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>cute boy constantly doing nice things for you but pretends like he doesn't like you around people
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sounds like a bad boy to be with
Straight boys are all bad boys to be quite honest.
tsundere af desu

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I wish I looked like this. I think they're really cute.
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Are we being raided by faggots who want to drag us to hell with them?


listen tublrfag, you can go post your shit on /b/ as much as you want. but please just leave /r9k/ alone. We don't need this shit with every last piece of normie shit we're dealing with: get off our board.
This man doesn't have a feminine enough body to be a trap

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Have you ever dreamed you had a gf?
I did once and I'll never forget. For years I've been trying to have that dream again just to hold her in my arms one more time. Someone genuinely thinks I'm worth something. God I miss her.
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when is pic from? she's getting so old
Iktf anon
>Be me couple of nights ago
>Have nonsensical dream
>Meet a girl in the last few minutes of it
>Fall in love with her immediately
I woke up with tears in my eyes. The only thing I have to go on is that she studies "creology" or archeology (yes I'm enough of an retard to believe she's real)
I have been having bad dreams with snakes

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What is your opinion of /ss/?
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Super Storm Sandy?

Idk.... feels bad man
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It fucking sucks down here theres no power for the next week or so and its hot and I can't charge my phone and no wifi
I don't know what /ss/ is but i'm talking about Irma btw

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>you will never be able to do magic mushrooms, meanwhile normies can get them from literally any of their druggie friends
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you can grow them, pick them, or go to amsterdam and buy them, all without friends
they grow on cow patties after a rainstorm
You can literally buy all the materials you need to grow online legally

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What do robutts think of hiring escorts for sex (but more specifically for virginity losing purposes)
any experiences robutts want to share?

pic related its an expensive as fuck escort
also wasn't there some anon here to said he hired her? did anything follow-up thread ever happen?
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It's degenerate and ultimately won't fill the hole in your soul, rather, more apparent.
shop around, research, make sure you know what the going rate is where you live. I remember reading a thread here a month ago, some tard saying he paid like 7 grand for an hour with a black chic LOL

if you are in the US, i would not do in call, make them come to you, at a sleaze ball motel.

oh, and i'd pass on a lady with a guy hair cut

when Chad fucks a woman he met 10 minutes earlier, is he saying to himself, 'ahhh i totally earned this sex, really worked for it, sure is filling the hole in my soul'

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My adult internet friends don't get called a pedo and a predator even though they exchanged nudes and looked at the vulva of a fourteen year old

Life isn't fair robros it's just me who gets the worst luck
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Fucking hell its because I'm actually autistic
I even got banned from Reddit I hate my ducking life

Other adults don't get called out for the same shit
You and your friends are pedophiles.
Nah man the minor involved didn't call any of us pedos

And I was the same age as the minor when the accident with the nudes happend

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ITT post and share hikki feels.
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Used to be a complete normie until I was around 19. Then i developed paranoid schizophrenia.

I'm turning 24 now, on 3 different meds, and a NEET who rarely leaves the house. It's comfy sometimes but I feel a sinking pain when I ser the people I used to know continuing on with their lives as I'm just slowly rotting in my room, forgotten
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>I'm just slowly rotting in my room, forgotten

I know this feel all too well.
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>Used to be a complete normie until I was around 19. Then i developed paranoid schizophrenia

How does that work?.

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why does giving a blowjob look so much fun?
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Dude, next time you brush your teeth,grind your toothbrush around on the back of your tongue and against the back of your throat and tell me how good it feels. Now picture someone jamming something five times as big down your throat. Still sound like fun? Its a meme. Find a more productive way to spend your time before you do something dumb. You can't unsuck a dick.
That is the worst idea I have ever heard. Just gently brusing the middle of my tongue triggers my gag reflexes. I couldn't imagine actually getting to the back of my throat
Probably cause you're a big faggot with hormonal imbalance.

>the only reason I hang out with you is because your mom pays me to
Yup, I'm gonna spend the rest of my life pretending this was never said to me.
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jesus christ anon thats fucked. who said that to you?
don't do that
confront her about it
Fuck off nobody ever said that to you

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itt: images/memes that hit a little too close to home
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fucking handshake dad FUCK OFF
i unironically want to cut my head off
peashooter a shit

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Would you be a good father, fellow robots? What would you do differently from your own father?

I think I'm too beta to be a good father, and would be a horrible role model. I would try to drink less, spend more time with my kid(s) and yell at them less.
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I'm already a father.

I'm certainly not the best, as I become lazy or get sidetracked but thankfully my family helps me out a lot. I certainly could not do this by myself. I still drink ocasionally and i dont think doing bad things in front of my children is too troublesome sijce theyre too young
Were you ever a robot? How did you get out of it?
I wasn't ever a robot, I just shared a lot of hobbies that robots have, like video games and lolicon doujins. This isn't my home board desu

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will god forgive suicide?
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Why won't He?
He's the one responsible for everything, is He not?
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God is a worthless little child who can't do anything right. Fuck him.
Hope he gets raped by a pack of god-niggers.
well suicide is a 'you don't decide when it ends, god does' kind of thing. So if you just disregard that i'd imagine probably not?

Why the fuck is sex so disgusting, graphic, and has this gut burning addictive feeling? And why the hell do people try to tell it off as "romantic time" or some bs???
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The lighting is awful. You could make eating a burger look as disgusting and graphic with that amount of fucking contrast.
Sex isn't disgusting. Use wet wipes for the duration and take a bath afterwards.

As for people calling it "romantic", well, part of it is not being honest with their lust, and part is that you really bond with people you have pleasure with.

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What's the best way to get fired from my job?

I am required to give 4 weeks notice for me to quit my job, but I want to quit right away.

I work in a bank, so if I commit certain crimes I can immediately get fired. I'm thinking that if I tell my boss that I have been convicted of burglary, I'll get fired right away and not need to give any notice.

Is that a good idea?
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just stop showing up to work
>I am required to give 4 weeks notice
What's the worse that could happen if you don't give your 4 weeks notice?
>get latest paycheck
>don't show up again


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