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I am not OK.

I tell people that I am not OK, and I get the "you have always been strong, you'll be fine".

My life has fallen apart and there are few people left who care enough to feign interest.

Years of wasted potential and skills in fields that will never make me money or give me happiness. A job I hate and all my hobbies ave either had me lose interest in them or I lack the funds to continue with them

The last girl I was with shattered my heart after years and now I can barely find a reason to get up.

But worst of all I have people who need me, so I have tried to be strong for them, but now I am out of strength and I need a rest. I have bags under my eyes and I am aging 5 years every 12 months,

So when someone says "Are you OK" how do I make them understand? How do I get a break?
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When people ask how you are, you should respond with "fine, how about you?" or something similar. No one gives a fucking shit about how you feel it's just something you ask to be polite.
if you don't believe that they geniunely care, then just respond in whichever way will end the conversation the quickest.
>how do you get a break?
not nearly enough information in your post. you say there are people in your life depending on you. does this mean you cannot pursue the field/activity that makes you happy?
silly americans
why do you do this? this is why the rest of the world (europeans atleast) despise you. you're so fake it hurts. in the nordics obvious fake politeness is more rude than just being rude.

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is there a feeling better than getting home tired after an honest days work?
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Smoking weed and jacking off
Smoking weed, drinking a beer, and jacking off
Not having to go to work and sleeping as long as I want.

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I'm Mexican
Tits first then we talk
no you don't
t. Mexican

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>stand up
>get tunnel vision
>legs get wobbly
>get lightheaded
>feel like I'll pass out
>lasts for up to 10 seconds
>have to lean on something whenever it happens
>sometimes happens when I'm simply walking

This has been happening for at least 4 years and I don't know why, what's wrong with me
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You're fat. Your blood pressure goes to hell.

Tip: stand up slowly and do cardio
I'm 6'4 and 164 lbs, I'm far from fat. I guess cardio could help
Happens to me if I'm sitting down in front of a screen too long

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>sudden loud ringing in my ears
>hearing becomes clogged and the volume of everything around me is lowered a bit
>it stays like that forever and gets even worse every time i get another ear ringing

what the fuck do i do, i have no money for an ear exam or checkup
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Use cotton buds to take the wax out of your ears.
there's no way it's wax buildup.. i wash my ears every week
Don't do this, you can push wax even farther into your ears if you aren't careful.

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Robots, chads, normans, lurkers, anyone and everyone.

What does confidence mean to you?
How do you get it/keep it/increase it?
Is it really the all-powerful force we make it out to be?

I've been searching for these answers my whole life, but I have yet to find them.
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I hate damn near every post on here about "confidence" because it's usually just a blanket statement like "be confident" with no explanation or a description on how to be a giant faker.

If you have to act/pretend, you're not confident. A better word for confidence would be authenticity, because you can be authentically shy and still come across as more likeable and genuine than some PUA idiot stuttering while holding his posture in an unnatural position.

Chad says "be confident" because his demeanor/behavior is natural to him. If being shy is what is natural to you, then just be fine with it and then you can stop being at war with yourself and then naturally you will shift your behavior without the conflict, because you are at peace with yourself and the change "happens" rather than you struggling to bring it about.
ive had this agreement since middle school: most ppl lack judgement. Or to put it in another way, ppl are just generally stupid about just everything.
and its the truth, and it gives you incrediable confidence, provided that youre the person whos making the argument.
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Confidence, at least to me, is a fleeting state of mind that instills you with excessive mental strength, even if your body is unable to keep up with it. More often than not, confidence backfires on me and ends up causing me to look like a supreme asshole, so I do my best to keep myself grounded.

I think a better thing to look for in life would be 'flow,' which is a kind of mental state in which the only things that are present in your mind are those immediately in your grasp. You feel like you've purged everything else that plagues your mind and become so focused on the task at hand that it feels practically superhuman, as your brain works without interference. I've been working on taking an important test in the near future and practicing the second strategy after dozens of friends and mentors telling me to just 'be confident in my abilities' only led me to bullheaded decisions and occasional irrationality.

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Is playing video games a pathetic hobby for a man in his 30's?
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>Is playing video games a pathetic hobby for a man
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As a hobby, yes. It's pathetic at almost any age as a hobby, even for robots.
As an occasional thing, no, not really.
You're thoroughly spooked if you even consider this question.

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>Dad is a wagecuck drone
>Has virtually zero interests or hobbies outside of work
>acts like working and saving money is the most important thing in the world despite doing absolutely nothing with his money. is extremely frugal and Jewish about money especially when I was a kid so it wasn't to "provide"
>after 30 years of this he hasn't once questioned his existence
>can't hold a conversation about anything that isn't work related
>has zero interpersonal skills and has no idea how to interact with members of his own family in a loving way

how do people exist like this?
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Ask your mother.

This may sound like an insult, but really, ask her
What does he do for living?
manages clients at a house building company

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Today I have become a 28 year old virgin

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you look 38
What's your job
You look like a school math teacher
>that guy from the virgin school show
Blast from the past.

I heard he ended up getting a gf from work or something.

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I moved into an apartment with 4 other roommates like 5 days ago and one of them just approached me on the street and said "hey" and I actually fucking forgot who he was and asked "Have we talked before?" and he said "Oookay... oh my god." under his breath and then explained to me how he was my fucking roommate.

Oh no. That was bad.
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its his fault bro. he coulda have laughed it off and said that hes your roommate
>ah yeah, sorry was day dreaming, how's it going?
I do this a lot. The more casual you are about it, the less of an issue it is
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>what were you daydreaming about?

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hey /r9k/ im thinking about breaking up with my boyfriend. he's become really, really clingy and im pretty bored of him. im planing not to tell him anything and block all comunication with him, should i do it?
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hell yeah definitely fuck him right
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What a nigger coward trying to ghost your boyfriend.
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Just tell him, It will be better for both of thou.

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>boipucci blocks ur path

wat do
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this board should be blue
why can't I browse without seeing a dick every two seconds?
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That is an overused hole of a disgusting man.
It's supposed to look like this
There's no dick in the picture though

>feel the urge to masturbate
>get an erection
>start wondering about how it would be like to have a normal penis
>start wondering what I'm missing out on
>get angry
>lose the erection
>get hard again in a couple minutes

How do I not let this drive me insane?
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>How do I not let this drive me insane?
By not being a cutfag lmao
Stop jerking off so much, buy lube and an onahole if you want to come. You're probably strangling the shit out of your dick when you fap.
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Stay mad cutfag lmao
You should just cut it off

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ITT: characters that motive you to become the best version of yourself.

For me, it's Griffith from Berserk.
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Griffith is female motivation, he betrays all his friends, whores himself out, relies on other people and gets everything handed to him.
That makes me think is griffith gonna become a trap?
And if he is so feminine cause he is on hrt

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By reading this you have automatically won The Game.
The fact that you thought about The Game while reading this does not matter! You can think about it all you want. You still won. The Game has ended for you!
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That's cool and all but I'll never win the game of Life.
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>tfw didn't even prepare a speech
shucks m80

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