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I have a chance to fuck a former escort. She is actually into me and we have great conversation but clearly she's beyond damaged goods since she sold herself to clear her debts. I'm not looking to gf this girl but we're going to get a hotel, have a drink or two then I could fuck her. She's not even after money here, we're splitting the hotel costs and she has an actual job now so isn't dependent on other people's money. Should I go for it?
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Please give me some guidance here
Use an original condom.

So I take it that's a go for it, just smash this girl and be done

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This is Rome before the fall. [Fresco by egg Tamera]
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Rome was like this for 2000 years. There has never not been slutty women.
yes of course, the society and culture has always been the same as it is in 2017.
Rome was like that except the women were men

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>Walking in the woods
>See this
Wat do?
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chop the tree to let her go of her bindings. bring her to the police for being naked in inappropriate places
fuck her vigorously
fugg her in the ass

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>job interview is going great
>"What is your greatest achievement?"
>have ZERO (0) achievements
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Just talk about overcoming some problem you had but in generic terms (instead of struggling with social anxiety talk about making changes in your life to gain new experiences or some bullshit like that).
like what?

becket centrals

Graduating from school? Talk about how hard you worked in some of those classes.

Or you could deflect it with humor -- like "surviving traffic on [busy street] to get here." Some of the savvier interviewers know that the question is bullshit anyway, so they'll probably give a chuckle, just let it slide, and move on.

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Why do autists play their 3DS in public places?
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What else are they supposed to do?

Talk to people and embarrass themselves like usual?
It's not like they have anything else to do, let them enjoy their games they hurt no one
>guy plays games on his phone in public
normal, well adjusted human being
>guy plays games on his game console in public
lmao look at that autist

what gives?

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>tfw trying to find her on facebook by looking at the college roster

I just want to cry
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I found her lads.

Why is she so qt brehs?
Also, she has like 500 facebook friends. Thank god I didn't approach her
>that masculine neck
>no breasts

she may be a dude, bro

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How could you have improved on their plan? Even if you could have rigged the cafeteria bombs to explode, would you have considered other options? How would Chris Morris have changed the way the massacre played out, had Eric been successful in gaining his assistance. Were Eric and Dylan justified in slaughtering normalfags? Why or why not?

Discuss any and all things Columbine. Other mass shootings also welcome.

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If in the near future you find yourself cursing the world for making you an autistic virgin, remember you made this thread.
>shitting on columbine
>on /r9k/

9gag is that way, if you want a more casual experience
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Normalfags are less that human. With their paper thin personalities and shallow nature, killing them is no different than culling a chicken.

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After cumming, i no longer care about sex or a gf. How do i stay in this mode forever?
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Castrate yourself. Only thing I can think of
Cum more often.
after cumming I feel a sense of deep shame and regret.

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>it's that dream where anon saves stacy in an post apocalyptic environment so she can realize how great anon is and how shallow chad is
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>It's that dream where anon gets teased and toyed with by a shapeshifting powerful goddess.
then you realize Stacy still has ridden dozens of cocks before you
I want more pictures of firekeeper in casual clothing

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I think I've finally reached true enlightenment.
Contrary to the opinions of tradcucks and PUAs, creating an artificial projection of yourself to impress roasties is not worth the time.
Contrary to the opinions of MGTOW, roasties aren't such a burden on our existence that we need to loudly declare our independence from them.
Both sides of the coin fail because they give roasties attention, and that's all they care about. Attention validates them. If you REALLY hate roasties you should just cut them out of your life. Don't look at them, don't talk about them. I haven't spoken to my last female friend in weeks and I feel great.
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That's pretty much what I already do but it's out of fear

I've been starting to look lately though, I probably look like a creep leering at women though.
MGTOW isn't an organized group with strict beliefs and morals. It's about masculine individuality in an age of conformity. Most of them don't go out of their way to tell people that either
What makes you think such thing, anon?

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Robot achievments thread
>Tendies Defender
Stop a little black kid trying to steal your rightfully earned tendies at mcdonalds

>metal skin
Laugh at 5 terrible disasters and feel no remorse for the victims in a row

>Desperate notoriety
Become a tripfag
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>Tendies defender
I live in DC so I literally did that.
>Metal skin
Easy. I do this for basically all large natural disasters and terror attacks.
>Desperate Notoriety
Done that as well once, not proud of it.

Now to make my own...
>Thread Killer
Last to respond to more than five threads in a day.
See a meme you made posted by another Anon
Have some form of life outside 4chan (this one I basically don't have yet)
>Mommy I've posted it again!
Post the same thread 5 times in 48 h
Defend 10 Women(female/male) in online arguments without any profit
>prison gay
Start at vanilla porn and go down the rabbit hole to gay sex
>wew lad
Make a /pol/ post on any board except /pol/
>keep on groin
Gain >15 kg weight in one week
>Plastic Lover
Purchase an onahole or related masturbator
>Lonely Island
Go 3 months without receiving a single text message or call
>I must escape!
Make it three weeks without ejaculating once.

>Anon! Anon! Let's go find out what kind of Friend you are and what you're good at!
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I really hope I'm super high or this is super fucked.
Fuck this anime. I forced myself to sit through this shit because it was so highly rated but this is some true garbage.
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There's nothing "super fucked" about finding out what you're good at, anon!

I think I've figured out what kind of Friend you are, Anon. One that's uncouth and rude!

I don't feel any happiness since i was 13 years old but go back to the past, I was really happy from childhood to 1st grade in middle school. But then I have become truly robot, no social skills, no friends, no gf and don't want to hang out with people. IDK what went wrong and why i live. I eagerly want to feel happy but I think it's impossible. Be serious please.
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Stop being a bitch and go therapy for your negative thinking
it's a meme mate
There has to be something that makes you smile uncontrollably?

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> Parent killed themselves when I was younger
> Been with girlfriend for 6+ years
> Live in an apartment we don't pay rent for, it's a great location and in a city centre
> She's doing pretty well for herself
> I don't have a job
> I graduated 3 years ago and haven't been able to find stable work since
> Have Asperger's
> Not sure why I can't get a job
> Suffer from huge depression
> Went to therapist, they think it's possibly PTSD
> I have thoughts about killing myself but would never do it due to parent and loving the girlfriend

What do I do /b/? I can't hold a retail job because, well I just can't but no job I want seems to be in reach of me.

I can't kill myself because of reasons listed above, I don't think I ever will be able to

I hate it, what do?
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Welp, I'm in a spiral.
Perhaps even a pickle.
But in the end nothing feels like it matters.

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Everyone knows pornhub, but what about your favorite porn site that most don't know about yet?

My pick: Stufferdb.com
Why: Literally the greatest collection of belly girls ever
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Good pick OP, you have exquisite taste.
Wow, so original!


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