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Hey whats your opinion on Eliot Rodger? I kinda feel bad for him ,as I relate to him to some extent. Whats your opinion?
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oprginololi comment
spoiled rich fuck who was good looking and basically had it all but it wasn't enough

didn't even kill any legitimate chads/stacies when he threw his little tantrum either
I don't relate to him even a little bit because he didn't even have an ounce of self-awareness and was a legitimately bad critical thinker.

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I got a research paper due in about 14 hrs, during most of which I will be busy. I'm trying to find a cheap online essay/paper writing service, only got $40 on my card.
I'm literally going to do an hero, I dont know what do.
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>I got a research paper due in about 14 hrs

what about it?
how many pages/word count?

do you need to do the introduction?
do you need some shitty statistics?
Write your paper, you fucking retard.

Some moron in Hungary once paid me $1,000 to write a 60-page thesis for him.

I did it in two days, between fap sessions and doing my own work.

If you can't write an undergraduate research paper of any reasonable length in 14 hours, you should change your major to communications and join the ski club.
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I'll write it for you if you give me your last 40 bucks anon

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I just checked Facebook for the first time in 3 years. All of my former fellow outcast friends from high school have well paying jobs and loving relationships. One of them has even lost 127 lbs and is getting constant comments on all of his photos remarking on how good he looks.

I'm having a panic attack right now because I've been so convinced for so long that being a NEET is what makes me happy but seeing this shit is making my physically shake with emotion and I hate it. I can't tell if it's anger or sadness or fear. Maybe it's all of them. I just fucking hate it and it hasn't stopped since I saw all that shit.

I'm seriously questioning myself right now, robots. Have the normies just gotten to me or have I ruined my life? Please convince me that I'm doing the right thing.
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>being a neet and checking normiebook

Hahaha. Beginner's mistake friendo. Just don't do it.
You sound like a failed normalfag to me. Why do you think robots tell people like you to fuck off back to where you came from all the time? You genuinely do not belong here. Go.
You sound like me, don't ever compare yourselves to others and get off facebook.

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>try to write name in cursive
>literally can't and it hurts my hand
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wtf is cursive? Some sort recursive language?
Apparently it's what normalfags write signatures with. I read it's supposed to be easier than writing with normal letters.

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*steals your surplus value*

Thanks wagies
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Kill me.jpg
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>Anon-Kun, do you want to become one with me?
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Instrumentality wouldn't be living, not really. Retaining your individuality is worth suffering occasionally.
Rei is super qt and I'd wife her though.
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>Posting worst version

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Can I ever be a normie if I like star trek?
Or am I doomed to be the biggest robot of them all?
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>implying star trek is not for normies

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>he imagines himself as the genius who charms his oneitis with his intellect
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>he imagines a onesie
>having a oneitis
>caring about women instead of waiting for your impending death

I actually don't. I have a fantasy where I wreck my hometown, capture my oneitis and rape her for the rest of her life.

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3 out of my 5 friends from high school are dead. Why couldn't it have been me?
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>It's another "Anon gets drunk before noon, falls asleep, and dreams about his dead friends, dead pet, and exes" episode
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More normie scum expecting me to feel sorry for him





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Who else is sexually attracted to mutants?

I just want to put that double toe in my mouth and feel the bone with my tongue. I want to suck on it like a flesh pacifier.
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I'd fondle the shit out of these mutant toes. I want them in my pussyhole.

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>house has upstairs and downstairs bathroom
>my room and brother's room upstairs
>before college, I'm the only one who uses the upstairs bathroom
>keep it in immaculate condition
>always clean, no clutter
>head off to college
>brother starts using the upstairs bathroom
>come back for summer break
>bathroom is fucking disgusting
>sink covered in hair, dog hair, grime,
>empty toilet paper rolls everywhere
>ant traps
>floor is dirty
>dead bugs fucking everywhere
>toilet bowl has that shit in it that happens when you jizz in hundreds of times without cleaning it
>shower is unrecognizable, nearly 20 empty bottles on the seat
>mountain of dirty clothes behind the door
>no point in returning it to original condition if he's going to continue using it

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Always remember if youre a neet, the best way to beat the heat, is to go to your room and beat your meat!
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Assuming this isn't bait, you should lurk more before posting

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imrs (2).jpg
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How do we cure white fragility?

White folks, it's not healthy for you to have a nervous breakdown when a game developer announces a game where Nazis have invaded America and black people are in the resistance. I was lurking /v/ last night, y'all snowflakes are pathetic.
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Ghandi quote.png
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Is this called 'being a well-rounded adult' or is it mental illness?
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Mental illness is just a label normies use to put the ones who don't agree with the world order they put into place away from the general population.

It's nothing but a scam.
Control over your emotions is a good thing to have. But "being an adult" is a meme.
"being an adult" is codephrasing for "conform, comply, commit"
a predictable population is easily controlled and maintained - which is often a boon to survival
but such a population is also more easily led off a cliff

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