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I'm going to leave my popcorn on the floor and my shopping cart in the middle of the lot and no amount of whining on the internet is going to keep you from having to do your job you so loathe to perform. I'm not going to tip you, you already get paid.

Don't bother trying to use "common courtesy" as an excuse. That's just what lazy workers say to try guilt the people they must serve into doing their job for them.
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ITT: weirdest thing you've ever seen
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>be with friend on camping trip 2 years ago
>decide to go sit in the farm field by the campsite in the middle of the night
>play spooky music since its almost halloween
>sitting facing each other
>see something behind friend
>about 100 feet away
>a white, faint figure
>wasn't a smudge on my glasses or something wrong with my eyes
>faded away after a few seconds
>in a few minutes I heard 3 distinct "steps" behind me
>was definitely not the wind

it was a spooky night

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>tfw you're walking down the street and see an attractive girl and she doesn't even look up from her phone to acknowledge you when you she would if you were a tall & attractive chad
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>tfw you can't successfully put sentences together due to brain deterioration through lack of socialisation

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the fact that you need (((god))) in order to have a purpose in life is proof that you're a degenerate loser that needs to kill himself

the fact that you avoid doing bad things because of fear of (((hell))) is proof that you're a degenerate loser that ought to be killed

religion isn't important AT ALL. god even if he exists, it doesn't mean shit! you still have to everything yourself, what you think prayer works? kys pls

fuck you religious dumbfucks
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God is just a philosophical and psychological archtype. anyone who wants to understand the godhead is capable of doing so, but few are willing to try. because you will quickly realize that "you" are a giant faggot

i know that i'm a faggot, however god has nothing to do with it
god exists, but it's a plural not a single individual. it's like the government. it's a large organization formed from many contributing individuals.

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What do InsomniaChan's feet smell like?
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She does a lot of drugs. So like a druggie
Doesn't it make you nervous that a model-tier girl is posting on the same board as you?
better question is what does her asshole smell like

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I can't stop my weird fetish when I was dating this girl I used to go online and pretend to be her and fap like fucking crazy sending her nudes to strangers

It's been years and I haven't been normal sexually and I still think about it constantly and I've blown like 5 loads in a row before to it and I think I need to get over it to be normal again but I can't

She was skinny with huge as fuck nice perky tits with perfect size nipples. I think the size and shape of her nipples is what does it for me and she has those big ass Gianna Michaels titties
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Hey bots I want to better my life and I am thinking of creating a spreadsheet of my daily activities I have to acomplish. And sharing it with you guys so that I have at least someone in my life I can share my day with. Would you be interested?
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Might as well go for it. People probably won't be interested at first, but if you are consistent they will probably start rooting for you.
https://docs.google com/spreadsheets/d/1wyGcdy6HxFqtl6MWIjDfcFyedN8ZeIepRn0q7PJozao/edit#gid=0
Here is the spreadsheet if anyone wants to follow white is something I haven't done,red I didn't do and green if I did do.

Literally what do you get out of being nice to other people? They usually won't be particularly accommodating back. Most will often exploit and use your kindness for their own personal gain. Women don't care about how nice you are to the point where they've created this "nice guy" narrative as an excuse to disregard kind, unremarkable men. It doesn't get you ahead career-wise and it eventually bores the few people who gravitate to you because you're an easy source of validation and emotional support.

There isn't a single thing that being kind gets you that can't be gotten faster and more permanently by being self-motivated, assertive and, at times, actively an asshole.

Stop "doing the right thing". Morality is a system created for the express purpose of keeping the meek pacified by assuring them that there's a nobility in their meekness.

Just stop being fucking nice and I guarantee your problems will start to dissipate.
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Any beautiful african qts in the nyc area wanna be my gf? Accepting applications
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If I put on a wig and lose weight can I be the gf?

Anon please
Natural hair is best. I only chose pic related cause her face is cute

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What does Tinder tell you about men, women and yourself?
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I wouldn't know since I can only view women's profiles.

Many of them have a deep seeded sense of entitlement that manifest itself in the form of: I don't have to write a profile or even pretend to be interesting; buy me food.

I'm prone to giving up easily. I'll swipe right a few times then lose interest.
>implying I use tinder or any type of online dating for that matter
I'm not a normie.

tfw I am schizoid
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Soon the bird will die
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That's an edgy ARG

Have you posted it to /b/ yet?

You could start a twitter page

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>be me
>everytime change opinion/mood depending on the hours/day .
>don't get along with people irl or ivl , always want to break the 'bonds' that you create with people quickly before they do it first .
>leave them around thousand of messages while they are away
>attaching to them to quickly and trusting them too much even thought you aren't 'naive' and is someone with a pessimistic point of view
>almost fall in love with them
>block/ignore them , then try to contact them again
>block/ignore them AGAIN then feels bad
>pretends its trolling to yourself .
>stalking your 'friends' all the time because you are curious, you want to know who are 'they' and what they think of 'you' .
>struggle to stop hourly stalking
>paranoid af about 'someone' find out about 'something', about your life, your hobbies and everything. You don't want anyone to know these
>suicide thoughts and threats
>your dream is to stop talking with people and continue talking with yourself because you are a coward
>want to remove your empathy this way you won't feel the need of being with someone else
>people already told me that i was 'very weird' and now someone told me here that i might have 'BPD' from reading my messages which i don't think is true, think of it as barnum effect and i'm a male so there is less chance i might have it

being this retarded and toxic is painfull.

life is shit seriously.
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>being this retarded and toxic is painful
Yeah I feel that. Yesterday a pooinloo mercedes was going like 80 in a 40 and i was trying to move over and almost hit him, I didn't expect anyone to be that retarded. At the stop light I called him a
>curry nigger
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you posted this a few hours ago but with kaiji in the OP instead. is this part of your mental condition?

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It's impossible to get into a good, fulfilling discussion, without insulting someone.
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