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What if the dog consents tho?
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Dogs are property, you should be able to do what you like with them.
consent is impossible between beings that do not speak the same language

You really that much of a faggot to fuck a dog?

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Why are so many transgirls diaperfags? I have been dating a couple and know a lot more and a ton of them are into fucking diapers.
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>why are mentally ill freaks acting like mentally ill freaks

Wow tough question OP I wonder why


"A less commonly discussed phenomenon in the autism community (and in the greater mental health community) is that autism spectrum disorders (ASD) occur at a higher rate in transgender people than in the general population. This trend, documented in dozens of case studies and prevalence studies, causes some uncertainty around the four-times-more-common-in-males statistic and raises questions about autism and gender identity."

It's almost as if they want to be infantilized and have someone else take care of them forever. Weird right?

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>have over 50 tinder matches
>scared to send them messages

Wtf do I say? It's all so stressful
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Show them your katana collection it gets the bitches wet
This is 6 seconds of standard tinder female, just message anyway but listen

If you and I are anything alike, we have enough looks to attract a woman, but we're lacking in other departments to keep them interested long enough. If you're more outgoing than I am, go for it; if not, don't bother. A lot of them are boring anyway, so we're probably not missing much, but at the same time we could be missing out on a good time. Idk man I'm stressed just thinking about this too.

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>tfw walking around in my mom's panties to trigger libs
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>>tfw walking around in my mom's panties to trigger libs
Dumb sissy anime boi.
whether you know it or not, you've cut to the beating heart of the american political situation in a single line
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>tfw play wrestling with daddy makes my boy pussy wet

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>2 minutes ago
>walking dog, enjoying evening coffee (9:48pm US east coast time)
>dog stops to sniff tree inside 8x8 box this
>see a ripple
>looks basically like a clear wave went over the box. Distorting the view
>now my head feels weird
Did anyone else see that? Wtf did I just see
I'm completely sober, I had a medium coffee at 8am, and a small now, that's all. No drugs or booze or anything.
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You're probably just dehydrated
Naw B, 2.5 lieters today. My heart beat get really wonky when I'm even a little dehydrated. I stay way on top of that, plus it wasn't even hot today.
>heart beat get really wonky when I'm even a little dehydrated
fucking same, I hate arrythmia

>tfw no bf communist bf who industrialised an agrarian state and purged political opposition
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>tfw no national socialist gf who brought nationalism to the state and strengthened the national army
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>tfw no enlightened despookifed gf to topple the state and throw molotovs at banks with


You're still pretty spooked, anon.

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yeah me too i wish i had a button and would just have my head explode

in highschool one girl tried to die with sleep pills but just got her stomach pumped and that just makes me feel like a pussy because all ive ever done is dry fire guns in my mouth to hype me up. I really like the thought of being a couple miles out in some woods and using a shotgun, i feel like even if it was botched youd be unconscious and diee quick sinde youre alone. i hate the thought of people coming quickly

am i a pussy for this if the girl from highschool actually tried?
>people coming quickly

What kind of sick fuck would see you with half your head missing and still think they should save you
Still what if it gets botched somehow due to me being a fuckup?? i like the idea of being alone

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how do i get fg?
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be pretty or handsome
Go outside and be approachable. It's not hard, as you can tell by most everyone having a gf.
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Hi, friend. I'm here to offer a position as my fg.

Thanks, see you soon.

give instructions to get you all hot and bothered
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you'd just be indignant when you found out I'm not gay
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it's very simple OP but it might be too much to ask of you:

1. be dead
2. be dead for a while
3. rot
4. ???
5. PROFIT!!!
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huuuuuuuh instruction to what??!

Why the fuck are youtubers get offended by hateful comments? Its a fucking text. I feel like everybody cares waaaay too much about stuff, its almost cringy
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If you'd ever put effort into creating something you would understand.
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Most of us have put effort into creating something. We just grew up in a time when Internet and irl were still seen as seperate spheres. When I make stuff it's for myself, I share it out of the goodness of my heart. A few kys's and it's shits are to be expected. There will be at least one person to like it and that makes it worth sharing. The people who dislike it aren't using it and sometimes behind the vitriol is a little criticism which can help. Even when asking for friends and family they can't give any criticism. Usually they can't even say what they like about it. You can tell when they like it but expecting any critique will only lead to frustration unless they have an interest in the thing beyond the simplest level of enjoyment. Using beer for example, if they are willing to be guinea pigs the best you can do is a triangle test and ask if they can tell a difference, then which they prefer if detected.
>why do people not like bad thing
you're the one that deserves the hate comments you fucking retard

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How do you deal with having a roommate?

His existence is pissing me off. Every time he's in the room, I want him to leave.
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Act as intimidating as possible whenever he's around, even if only in subtle ways.
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You don't. Just move out and get your own room ASAP.
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I rent a 2BR house, and I considered today getting a roommate but figured that it is in no way worth an extra $13.50 a day to give up a room, half the fridge space, the privacy of my own bathroom and the things in the sink, and a kitchen where messes will just appear, and that's assuming best case scenario, that they are a pretty decent person.

