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my soul.png
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Ask a pure male anything.
I may refuse some questions but I wont ignore anyone
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How exactly are you defining pure?
Pure in body and soul.
So, what. No porn, no booze, no sex, no drugs?

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What gf do you want, /r9k/? Post more of these.
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>tfw actually the tranny gf irl
Delet this before the thread gets off topic
>tfw also the tranny gf minus the gf part

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Why aren't you out for good Friday?
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I'm in, getting drunk by myself. feels good, man
what music video should I watch?
>what music video should I watch?

All downhill from here by newfound glory
Why would you go out ?

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When does it become officially taboo to like 9-12 year old girls?
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When you're older than 9-12
this means hot

I am a japanese EXPERT
Don't let normalfags dictate how you should feel or who you should be attracted to

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I joined Tinder around an hour ago and I've already been super liked with no description and only photos. Am I not a robot like I thought I was?
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You will soon learn matches mean nothing if you can't actually get them to meet up with you
bots are a thing.
should i make a tinder to try and get a gf?

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Personally hate posting these threads, but we have a tiny, comfy discord server that you can join if you wish


PS: Lurkers will be purged
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How comfy is your server?
>Lurkers will be purged

I don't understand people who say this. Why?
10/10 my friend
fuck you robot

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Is pic related the solution? This miracle drug seems to fix everything wrong with my life.
Any robot with experience taking phenibut that can advise me on this?
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I borrowed some primaforce phenibut from someone I knew.

Didn't do shit for me. Maybe I didn't take enough? The most I took at one time was about 600mg
It's okay, but don't do too much.
Shit gets wacky.
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you are gonna get a different response from different people but i'm leanin on the more "there's a better way my dude" side as far as this compound goes for it's utilitarian or even recreational effects.

me personally have tried it in pure form in dosages that should have had the effects stated and then a little more but if anything it was VERY mild relaxation.

and then on the other hand i've read many accounts of people using this shit everyday, all day and then having terrible withdrawals from it, as it is working on the GABA receptors in your brain (same receptors that alcohol and benzos effect)

i wish i could get the effects that i've read about, and had high expectations, but was in a nutshell overall disappointing.

oh by the way the kind i had was from powdercity, whom i can vouch for their other bulk supplements i've bought like melatonin, l theanine, valerian root extract, nooept (didn't really use that)

i take prescribed adderall and klonopin now.
also still use l theanine as it's a relaxing agent that actually works for me, when combined with caffeine in a 2:1 ratio it's the best nootropic stack with the little/no bad effects. rather it eliminates the ill effects of caffeine like jitters and crashes and shit.
but then again the only caffeine i get is from coke. i stopped drinking beloved coffee when i found that amphetamines + coffee for me is maximum overload for stimulation.

hope this helps, benzos are the miracle drug next to cannabis of course to me but benzos are also dangerous as fuck if you get in deep, so beware. i can't stress that one enough.
hope this helps phenibut anon.
the struggle is real

i fucking love me some red strain kratom.
that shit will relax you if you don't take script opiates or do heroin or some shit.

i would assume you don't though, seeing as though you are asking if phenibut is a miracle drug lol.

subjective experimentation is all you can do for confirmation of efficacy.

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download (3).jpg
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How did it go? win or lose?
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I've only ever gone to fisticuffs with my brothers and twice with non family who are both considerably larger than me and I somehow always whoop their ass.

Lesson is just because someone big doesn't mean they can throw hands.
Been in a few scraps.

Just straight beat people sometimes too.

I aint win all my "fights" though

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>Either have to go to the school physically to do a timed writing or make my mommy pay $20 to have someone take over my computer and watch me do it on webcam in my house
>Had all week but kept putting it off because it kept giving me really bad anxiety so I kept telling myself to calm down and that it'll be okay and that I could do it another day
>They said something about monday but I can't remember if it said it has to be done before monday or if it could also be done on monday
>Going to the school website makes me too anxious I can't do it
>Schools are supposedly closed during the weekend and I did it today
>Don't know what's going to happen if I just don't do it
>This was the makeup period for a test I already missed because I was too afraid to go to the website and I didn't know it was due
>Can't drive so I have to find out if my dad can take me if I want to go

fuck fuck FUCK FUCK FUCK

I hate school I hate it so much I want to be a NEET again I want to be a little boy again I don't wanna do this anymore
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>did it today

*didn't do it today

Please make me feel better
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I can't; I was caught up in similarly preposterous shit brought on by my inability to deal with anything 15 years ago, and its only gotten worse since then.

guys im only 18 and i just found my first strand of grey hair, wtf do i do? is this normal?
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dude you need to go to the doctor, that's a sign of endocrine cancer.
consider urself lucky, friend of mine has had grey hair since 6th grade and mine isnt grey but ive been balding since 7th grade
are there any other signs? i do get a lot of chest pain and pain in my balls.

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>tfw 20
>tfw daily reminder I'm balding

Guys there's nothing worse than this. I endured a lot. This had took a very powerful blow. I'm forced to live a half assed life because 20-somethings don't like being around balding people. Girls pity me and lads ignore me. A few years ago my life was perfect.
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How bad is it? Oreganolo
Get on fin now.
imbrace it my dude grow a beard and workout like mad

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>Hey anon do you want some grapes
What do /b/?
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leech pick up.jpg
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>Hey, Anon, do you wan to start keeping leeches as a pet?
it looks more like she's going to give the rapes

!upbote each agree!
b-b-bu-but those are blueberries... he...he.

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Post your hobbies
vidya and anime don't count

>Treehouse building - pic related
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Holy fuck. Very nice my man, i would really enjoy seeing your progress.
Since vidya and anime don't count, then mine would have to be getting angry about jews on Korean woodcarving forums
Thanks man, I'll keep you updated!

Just made a thread on /diy/ that will last a week or so. I'll update it with progress tomorrow if you're interested

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Or blocked you, or made new ones with a fake name, so you can't stalk her.
I paid someone $50 to hook me up with fake accounts that gave me access to her her social media accounts.
Does this mean u can't stalk
>he doesn't call his provider and change his number once a month
>he doesn't have a trove of verified facebook accounts

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>Come home
>See mommy like this

What do?
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*unzips penis*
I am the daddy now.
lick her feet obviously
This post gave me autism now

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