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Has anyone hooked up with a roastie they met online? How did you do it?
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>download whisper
>talk to grils
>don't be a sperg
Ok, but I never knew that you can find dates on whisper. Have you tried this? Give greentext if so.
3 times actually.
None of them lasted.
But, basically don't be socially retarded when you talk to them.
Don't be too foreward just stay a friend.
Just keep talking to them.
Hang around for the ups and downs.
Oh yeah don't be socially retarded or sperg out.

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I hope you are man enough to know how change your own oil /r9k/.

If not, let this little girl teach you.

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Shit I did last weekend:

>changed oil
>changed air intake filter
>cleaned throttle body
>installed new turn signal control lever
>went to shop to get check engine light code
>cleaned idle air control valve
>installed new idle air control valve because old one died after clean and reinstall.
>installed new throttle position sensor

Still have intermittent check engine light and high idle/surging. PCM went bad or I've got a short. Probably gonna have to take it to the shop because I dont have the tools to program a new pcm, and I dont feel like screwing around with wiring..
Jokes on you faggot I learned from blue Mountain state
Oh man. I know what that's like. My Dad taught me how to change the blinker fluid when I was young so I totally know my way around cars and know what you're talking about. Haha, right guys? Blinker fluid is advanced stuff.

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Tell me anon, why you feel like shit?
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probably because i am one?
i don't know
Frog poster (top left), why no Gondola poster.
>tfw no Gondola poster waifu
I will never half a gf who looks like a twink

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So I don't know if any bots here remember but I made a thread about putting up ads on Craigslist and other similar sites to get women to share a room in my house on the basis that I get sex.
I did it once, got only one reply back from some woman who could have been a journalist (because this has been on the news in the UK recently).

There was some robot here who had got more success, give us some tips if you have any.
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I hope someone gives you some sex the way depicted in your pic related, raping you in the arsehole by her arm, so that it rips your heart into pieces. That is what you deserve, after all, supporting porn that encourages people (and animals) to rape someone to death.

Hope that you will never have sex. You do not deserve it.
Get a load of this poofter.

I hope OP gets to take advantage of some reckless teenage girl, slap her around a bit too.
You're better off looking for girls who are already homeless and luring them into your sex trap blox

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Start watching pornography
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please dont post this image ever again never have i felt such profound horror
deaI with it mang
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Who gets more pussy??

A.) Whatever sloppy seconds are handed to Travis, CHAD's fifth best friend.

B.) The Alpha of your local warhammer/D&D club.
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Travis, duh

What makes you think person b even gets any?
Idk man at the lgs I go to there is a couple of married men who probably get a pussy from their wives on the reg
The tabletop alpha . Bring a nerd doesn't mean you don't get upset these days. In fact the guys who like nerdy shot but are also attractive become like subculture chads.

Or I'll leave this SITE and report it to the POLICE!!!!
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hoIy shit you're ugly
What in the fuck?1?0?
I've seen you somewhere, are you from cali?

It's almost bedtime, anons. Have you brushed your teeth? If you didn't bathe today maybe it's a good time to take a shower.
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I want to watch this but I hear it doesn't have a happy ending. I don't know if I can take it. I bathed btw. Didn't brush my teeth though
N-no, Misaki-san, I haven't brushed them for 1.5 years.

A shower, though? I just took one two weeks ago, so isn't this too soon?
Oh no, anon, you can't go that long without taking care of yourself! It's time to climb into the shower. You know you'll feel better after you do!

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normie mask.jpg
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Who here putting normie mask so they don't get bullied? How do you keep the mask up? It's getting tougher everyday for me. It hurts to have to socialize with these 60 IQ dumbasses.
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>still has friends and feels a need to get their approval by wearing normie mask
If you're not a robot 24/7 gtfo of this board.

be that "xD so quirky" guy by pretending all your autism is an act

you get to just be urself by pretending you aren't
>bringing up iq

You don't even need a mask

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Anyone interested on a BF4 account? I can't stand this piece of trash of a game anymore and I'm killing myself in a few weeks probably, so I thought why the hell not.
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i'll take it faggot

post an email address and one reason why i should give it to you

[email protected] and you should give it to me because i would like to play battlefield 4 and not pay for it like some wagie cucklord, if you would be so kind. Every time I play it I'll say 'this ones for you anon' so that at least someone remembers you

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i was going to make a joke about how people who get really into smash like it's a real gamer's game like rust are weirdos who are obsessed with something too tacky and stupid to be the focus of ones life and interests
i googled 'my strange addiction' to find something funny to analogise smash fandom to
i immediately found this image
the synchronicity is incredible
is this perhaps an example of the mandela effect?
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Melee is the only smash game worth talking about desu
lmao anon you almost bamboozled me

Smash 64 is superior though.
Melee is just moving towards 20xx.
In 64 you can win tournaments with low-tier characters (if you're Isai).

What does it even feel like to be Chad and date a girl like this?
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feels good because you both have good hearts
and are meant for one another eternally
Chads don't feel they just fuck
She probably looks like Valuev if she doesnt wear makeup. Russian woman are not as attractive as white men make them out to be.
Again, its just the white skin.

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>tfw cant love
>tfw just listen to death grips
>tfw no love
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Thats because you're too autistic to love
>tfw no death grips bf

Maybe you got some reason

Riddle me this robot, we all know there are a lot of girl (males) here but did you ever consider how many male (girls) we have hiding in our mist. It would only make sense for maximum assimilation and experience of this board, same way other races hide there identity here
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They're such a rarity that it's not worth thinking about. Females don't suffer from mental illness like males do.
I'm ftm actually
Post masculine vagina

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I'm not sure if this is asked here many times but is boys cross dressing considered "cute"? Or degeneracy, is it okay as long as they keep it to themselves? I've been wanting to buy cute girl clothes and wear them at home but not in public. I'm not sure if this is a good habit when I ever get a gf.
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Depends if you are cute boy anon. Cute boys are allowed to look cute in girls clothes.
just get a boyfriend who likes you in cute clothes desu. It's easier to find a boy who will like that
>s dressing considered "cute"? Or degeneracy
For the first question, it depends. As for second, Yes.

As for becoming a trap, I guess it's okay if you look feminine enough, just don't try this if you have too many male features.

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