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My only two "friends" from highschool.
>Me in present day
>Just finished highschool
>Had two "friends" over the past four years or so
>We hung together in school cus their other friends went to different schools.
>I constantly suggested socialising together outside of school through messaging.
>Always either ignored or replied "oh I'm working", "oh I'm away" or "oh im sick")
>In school I do lots of favors for them. I got into fights for them. I never told secrets. Never backstabbed. Was loyal to them.
>The two of them weren't great friends with each other and had separate other friends so they both always talked to me
>They seemed like great friends to me in school but then wouldnt meet up outside school.

>Graduate from high school a few weeks ago
>I see one of them organise a night out on fb with other friends.
>Not invited
>I think "They can't hide this from me"
>I message him "I see you and the guys are going out! When are you going"
>No reply
>I send several messages
>He replies telling me to meet them at a location
>Go there that night
>Find group
>Greet them. They say hey and then go back talking to eachother.
>I go small talking to someone I remotely knew nearby
>Night goes on and I drink a few cans of beer.
>I small talk to another acquaintance
>He then has to go
>I look around and can't see my "friend" and his group
>Spend literally 2 hours looking for them
>No reply from his phone
>Find them at other side if town
>Go up and say "I lost you there for a while, where are you going anyway"
>They are going to a nightclub
>In nightclub
>Older 25+ crowd so we decide to leave
>Group got split up inside so we went around looking for two missing guys from the group
>My "friend" says "let's split up and meet out by the front door"
>We split up and I go searching around for missing group members
>Can't find them
>Go out front and group isn't there
>Wait there for long time
>Still not there
>I go back inside and look for group but don't find them
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I feel you anon, honestly this sounds cliche but the only thing you can do is move on, work out, get some good clothes/haircut and use all that bottled up anger to fuel this so you can show them up in a few years
>since I can't find them in the nightclub I try Contacting him with my phone
>No reply
>I start feeling really depressed at this point after spending most of my trying to find my friend
>I still believed at that point that it could be that he can't find me and has phone problem but I began to doubt this
>Spend more time searching
>Check time
>I carry on searching
>Find them at 1:30
>Only my friend and his other friend together
>Greet them again
>Start trying to talk to them
>I notice they are half ignoring my conversation with them
>We start walking back to a bar
>We get to an alleyway and we stop because other friend needs to pass
>We wait round for a while
>They are both on their phones while I'm making an effort to talk to them
>I turn to wall away from them to piss into a drain
>I hear walking
>By the time I turn around they are at the end of the alley and begin running at which point they disappeared around a corner into the street

>I just stood there and stared
>At first I felt like running after them but then realised they ran from me
>It hit me then how all the avoided messages for socialising over the past four years weren't just mistakes or coincidences
>I realised how false my friendships were
from my two friends
>Turned and began walking opposite direction down the alley
>Deep feeling of betrayal and depression
>Walk to a chip shop by myself
>When I get there I feel so bad I lost my appetite
>Call taxi and wait outside
>While waiting one of my acquaintances asked for money for chippers.
>I put on a cheerful face and gave it
>He talked to me for a few minutes before leaving to buy his chips

>That acquaintance of mine was more sincere to me in those two minutes than mytwo
"friends" have ever been
>I don't know if I was the problem or did I just have two shallow cunts pretend to be my friends
I am well groomed, sociable, treat people well, always try to be friendly and have fun with people.

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Does anyone else get weird urges to shove really sharp objects in your eye? I sometimes get weird thoughts of shoving a knife in my eye and cutting it up
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I get the polar opposite.
Sorry your just autistic
Do these thoughts disturb you, or do they coincide with heightened states of anxiety?

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Why are so many black girls addicted to the BWC and getting bleached?
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It's so sad that a few nigress shills from lipstickalley are so desperate for white cock that they are on /r9k/ all day spamming these threads.
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Found the angry White roastie/Butthurt black boi LMAO

All girls want to breed up. Of course this means white men are breeding down.

Why do women in the west always think they are victims? Why do men always give women that victim status so they can shill for them?
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for a most of history traditional gender roles worked

men took the risk of defending and building society and in return they got the privilege of ruling

Women got the privilege of safety and protection but had fewer rights in society, they were basically servants of their husband

Everything worked out and most people were happy with the system

Then in the 20th century women broke the system, they decided they wanted the rights of men but they still wanted to retain their privilege of protection and little responsibility

this is what we are stuck with today, women want all the privilege and none of the responsibility
But why is it so taboo to say this? You say this anywhere, even on 4chan sometimes, and people fucking rage at you.
> always think they are victims
Because pretending to be victims gives them a lot of advantages
>Why do men always give women that victim status so they can shill for them?
Because evolution designed men in such a way that they will find every possible way to worship women.

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