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Daily reminder that there are black girls who are smarter than you.
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Did she also submit a rap song to get in?
>mfw oprah is smarter than einstein
whatchu gonna do about it whiteboy?
There's no end to it.

There's no end to the expendable male shaming.

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cat say no.jpg
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Went to Disneyland with the family on Sunday, among the rides I see:

>Ugly dudes with decent girlfriends
>Short dudes with taller girlfriends
>Old dudes with younger girlfriends
>Weak af skinny dudes with thicc girlfriends

Meanwhile I get no matches on Tinder but my spit game on fleek, like what the fuck Anaheim
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Im so bloody short and hearing this gives me yet another sliver of hope thanks anon
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>but my spit game on fleek
Yeah I'm convinced
Anyone can get a gf but an attractive gf no.

I had a butt plug in my ass all day at work and no one found out.
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I do that too when I've got the shits.
I end up unloading it in the toilet sink at work usually.
>I had a butt plug in my ass all day at work and no one found out.- 1 post shown.
Dumb sissy anime boi.
I've heard that it's bad to keep a plug in for a long time.

Is that true?

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>Literally 10 faggot trap threads in the catalog

Tell me again why we shouldn't purge these mentally-ill degenerates from /r9k/ for good?
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I'm on your side. There was a board made for them to be as disgusting as they want but they choose to come here for reasons unknown. Those countries that kill gay people have got the right idea. Left alone, this is what they invariably do to society.
But anon, don't you want to take estrogen, irreversibly fucking up how your body produces hormones, end up looking like a freak of nature, increase your chances of dementia, increase your chances of osteoporosis, give yourself erectile dysfunction, make yourself infertile, and in the process post a bunch of photos online for attention and vindication? XD
I think a good 90% of the threads on r9k right now are

>ask a femanon
>dating advice or discussion

I think this whole board should be shut down honestly. Its pure cancer.

>you will never impregnate an Asian girl
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And thank god.
Thank fucking god, look at how ugly she is. Like literally 2/10
idk man korean war 2 nuclear boogaloo and all

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>I had a lot of fun playing videogames tonight, Anon...
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Then why are you here annoying me?
i appreciate her YAS QUEEN attitude and the ocean of butthurt she generated but she honestly isn't very good looking.
> having sex with someone who is litearlly a professional victim

It's safer to stick your dick in a toaster.

>tfw no gf that is into Horse cocks

Does anyone else know that feels?
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>don't worry anon 6 inches is totally fine!
That's because they all die shortly after getting impaled on a horse's cock
Mr.Hands incident is rare though

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any other robots from balkans here?
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I mene to zanima
Opa, Beograd?
Izmedju BG i NS

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would you watch a video series where an ugly incel autist acts like a chad around normies and records the reactions
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Hell yeah.

Just be aware most people won't be laughing with you.
Can you drop a link to that shit
You know for your nigger annon
When a Chad plays robot, it's cute and endearing and funny and ironic. When a robot plays Chad, it's ugly and cringey and shows an unsubtle amount of lack of self-awareness that you look like a God damned idiot.

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How do you start a conversation to ask a girl if she wants to meet up?
At the end of last time she said she wanted to but now I don't know how to ask
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You missed your window. Some other Chad is more aggressively at her, and she notices this.
just ask her quickly and bluntly... use a bit of dutch courage if you must (but just a bit so you don't say stupid shit)
How long ago?
Also this >>39545048

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For me, it's wanting to love someone along with not wanting to be alone anymore. I'd like to only love and be true to one girl.

I also dislike people.
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to feel normal and not a broken subhuman for once
This, now its not so much about them, and more about me, if I have a girlfriend it means I have the properties I desire in myself. The love and care I want is already fulfilled by thefew friends I want and my family.
>it means I have the properties I desire in myself.

great way to put it, ive been struggling to articulate this for such a long time and you nailed it. thanks anon that's going in the suicide note

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Life is hard when your biggest turn on are soft, sweet, supporting and heartwarming girls, with soft and sweet voices. I genuinely pay attention to their voices.

Not sure if pic related.
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original original original
you're sweet anon and I hope u will find someone who cares about you as much as u will care about them

hang in there robot
The feeling is mutual, anon-robot. Never surrender.

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windy day.png
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Any advice for sleeping better? I can't sleep anymore, my thoughts keep me awake and I can't stop crying.
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I just punch my nose in until it starts bleeding, crouch and position my face below the level of my heart, and let about a forth cup of blood out.
Once I'm woozy and anemic I just lay down and immediately fall asleep.
File: IMG_0797.jpg (70KB, 559x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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that doesn't sound really helpful
have you tried punching yourself in the nose until you start bleeding, then draining it into a cup until you feel sleepy?

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>have to wake up tomorrow in 7 hours to be a wagecuck aain

I can't take it anymore /r9k/. Why does adulthood suck so much?
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What does it feel like to be an inferior human being?

At least you won't end up homeless, unlike those forever-unemployed NEETS.
>Being so useless at literally everything that no one ever would want to give you the time of the day and at best feel pity for you.
Sure I am feeling inferior right now.

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You guys would benefit from a cute guy to touch, anons.
Why is nobody holding me and violating my boipussy yet anons?
Only straight men like dick after all :3
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I feel as if /lgbt/ is trying to turn /r9k/ gay so we will take them to the prom.
Why cant faggots understand that they are repulsive and disgusting?
You already are gay, this is closeted /lgbt/

Am I disgusting, anon...?

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