazi's striking power in such an invasion.
Personally I think it would've failed, and I think the nazi's themselves thought that too as they never went through with it. I think the english woul'd retailiated with a lot of force, seperating the diffrent landing parties and destroying them piecemeal before they could link up and establish the 1st Connected bridgehead. Even before that airborne landings and naval transportation would've been harried by the british airforce as well as their navy, what little they could get out into the channel in time.
I think it would have been a failure had it gone ahead. The boats they were gonna use to cross the channel were river barges not suited to rough seas, and once wind of any landing party on the move the Royal Navy would have come in and bombarded them and any possible beachheads.

Not only that the RAF would have still been able to harass the landings at all times with bomber and fighter runs while the Luftwaffe would have had to leave the area at short times due to fuel. Of course this is same for the RAF but they were over their own land so distances to the combat area would be much shorter.

The logistics would be a hassle as well. It would take a lot to get the equipment over by sea which runs the risk of being ambushed by the RN and the air transportation would run the risk of being decimated by large numbers of RAF fighters.

TLDR; it would have failed one way or another.
Sea Lion was so fucking retarded on every level that it seems impossible that it was ever conceived of as a real plan.

>shored up our Eastern seaboard from possible Nazi air, sea and submarine raids on the East coast?

German bombers weren't capable of hitting the US even when launched from western France, I'm not sure why taking England would give them a better chance.

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I'm posting kakyoin with cool sunglasses every day

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that season had ugly animation
I guess you'd prefer Part 4: QUALITY is Unbreakable?
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rich kakyoin.jpg
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bow before kakyoin

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>he plays as a girl in video games
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i also wish i was a girl irl
would you say that i have a problem if i make every of my female toons same lookng?
why do you wish you were a girl, anon?

Censored Porn General

Fap, censor, request and bully.
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made this one myself
Here's hoping this one doesn't get deleted.

I'm interested to know what people get out of this fetish. Is it the belittlement in the form of the captions? Is it being denied something that is in a sense so close yet so far?
Pussy free white boy tier cuckoldry

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A girl liked my post
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A mod hated my post
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>posting on normiebook.
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>posting anywhere

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>fresh uni graduate, start working at a big international company
>share cubicle with qtpie girl, also fresh graduate
>don't talk much at first outside of the necessities, but slowly i befriend her
>start having our lunch together, joke around a lot at work, have real conversations and shit, even hugs me regularly
>being a neglected, sexually inexperienced sucker, i develop a mega crush in no time
>know that she's not seeing anyone
>unsure if feelings are reciprocated, couldn't spot any hints if there ever were any
>confess anyways, ask her out one day for drinks as we're walking out of the building after work
>"yeah sure, that sounds nice, anon"
>immediately takes out all of her vacation, don't see or hear anything for 3 weeks
>boss tells me today she's taken another position in the company
>it's in Japan
>shes moving to fucking japan for work
>mfw i think im finally doing well with a girl and she immediately moves across the fucking globe after being asked out

Come in and lament with me brobots, tell me stories of times you really fucked up, be it in your love life or elsewhere
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>got drunk and attempted karaoke at a bar

never again
>didn't immediately kill myself
>>start having our lunch together, joke around a lot at work, have real conversations and shit, even hugs me regularly

None of these mean she's sexually interested in you.

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